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Forest River Community Forums
ForestRiverForums 101 - Having trouble negotiating the FORUMS? Ask questions about how to use this website here. Please make sure to read our Community Rules.
Threads: 472, Posts: 5,812
by Yarome
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Welcome Mat (8 Viewing)
Pull up a chair around the fire and introduce yourself.
Threads: 6,392, Posts: 47,945
General topics, friendly chat and topics that don't fit anywhere else.
Threads: 9,754, Posts: 132,927
Dollars & Cents (17 Viewing)
RV economics, purchase questions, trailer values, and insurance issues.
Threads: 727, Posts: 11,329
Forest River FAQs (7 Viewing)
FAQs and links to discussions covering the most common topics for Forest River RV owners. This section is closed to new posts to preserve the information.
Threads: 67, Posts: 427
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Forest River Lifestyle (29 Viewing)
Photography, traveling with pets and kids, cooking, hobbies, passions and diversions.
Threads: 896, Posts: 15,547
Forest River Owners Group Events, casual meet-ups and rallies. If you are planning a forum rally or just want to meet other forum members for a weekend, post here.
Threads: 378, Posts: 25,090
Share your stories from the road, discuss best highways, campgrounds, parks, etc.
Threads: 2,694, Posts: 27,097
RV Industry News (4 Viewing)
Press information, industry announcements, RV shows and RV industry current affairs.
Threads: 222, Posts: 2,596
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New topics in this forum are moderator approved prior to displaying. This helps keep our Classifieds running smoothly. RV related items only please - thanks for understanding.
Threads: 1,659, Posts: 8,338
For Sale: Rockwood Roo 21RS
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Forest River Tech Talk
General Tech and Repair (141 Viewing)
Technical issues and discussions for Forest River owners.
Threads: 12,924, Posts: 112,090
Discussions about customizations and upgrades.
Threads: 2,438, Posts: 28,185
Towing issues and solutions including hitches, braking systems, tow vehicles and toads.
Threads: 3,488, Posts: 58,699
Motorhomes are built on a truck or bus chassis, contain complete living quarters and are self propelled. Sizes vary substantially, ranging from 20 to 44 ft in length.
Threads: 10,513, Posts: 112,383
by Edder B
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Fifth Wheels | Travel Trailers | Ultra Lites
Many Forest River RV lines are offered in both travel trailer and 5th wheel configurations and share similar designs and owner experiences.
Threads: 15,049, Posts: 168,010
Discussions about the vintage lifestyle and tech issues for older and reproduction models. Vintage Shasta and Airflyte topics here.
Threads: 54, Posts: 599
Toy Haulers
Toy Haulers aka Sport Utility Trailers, are the newest RV on the market. They typically feature living quarters in the front and a dedicated rear space for hauling ATVs, motorcycles or other "toys."
Threads: 1,917, Posts: 20,705
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Hybrids and Expandables
Expandables or Hybrids are lightweight for towing. Typically the ends of the expandable pull out for roomy sleeping and can sleep up to eight. Forest River Models include: Roo, Salem, Shamrock, Surveyor and Wildwood
Threads: 2,419, Posts: 28,846
Tent Campers | A Frames | Truck Campers
Tent camper topics including repair, maintenance and features. Models include: Flagstaff, Rockwood
Threads: 1,306, Posts: 12,326
by kinma13
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A Frame Campers (21 Viewing)
A Frames are hard sided, lightweight and easily towable with a small SUV. A-Frame Camper topics including purchase, repair, maintenance and features. Models include: Flagstaff, Rockwood
Threads: 1,118, Posts: 14,874
Truck Campers sometimes called Slide-Ins are flexible and highly portable. Brands include Palomino, and Real-Lite
Threads: 32, Posts: 191
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Dealer and Product Reviews
PLEASE NOTE: The statements posted in the Dealer and Product Review section of forestriverforums.com are opinions expressed by website visitors and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints or positions of the Forest River Forums owner or its Administrators/Moderators. Forest River Forums.com is not responsible for the factual or legal accuracy of any of the statements posted in the Dealer and Product Review section.
Dealer Reviews (4 Viewing)
Post about your personal experience, help other RVer's find great dealers. Please note: this area is not intended to resolve ongoing disputes.
Threads: 604, Posts: 3,456
Neutral: RV Wholesalers
by Brentf
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Product Reviews (9 Viewing)
Post about your personal experience with a product or items you would recommend. Please note: this area is not intended to resolve disputes.
Threads: 206, Posts: 2,252
Positive: Pathway X2
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