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09 Sandpiper 302BHD Numerous Problems

We purchased a new 09 Sandpiper 302BHD in early September. The problems and stress started the first night out. After looking through the camper & putting things away (groceries, etc) we found all sorts of nicks, chips & blemishes in the woodwork. We did not notice these at the dealer mostly because we weren't looking for them. We were busy listening to the tech who was giving us a walk-thru. Plus since it was new I never imagined it would have some many issues.

Below are some of the problems we had with it:

1. Several woodwork blemishes & cracks
2. Microwave had a big scratch in it
3. Shower leaked
4. Track for the drawer under the queen bed was completely broken off
5. Couch/table slideout leaked when driving in the rain.

We contacted the dealer and explained the problems. He said that all trailers are inspected when they arrive from the manufacturer and all problems are repaired before the trailer is put on he sales floor. He said that for some reason our trailer was missed and was never inspected. He told us that we could bring it in to have everything repaired or we could switch it out for a different Sandpiper. Since it had so many problems we decided to get another trailer.

We arrived at the dealer and switched it out. Before signing any papers we looked through the trailer and found the following:

1. 2 or 3 little blemishes in the woodwork
2. Some of the cabinet drawers would not open/close like they should
3. The window screen in the bunk room in the back had fallen out and the window would not latch when raised to the highest spot.
4. Smudge marks on the outside of the trailer around the door and the outside refrigerator.

I asked the dealer if we could test the shower, but he said the shower had already been tested and had been re-caulked. IMO the new trailer was not perfect by any means, but was better than the first. I looked at the manufacturer date on the trailer and seen that it was only about 2 weeks older than the first one we had. We pointed out all of the problems with this trailer and they corrected everything in about 2 hrs.

With this new trailer I've only noticed a couple of things after using it that really bother me. First is the shower still leaks. I also noticed that the outside door is kind of hard to close. Other than that everything seemed to be ok until it rained...there were no leaks insdie, but the awning did have a small leak where it's attached to the trailer.

I guess its time for another trip to the dealer to get all of that fixed.

When I noticed all of the problems with the first trailer the first thought that came to mind was that it was a 2nd quality trailer and not 1st quality. I asked the dealer about this and he said that it was not 2nd quality. He then said that most trailers do not arrive from the manufacturer in perfect condition and will usually have some minor flaws and blemishes. Usually those problems are corrected when the trailer is inspected.

I still have an uneasy feeling about what he said. I wonder if that is common among dealers & manufacturers? I would think a manufacturer would make every effort to send a quality product to the dealer. Maybe I'm being naive about that.

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Makes me afraid to get a new unit. Does not seem to matter what one spends as a friend has a new Day Dreamer 5th wheel with numerous deficiencies as well. One can spend 20,000 or 100,000 and still end up with same problems.
Perhaps an awakening as what happened to the auto industry when the imports came is what is needed

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We always recommend that you do a THOROUGH walk through inspection when
buying a new or used trailer.
You should have looked everywhere, opened and shut every door and drawer.
Pointed out any blems and scratches, looked underneath for unsealed holes
and wire/pipe pass throughs.
Open and shut the awning and look it over carefully.
There are even online check lists you can print and take with you for that all
important first inspection.
You want it to be right before you hand them your money.

Your dealer said,
"most trailers do not arrive from the manufacturer in perfect condition and will usually have some minor flaws and blemishes."

I'm on my 3rd trailer and what he said was correct for all of mine.
A good dealer will fix most of them. It's still better and they are often more willing
to fix things if you're holding the check!!

Welcome to the world of RV ownership.
Hope this doesn't sour you against your brand new toy!
Get it fixed and enjoy it!!

Oh, yeah, every trailer I've ever owned had a water leak somewhere within the
first few trips. Keep an eye out for yours.
Often it is simply a loose fitting or hose clamp that you can tighten with pliers
or screw driver.

Good luck and happy camping!!
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KyDan. You are 100% correct about doing a thorough walk-thru. I have learned my lesson. The 2nd time around was thorough. I could tell the dealership was getting annoyed because I was probably being overly picky about somethings, but I didn't care. I made them fix everything I found. The door problem is more of an annoyance to me. I've had other people open & close it and they don't feel there is anything wrong with it.
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I have the same model in the Sierra line and the above is true. I knew that ahead of time and have fixed them myself. I even adjusted my slide a litte. I also had the leak at the floor in the rain. When I adjusted my slide I made the aft lower corner of the slide tighter. Othe than those little things it has been great. We have camped to many times to count since we bought it and even our first dry camping this weekend. It did great.
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Sometimes It makes one wounder what was going on in side of the camper while being transported from manufacture to dealer. Was the driver careless as he/she was driving, did the driver have to make an emergency stop due to traffic or a herd of deer running across the road or maybe transporting other materials in the camper that was not secured or may have come loose. Who knows, but it should have not left the plant that way! and
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I'm still new to slide outs and would be afraid to make any adjustments. I wouldn't even have the slightest clue what to do.

I called the dealer today about the leaky awning. He said that the touch free awning has two pieces and it's probably leaking where the pieces are joined together. He recommended that I touch it up with silicone to stop the leak.
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This is what I'm thinking about the blemishes in the cabinets....The woodwork is probably not made by Forest River in the factory. probably became scratched when shipped to Forest River or when the factor installed it inside the trailer. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I've also been hearing the term "Friday trailer" and "Monday trailer" meaning the crew was not working up to par when putting the trailer together because they were either eager for the weekend to start or just coming back from the weekend and not to motivated about working!
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Don't forget the "day before a holiday" or "vacations" as well!
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welcome to RV ownership..................

I hate to say it but it's been said previously. NO matter how much you spend there will be issues.

About the shower leaking........... I'm assuming that it is a drip while it's off?? Usually this can be fixed and it's not too difficult and you may learn something in the process. Have a looksee at this thread about fixing a "tub that won't turn off".


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