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Advice needed for repairing Schwintek Kitchen Slide

Readers may recall my earlier post on strengthening the Schwintek mounting flange on the heavy kitchen slide of my Berk 34QS. I posted a summary of the problem and my solution at Molding screws get pushed out when Schwintek slide is retracted

It turns out that the need for a stronger system for mounting the flange is a symptom of a larger problem, whereby this heavy slide is hard to operate. I’m now at the point where the slide is jammed and does not move. My son and I pushed hard while my wife held the close button, and the slide is not closed, but crooked.

With this post, I’m asking for advice on how to best get the unit repaired – mainly who can best do the repair. I left a phone message a month ago with the Berk people at Elkhart and have not received a response. When I was working on my earlier problem, I emailed them and they didn’t respond then. So, I’m hoping to get help from people in this Forum and then go back to FR, if appropriate, and ask more focussed questions, in the hope of getting answers.

I think it will help if I describe the symptoms, so that you don’t chase misleading issues, such as a blown fuse or circuit breaker.

• The centre part of the slide under the sink has gouged the floor, so we now put a 1/8” piece of plexiglass under it. This didn’t stop the slide from working, though.
• The heavy fridge end of the slide seems to be dragging recently, and the interior moulding on the fridge end jammed into the floor, so I had to remove it. This is only a recent problem, and I haven’t seen any floor gouges.
• The part under the fridge may be where my problem is. The fridge mount may have slipped lower somehow and started to drag the floor.
• The slide jams going out and coming in. It struggles throughout the full range of motion.
• The slide is currently “closed/retracted” but the fridge end on the bottom is not fully retracted. It is out about 1”, so the slide is skewed right now.
• Nothing else seems to be jamming the slide – no foreign debris visible from inside or outside, top or bottom
• The Schwintek gear rack is showing heavy signs of wear on the fridge end, but is not slipping.
• The Schwintek motors are working, but labouring heavily. They need a two-man push to move the slide.
• The problem occurs when the coach is level on the jacks, or sitting on the air suspension on a flat surface.

Finding a Qualified Repair Shop
I’ve put the motorhome in storage in Tucson, and have returned to Calgary for the winter (it only seems like I’m a crazy for a snowbird, but don’t judge my reasons!). I will pick up the MH in April. So, the question is how to find a qualified repair shop.
• Hopefully, it will be near Tucson, so I can enjoy the full use of my MH on the rest of my trip.
• But, I can go farther afield, and I’ve considered California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas as reasonably close repair locations that won’t force me to drive through snow.
• If worse comes to worse, I could go back to Elkhart, IN, but I could hit snow if I do this in April.

Another question is verifying repair shop qualifications.
• Does it help to have a Berkshire repair shop to the work (because they can get factory support and advice).
• Or are there really good shops that can work well on anything?

So, I’d like your advice on the quality and qualifications of dealers that I might use.

In terms of specific shops, I’d like to hear of Forum participants’ repair experiences at the following list of Berkshire
• Lazy Days has a Tucson operation, but it doesn’t seem to handle Berks
• National Indoor RV Centers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Dallas
• Dennis Dillon RV Orange County, CA
• Lazy Days RV in Loveland CO, Denver CO, Knoxville TN, Minneapolis MN, Tampa FL,
• Motorhome Specialist, Alvarado TX
• Longhorn RV, Mineola TX

Finally, please don’t hijack this thread with a side discussion of Berk build quality or slide design. I would really like to keep the focus on finding a qualified repair shop, with some hope of getting the repair done near Tucson.


Gordon Sick, Calgary
2015 Berkshire 34QS
The Manual I wrote for our 34QS:
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Gordon, we had the same issue with our kitchen slide. Here is the problem. The gear on the bottom track (fridge end) has jumped the track. Same on ours, gouged tile near the dinette. What we did to get the bottom in as far as possible was to place a piece of carpet upside down on the floor in front of the fridge to help lift that end when retracting. It won't go in all the way, but it won't be sticking out 3-4". That is only a temporary fix. The rest Ching of motors is not the fix. The entire "H" frame on that end needs replacement. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get the parts from lippert as they have to paint the frame the same color as your MOHO. You may have the 300:1 motors and if so, ask them to change them out to the 500:1 when they are fixing the slide. I have a troubleshooting guid and will try to attach it in a separate post. It is specifically for the "H" frame replacement.

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Here is the file on the "H" frame replacement
Attached Files
File Type: pdf SCHWINTEK IN WALL SLIDE REPAIR GUIDE.pdf (2.79 MB, 306 views)
2016 Jeep Wrangler 75th and a
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Sorry to hear about all that.

1: I put plates under the slides where the rollers are in the hope of avoiding all these problems..... Sounds like somewhere in there you have either cracked into the bottom of the slide or there are rollers that have failed.

2: I got the plates from FR. I called EVERY OTHER DAY and left messages for Mitch. I called other people and nicely asked if Mitch still worked there. (Randy) I sent emails EVERY THREE DAYS. It took FOUR MONTHS but I finally got what I needed.

If I were in your shoes I would remove all the trim to gain as much access and then figure out where the roller/floor problems are. Screw repair shops, they are useless.

At the end of the day all this is is a box on rollers with a few tracks with (small) motors...
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Following this thread.

Have schwintek on my slides, never worked right on the main slide. Slide to big for the framing and motors. We love the RV, but the motors and set up for the main slide is a failure. Replaced everything that is replaceable. Removed slide, replaced all framing and motors with highest grade that is available. Did not seem to help with slide 'coming in'. Going 'out' is mostly fine.... 'coming it', all kinds of issues. Unit has to be as level as possible, front to back and side to side to use.

I feel for you. The 'schwintek' system should not be used on slides that are over 8 feet long. The motors and framing can not handle the weight and twisting torsion to move smoothly in and out.

If I had know about the schwintek slide system, we would not have bought an RV with that system.
Brother Les

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I had same problem you describe with my 2016 34QS. I was told FR installed slide outside of Lippert tolerance (2 1/8 inch if I remember correctly), causing excessive wear on roller which failed and slide dropped. Repair was done in Aug. 2018 by Dennis Dillon which included everything CZNEDY mentioned above with 500:1 motors, new wiring and controller. Slide has worked flawlessly for five months and I was very happy with DDRV quality of repair. Cost was about $3,000.00 covered by insurance. BTW, wardrobe slide failed for same reason and has been repaired. Good luck!
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I think your best bet is trying to work with FR / Berk and see if you can get it back to factory . they will need to remove the slide and replace the components . the Schwintek is a good system but not for kitchen slides /heavy slides . it's putting to much demand on a system that's not up to the task . winnebago has the same issues with their full wall kitchen slides that have the schwintek system . wrong slide mechanism for such large slides
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I'm RV shopping tomorrow. I've heard that schwintek slides are good for light-duty use...say a dinette on a smaller rig. Your experience gives me pause.
Is the schwintek up to the task for smaller, lighter slides?
Jim & Renee
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I had the same problem on our '43 Cedar Creek. The Forest River fix was to add three more rollers under the slide, change the motor to the 500:1.

This summer at the Int'l rally in Goshen I asked Forest River to put metal strips under the slides on our 2018 34QS. They did not want to put any under the Schwintek slides but did put a strip under the bed slide (driver side rear, electric slide). Our kitchen slide is not Schwintek but hydraulic.

CZNEDY when did you start having this problem. Before or after the rally.

I can not recommend Lazydays in Tampa. Amish Family RV in Ligonier, IN has a very good reputation. Phone 260-593-0951 Ext #1. Call him see what he suggests. Or you know that D. Dillion has worked on these units, in April you return to Tucson, drive over to Orange County and get it fixed.
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Originally Posted by jimmoore13 View Post
I'm RV shopping tomorrow. I've heard that schwintek slides are good for light-duty use...say a dinette on a smaller rig. Your experience gives me pause.
Is the schwintek up to the task for smaller, lighter slides?
The schwintek is fine for smaller slides such as dinette etc . but the large whole side kitchen slides it struggles .

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repair, slide

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