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I know that they are offering a steer axel that is 12000 up from 10500 plus tires that will carry more load. FR can not increase the GCVW because of the 2500 transmission. The 2500 will only allow for 33000 GCVW. If they rated the MH GVW at 33000 you would not be able to tow anything. I think they have offered a lot of MH for the price. You can spend more and get the 3000 transmission and the more capable tires and steer axel or save money and get the carry less. I think that is a big improvement.

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Phil, I agree with you that the Berkshire is a lot of motor home for the money, and is why I did buy one. The larger tires are great and will support up to 35,050 lbs, not that we can use it, but it they give a lot of safety margin. I need at least 600 lbs over the current FA rating which will be accommodated by the new 12,000 capability. I also need about 1,200 lbs more on the RA. Thus I need 11,000 FA * 18,700RA = 29,700lbs. This gives me 3,300 lbs for the toad. My CrV almost makes it. My point is that even with the Allison 2500, an increase in RA rating would still be a great asset as long as one does not pull a tank.

Gale & Hank- 2012 Berkshire 390BH
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For everyone who did the upgrade what do your set your new tire pressure to now? I realize the best way it to weigh and go by the chart. But I am curious what the new pressure is.
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For those who asked, the following is an excerpt from my 08/09/2013 posting:

I had them set my tires at 99 psi front, and 82 rear, which for my loading ("full everything") is overinflated about 3 psi in the front, and 4 psi in the rear at a "cold" shop temperature of 70F. Later in the fall at an ambient temperature of 40F, that will be about 0 psi in the front, and 1 psi overinflated at 40F.

My four-corner (everything full) uncorrected weight (i.e. with no one aboard) came out as follows:

5,500 lbs LF
5,180 lbs RF
8,780 lbs LR
9,120 lbs RR

FA: 11,090 (680 over, with 410 lbs for driver and passenger added)
RA: 17,900 (400 over)
TL: 28,990 (1,080 over)

I think this answers questions about my fully loaded weights, and also states what my tire pressures with the XZE2 tires were from the charts.
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Originally Posted by I-RV View Post
You kind of mentioned that FR has improved the weight situation for the 2014's. the brochures that I see so far, indicated the same 29,710 GVWR. Maybe I am not seeing the 2014 spec.

As I reported earlier, I was told by a guy from Elkhart whom I ran into on July 19 at a campground in MD that the 2014 390s would have the bigger airbags up front and bigger tires all around. He did not say that the ratings (certifications) would increase. That may explain why you are seeing the same GVWR and GAWRs. Also, they may not want to change those ratings for the marketing reason you just stated: there is an Allison-imposed 5000 lb hitch rating limitation for the 2500MH, so the increases would come right out of the CGVWR.

BTW, the dealer I bought from has been towing a trailer with two race cars in it well over 5000 lbs. behind a 390-40L, but does not go through hill country. He states there is no problem. Also, I cannot see a difference in my transmission temperature with or without my 2700 lb toad. even on hills. (The toad is about to become ~2900 lb when I put my spare tire in it)
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Originally Posted by Phil57 View Post
The 2500 will only allow for 33000 GCVW. If they rated the MH GVW at 33000 you would not be able to tow anything.
True AND False.

TRUE: 2500 tranny limit = 33K


If they gave you 19500 on the rear axle, but you only loaded (for example) 18500 back there and let's say a full 12K on the front that's 30500. Therefore 33000 - 30500 leaves 2500 for the toad.

The point is that having 19500 on the RA does not mean that you HAVE to use all that capacity on the RA; it's just the MAX for that axle. Maybe you could somehow get your RA weight down to 16K lbs. Of course you can't, but if you could you'd now have a max toad weight of 33000 - 12000 - 16000 or 5000 lbs.

I'm going to make my final observation on this whole nasty problem and then say (type) no more.

I bought a coach partially based upon on a factory affixed sticker stating a carrying capacity of 3835 lbs. If I don't have that capacity (and I'm 99% certain I do not) then it's like (IMHO) buying an automobile with the odometer rolled back.

If the carrying capacity was overstated and/or the empty weight was understated, (where accidental or on purpose) then it was sold to me fraudulently, IMHO. Now besides the fact that I did not get my promised carrying capacity, there are two additional issues to consider here.

First, is the fact that I'm putting additional strain/load on my RA. I'd imagine that parts back there are going to fail more often and the failures will be more severe/costly. Additionally, I'm sure my warranty on the RA is void.

Secondly, there are the legal ramifications. I have outlined them all in previous posts, so I'm not going to waste additional bandwidth doing it again.

Many RV'ers don't give much thought to these things. If it starts and get's them to the campground they're happy. The color of the carpets is more important than things like GVAW, GVCW, etc

I'm not in that group.... I worry about mundane things. I keep a huge fire extinguisher right by my bed where I can reach it in a second. I've practiced pulling the pin with my eyes closed. I have aerosol cans of flame retardant foam. Both the wife and I have practiced going out the fire escape window, just to see how fast we could do it. Yes, I know many will think I'm a fuss budget; 999 time out of 1000 I'll never have to rely on this practice to save my life. But do I want to chance it? NO!

Likewise, the weight issue...... 999 times out of 1000 I'll never have a legal issue. But do I want to chance it? NO, AGAIN!!!!!

Finally, much has been said about FR customer service (in general) and Randy Houser (in particular) about how well they've handled this. I AGREE. Randy did the best he could with what he was given to work with.

But I can assure you that any REAL relief given by FR will be coming from WAY above Randy's pay-grade.

I'm done.
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I agree with everything you said above. While I am grateful to FR, and especially to you for essentially forcing this issue, I still feel somewhat cheated. My yellow sticker was not as egregious as yours, but I believe was still out. If I am ever in an accident, I'm sure the axle weight issues would come up.

I also worry about the mundane things. They don't seem mundane to me either. I know people who are WAY over their limits towing huge loads. They don't care or even realize it. I also routinely see folks towing travel trailers with horrible setups and tons of sway. Accidents just waiting to happen.

In any event, I did want to say thank you to you as I attribute the repair to my coach to have been a result of the work you put into the issue and then communicating it here. Thanks!
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I had the upgrade done back in May to my 390RB-60. Still don't have any stickers to relect the improved weight capacities. Has anyone else received them??

2013 Berkshire 390RB-60
toad - 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport
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I have a 2013 390RB the sticker for the front axle is 10410 took to scale the front weight is 10700 tag on rear axle is 17500 my rear weight is 17640 GVWR is on sticker at 27910 total weight is 28680, this make me a little nervous. We don't have a lot in our MH the grey water and black tanks are empty, I do have a full tank of fuel. I feel like Berkshire needs to do something, this can't be save.
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My problem with the upgrade is I have a 2013 390RB that to me is unsafe it should not be my out of pocket to fix don't u agree

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