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Highway Robbery....

From another forum.... just something to file away....

BEWARE Class A owners. There are road scammers at or near Kingman Arizona. We were victims yesterday Here's our warning story.

We left Phoenix yesterday morning and encountered some terrible stretches of highway 93 North in the right lane. After a long day fighting winds and the roads, we were very, very tired and passed through Kingman Arizona about 15:30 hrs (3:30 pm). About 5 miles out of town on our way to our final destination in Boulder City we were flagged down by a white pickup truck with Utah plates. He was waving frantically and pointing to the rear of our A class. We used caution and pulled off onto the shoulder and slid the window down, not wanting to get out or allow a stranger access to the inside of the RV. He explained that he was an RV technician visiting from Utah to visit his grandchildren. He said that he was behind us and noticed that our right rear wheel was hopping. While I was exiting the RV, he had crawled under the RV and was shaking the right rear shock.
He said "You've got a right rear shock blown (new (March 2018) Koni's) and you are going to be terribly unsafe if you travel further. Your outside tire is going to take the brunt of the damage. My brother-in-law has a mobile RV mechanic service and we can fix that and have you back on the road in an hour. He's down the road, just follow me".
My DW and I decided that safety was a priority so we did so. We went down the highway and turned back to Kingman. As we turned around, the right rear started to sag terribly, and we limped the 5 miles or so and turned into a USA Travel Centre gas station where his "brother-in-law", one TIM CLARK of "CLARKS Automotive @ RV Repairs" awaited us in a white van and guided us into a spot at the rear of the service station where there was a deserted fuelling station. Another fellow and the original guy "Lyle" crawled under the rig again and confirmed the earlier diagnosis/problem. TIM CLARK gave us an exhorbitant price to change out the rear shocks with new Munroe Magnum Gas shocks, his labour rate and a time frame to change things out. What were we supposed to do? The rear was sagging and these guys could expedite our repair instead of trying to find a shock repair place, getting in, not losing our reservation in Boulder City. We OK'd the repair and TIM CLARK phoned to get the parts and headed off to get them. His guys removed the shocks and we waited over an hour before he returned with the shocks (addition "labour" time). "Lyle" pulled off the "faulty shock and showed us where the seal had "torn".
In retrospect, our first intuition while following this SOB was to just carry on to a shock repair facility was correct, but we were tired and the rig was sagging on the right. It hadn't started sagging until we did the U turn to follow him, and I bet dollar$ to donuts that he sabotaged the seal while under the rig as we exited. The SOB put our lives and our rig in peril by doing so.

LESSON LEARNED. We will never allow someone under or near our rig again, and any "good samaritan" will be looked at with intense scrutiny, other RVers being the exception.

When we were finally set up in our spot some 3 hours later, I felt very uneasy at the cost, and googled CLARKS AUTOMOTIVE @RV REPAIRS. We found a Better Business Bureau complaint by another RVer who had the same experience, but was not as gullible as were we. We plan to file a complaint, and we will be contacting the local Sherrif, the service station (in order to take away his place of "business") and filing with the BBB. His Yelp rating is #3 of 10 RV repair places in or near Kingman with only a 1 star rating. We wish we had the state of mind to check out the service before proceeding with the OK to repair, but we had been sabotaged and were, unfortunately, in no state of mind to do so.

Our embarrasment is superceded by posting this warning to all others.

BEWARE OF ROADSIDE SCAMMERS, especially in the KINGMAN Arizon area.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get the word out further?

Thanks in advance, be careful out there, and heed the lesson that we learned the hard way.


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That's an old scam this been going on for years.

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Yep, especially in Utah.
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Thanks for posting. We stopped at a truck stop in the Beaver, Utah vicinity in January and got “cruised” by two guys on a golf cart. We had read a couple of threads some time ago about RVers getting similarly (allegedly for you lawyer types out there) scammed on tires. I guess I must have shown my readiness to confront as I exited the rv as they moved on pretty quickly without making contact. We observed them creep by two other rv’s who pulled in for fuel. Guess we will add this one to our watch out list.
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Originally Posted by dan-nickie View Post
That's an old scam this been going on for years.
Like since people started driving cars on highways, especially through the SW states.

Used to be rampant when gas stations were full service and the "crooks" couldn't wait to get under your hood and give you the "free" check. Cut hoses, short sticking with the dipstick, cut belts, tampered with batteries, and on, and so forth.

FWIW, be really careful when someone is trying to stop you by pointing to tires and such. That ruse has been used to rob people, especially if you are a tourist. Nothing says "tourist" like an rv with out of state plates or a car with a rental company sticker on it.
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That's a tough situation. My first instinct, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it is to distrust anyone approaching me in those or many other types of situations. I can't tell you how many times I was attempted to be scammed when I was young and in the Navy, so it keeps my guard up big time. However, it's also risky to ignore someone flagging me down for a problem I may not see. I'm not really sure what I'd do in a situation like that other than play it by ear, thank them, but tell them I don't allow people I don't know or solicit myself in or under my vehicles and I would check it out myself. I really doubt I would follow someone to their shop and would call for help myself If I found a problem. If it was late at night, a deserted area, I had a bad feeling, etc, I may even call the police, explain the situation and tell the person that approached me, thank you, but I just called the police for help. If they were scammers, that may be enough to send them on their way.

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Some people are really trying to help others

Sometimes people who flag you down are really trying to help. On my maiden voyage coming home with my 390QS last year, a trucker pulled up to the side of me while we were traveling down the MA Turnpike. He signaled me to pull over. When I finally found a place to do that, he came over to me & said my driver's side rear wheels were wobbling badly. I was only a mile away from a rest area & drove carefully to it after thanking the trucker. Once at the rest stop, I looked under the coach & could find no wrong. I called my diesel mechanic & told him what was going on. He said it might be possible that the hold down nut on the axle had come loose, & if that was true, then the axle could slide out, wheels & all. So I called a tow truck. About an hour later, up pulls a 50 ton tow wrecker. The driver, friendly guy, hops out and climbs under my coach. He comes out & tells me everything looked fine. He then tells me to get in the coach & back it up a few hundred feet & then pull forward while he was watching the wheel. After that little maneuver, he tells me that my chrome wheel cover is out of round & when driving down the road it looks like the wheel is wobbling. He then told me to take off down the road at around 55 mph and he would follow next to me, with his flashers & lights on, for the next couple of miles, and look at the rear wheel. I gave him my cell # & he told me he would call after a few miles. When the call came, it confirmed what he said earlier; the wheel cover was out of round. I thanked him & asked how much I owed him. He said it was a freebie.

So alls well that ends well, and met a couple of people who care about others. Since then, I have had my wife drive the coach with me following & saw what the trucker saw earlier. That wheel does look like it is wobbling!

Will take the cover off this spring & try to correct that issue

Note: If he had to tow it, by the rear, he could not have done it because the rear axle is located so far from the rear of the body. His dolly was not long enough to go under & back to the axle. It would have had to been put on a low boy trailer & hauled for repair. That would have been a very expensive tow!

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Originally Posted by dan-nickie View Post
That's an old scam this been going on for years.
...and continues to occur in the digital world..
I would surmise the victims in the RV scam were profiled by the crooks..Canadian plates and elderly.
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Post on Facebook. Two great groups are RV Tips. And depending on your age, you might want to join 50 and over RV’ers. Great info. Thanks.
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Another similar incident - Better Business Bureau

We were driving through Kingman, AZ on Feb 11, 2019 on Highway 93 just a mile north of town in our 40 foot motorhome pulling our car when a Chrysler or Plymouth Mini Van motioned us to pull over. We pulled to the shoulder and a man of about 40 or so walked up and said he was a AAA authorized tower and noticed sparks coming from under the front of our motorhome. He crawled under the passenger front corner and told us that we had a busted shock/strut and it was going to cost us a blown air bag on our motorhome. He identified himself as the owner of the business (Tim) and that if we followed him back to his shop he could fix the problem in about an hour.


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