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I have a new 390 BH and have several questions.

I picked up a 2011 390 BH and have some questions with owning a new RV

1) It has small little white almost like dust coming out of the AC vents. It’s getting all over the dash. Anyone else have this issue? I’m thinking it might be part of the insulation or something in the duct system.

2) Has anyone ordered the IPod direct cable for the Jensen Stereo? I just order it from Crutchfield and wanted to see how well it worked and how hard it was to install.

3) The Ice Maker didn’t turn on when we had water in the tank, Refer on for at least 24hrs (4 days), and the arm in the down position. Is there a switch somewhere I’m missing?

4) I have the 340 HP and the thing is a little slow up the hills. Has anyone installed a chip or hand held Tuner? I know it will void the warranty, but wanted to see if someone has and did it help?

5) With the 340 hp it has no Aluminum Wheels. Has anyone added them after? If so how much did it cost? I have a couple places I was going to shop local but wanted to see if there were any issues.

6) The Stereo sounds like crap, but what do you expect from 2 speakers. I was going to swap them out. Has anyone else out there put in larger 6 ' speakers and use a relay to swap them from the TV system to the Radio? I have a nice 5 channel Yamahas home stereo and CD changer that I’m not using that I figured I would install as well. I will also add the out side speakers, Sub and Amps inside. Any pictures would be nice.

7) I wanted to add an outside TV to the compartment that has the TV and outlet. Has anyone done this? Dose Forest River sell and mount for this? I bought a 32' tv and moun from Best Buy but not sure it will all work correctly.

8) My Water Heater was not that hot. I didn't see a temp knob on it or anything in the manual. Any one have the same issue with this. I was plugged in to 50 amp and have not checked it on gas.

I’m very happy with the RV so far (1 week). I’m just looking to fine tune a couple things.

Thanks for any feed back!!!!

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Congrats on your new rig! Hope you enjoy your new RV as much as we have ours.....

We have a 2011 390bh - 360hp, though.
Answers to a couple of your questions...

1) The dust coming out - it happened to us as well. We were told it was dust from construction. After a few trips running the A/C, it's pretty much blown out.

2) The Jensen in our rig isn't compatible with the newer iPods and iPhones - just the older versions.

3) You'll have to open the valve on the water line before you'll get water to your ice maker. The valve for the ice maker is under the bathroom sink - attached to the cold water line.

4&5) We have the 360

6) We haven't changed them out.

Happy camping to ya!

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2011 Berkshire 390bh
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We also have a 2011 with the 340. You are right that the 340 is a little bit doggy on hills. We noticed that also. Personally I wouldn't take the chance to void the warranty on the engine by adding anything. It's just a slight inconvenience.

On the issue of the aluminum wheels. We have looked into getting rid of the inserts and doing the aluminum wheels. We were quoted about $2,000 to switch out the four outside wheels. Besides the asthetics of the aluminum I'd like to switch ours out because the covers develop a squeak over time that is annoying as could be. Here we've got this beautiful rig and it sounds like a beat up Yugo with the inserts squeaking. Also, switching out the wheels will give you a slight increase in carrying capacity as the aluminum is lighter than the steel.

2011 Berkshire 390bh
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For the water heater to run on electric, you have to go outside and remove the cover where the water heater is. Inside, you will see a switch toward the rear of the coach that must be turned on to heat on electric. Also, you should check your by-pass valve on the inside side of the water heater to make sure it is in the open position. You have to reach your hand over the 'half wall' that is under the kitchen sink and feel for the valve.
As for the noise that Ed mentioned from the inserts, that problem is easily fixed by buying some foam insulating tape from Home Depot or Lowes (the kind that has a sticky side and a foam side) that is used for home insulation and place that around the inside edge of the insert (the part that comes in contact with the rim) and reinstall the insert. Takes about 10 mins/wheel and that solved the noise problem for me.
Tom and Margaret
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Hello, We added a 32" tv outside. All we did is bolt down the stand and add a support to te back of the tv then it was just plug and play.

As to the icemaker. Two things to check. in our's under the bathroom sink there is a T u
on the cold water line, make sure it's turned on, second there is a seperate electrical plug for the ice maker in the outside access to the refregrator, make sure it's pluged in.

As to the 340 on hills, we also tow a small car, take your time and enjoy the view. do you feel the steering has lots of play while driving down the road?

Enjoy the HM
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2011 Berkshire 390BH
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Also have a 2011 390BH with 340. I also got the white powder from the vents. Seems to be decreasing. I did order a IPod wire and installed it. If you pickup the cover in the middle of the dash, you will find a IPod cord to plug into. I then ran it down the side by the driver station and brought it out the bottom. Work great with an IPod, but will not work with an IPhone. I use the aux input on the right side of the radio to play my iPhone.

As for the engine, I tow a 2011 CRV and got 11.4 mpg on my last trip to Georgia. I have traveled in the West Virginia Mountains and in the Gap in North Carolina several times and have no problem keeping pace with others. In fact, I seem to out perform them. I find that if I shift down to 3-3, I can climb those hills easily. I also use 3-3 on the decent, while using the engine break.

I have been thinking of putting a TV in the outside compartment, but that is a future project. As for the ice maker, I would check the outside refrigerator vent, as suggested, and make sure it is plugged in and connected.

If you have the DEF system, make sure you know how to fill it. I almost put diesel fuel in mine the first time I got bulk DEF at a Pilot Station.

Good luck with the rig. I really like mine.

Finally completed all State visits in August 2011 with a trip to North Dakota.
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2011 Berkshire 390BH
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Just another thought on your ice maker. If you are trying to make ice cubes using the fresh water tank, you need to have the water pump switch in the on position.

Finally completed all State visits in August 2011 with a trip to North Dakota.
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Thanks for all the help. The line for the Ice Maker has to be closed under the sink. I will be checking it this weekend. I will figure outside TV then as well. I did get a line on Aluminun Wheels today from the local Freightliner dealer. They had a used set that they sold me at a goopd price. I really wanted to powder coat the wheels black to match the ext and then I will not have to polish them every 6 months. The used set was perfect. Also FYI- anyone looking to get a new set they had a set in stock that they ordered for new truck and they didn't use them. They want 1,200 for all 4 and they have a local mobile guy who will install for 25 a wheel, so 1300 for the set.

Supercheif- Thanks for the tip on the Iphone cable. I have a old classic that will work jus fine. The probelm with the Iphone on the aux jack is that it drains the battery and when you charge it at the same time I was getting some feebback noise thru the speakers. It alos nice to contraoll it from the head unit.

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do you know? how much weight that saves rig? and can you really notice the difference to go to AL wheels, is it maybe faster acceleration?
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Just a note about the outside tv. We never used it. Its either too hot or too cold or too many bugs. The kids liked it too loud for the neighbors. I seldom see anyone else watching tv outdoors. Your experience may be different.

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