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I only tow my 6500 lb TT occasionally, so the F-250 6.2 gasser works great for me. Towing is very secure. The new Ford Super Duty diesels are a high maintenance item, with some having high repair costs after the warranty runs out. If you tow a lot, over 10K trailer, and in the hills, the diesel is probably the way to go. Occasional towing in flat lands, under 10K, the gasser works fine.

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I just upgraded to an 2015 F350 Dually 4.30 Axle 6.2L and I tow a 14,000 5'er.
So far its done a great job in the hills of southern Indiana, I pulled a hill south of Nashville In with my power stroke 7.3 w/ 4.10 and it was screaming and losing speed, same hill with 6.2 and yes it was running 4000rpm but it maintained speed. I only tow 12-18 times a year and this truck is my daily driver, Avg mpg is 11 city w/ 5500 on the truck. For my use gas is the way to go.

Just remember everyone has an opinion, You need to decide what works best for you.

Jim & Debbie England
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If you can afford the up front cost of a diesel, don't do lot's of short trips not allowing the engine to warm up and fully understand the additional costs of the diesel, then go for it. The problem is that many people are applying 10 year ago diesel maintenance to today's diesels, which won't really hold up. An old 7.3PSD or 5.9 Cummins would most likely run 300K or more with only cheap bolt on replacement parts- may need a water pump or a glow plug heater relay or a fuel filter bowl, etc. Many people driving new diesels with the EPA mandated emissions garbage will get long service with no expensive repairs, but many won't. A new DPF or a new exhaust system and tuner to delete it are very likely going to be needed in the low 100K range. I would recommend using an additive at ALL times to the fuel to increase viscosity and lower the likelihood of having to replace a $10K plus fuel system (reports of this on the 6.7PSD and Duramax- Cummins uses slightly different fuel pump at lower pressure, but you might research those as well). You will have to run DEF, which offsets your fuel savings slightly- but I didn't find it to be a hassle. Diesel typically runs significantly higher than regular gas now- the days of cheap diesel are gone, so the savings from less fuel consumption aren't as substantial as they would have been before ULSD when diesel was actually cheaper many times.
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The maintenance on the diesel is a little bothersome, not knowing to much about them. My 5.4 has experienced very few problems on the 160,000 miles that I have owned it. I would love if the gasser would handle the job, but I know a diesel would handle the job. Not many used diesels on the market in my area, when a dealer gets one,they don't last long. CarMax seems to have a large inventory of used diesels. New diesel is out of the question with price tags at $50,000 or better. They sure cost more than they used to, I not worried about holding their value since I tend to keep them for a long time. I have found a few 6.0 diesels, everyone says to stay away from them. My son has a 6.0 and no major problems out of it so far. I will keep getting input from members and keep looking, thanks a lot for the responses, they give me a lot to consider.

Chuck "still in Va "
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I pull my 5er with a 6.2. Like it real well and understand the pros of a diesel. I get between 9 and 10 mpg. I've towed over 4000 miles including one trip from Michigan to Florida. When I bought it I also was stepping into a new 5th wheel. The extra cost of a diesel just didn't figure into the equation. I have no regrets. Good luck with your search.

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I have a 6.2 now, tow a 35 foot fiver Tows well in New England. If you want to first up the hill do not get it but you do not mind being 2nd or 3rd it gets there no problem let the engine rev (it likes the higher rpm) it will go right up, and if you use it as your main everyday driver and short trips, gas is the way to go I have 3.73 gears when i order the new truck 2016 i will get 4.30 gears It does make a big diff. And do not worry about MPG, towing will be the same if not a bit better (less strain on truck) empty it will about 1-2 mpg (hiway) only less around will be same poss a bit better. I did the math and I agree diesel is the best but not in all cases. PS pay load is better in the gas job too, diesels way about 600-800 more
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I would keep in mind that if your family loves camping as much as the rest of us you may want an upgrade in camper's. The diesel is a far superior engine, and most of the time a far superior drivetrain. Keep in mind that a diesel with 100k on it is nothing so if you can locate a quality used one that is a great option. Ford, GM, Dodge all have good years and bad years. Personally, we found a good used truck, pre exhaust filter's, emission's "stuff" that is easier to maintain and less likely to cause me aggravation. Fuel mileage, we average the same combined city, highway, towing with the diesel as we did just commuting with a gaser. Fuel mileage is better with our diesel, even as my wife's daily driver. Maintenance, I feel for you guys that can't or won't do their own, I do all my own and it has saved me a ton over my lifetime, so that helped me in our decision. What ever you decide good luck, I would hate for you to buy a truck then realize it wasn't what you needed. On another note you got people that swear by pulling a fifth wheel with a 1/2 ton truck, to each his own.
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I bought the new truck last winter, with the 6.2 gas.
I pull a 35' & 9000lbs trailer everywhere without a problem.
It is mostly flat where I go, so can't comment on mountain or hilly drives.
I also use the truck daily to go to the farm...the drive is just 5km away, so not really enough to get a good warm-up of the diesel engine...second reason why I opted for gas...first one being the extra 9000$ buying price & extra maintenance.
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I use my 6.2 to tow my 8000 lb. TT. Average between 8-9 mpg. I only tow twice a year to and from my land in Maine so the gas engine is fine for me.
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The new Ford Super Duty diesels are a high maintenance item... Occasional towing in flat lands, under 10K, the gasser works fine.
I plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet & agree that a 3/4 or 1 ton 6.2 (Ford) or 6.4 (Ram) gasser is the most economical choice for a TT under 10K lbs. or combined TV & TT GCVW under 17,000 lbs... The extra cost of diesel, additives, and diesel maintenance labor vs. gas labor drives the cost of ownership well past a gasser.

Yes, most gassers won't go past 200K miles, but you can typically drop-in a newly rebuilt gas engine for under $4,000. (I priced 5.7 Hemi's for my Ram and they are $4,000 installed locally with 3 year warranty...)

That said, if you have deep pockets and plan to keep upgrading your TT then diesel is the only way to go. You take a big hit if you trade-in too early, so IMO you should buy what you want to have in 5 years NOW...

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