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Originally Posted by Brother Les View Post
So.... what did you do to your diesel to make it have so much trouble? and dropping 8,000 into it, it should be ready to go for another 100,000 miles or more...... The body should drop off the truck because of rust before a good taken care of diesel engine goes bad.
The 6.4 that was in the OP's Ford and my Ford is known to have a lot of issues. My f250 had issues that 3 different dealerships couldn't figure out.... I took excellent care of it but I did buy it used.

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Originally Posted by w5ci View Post
If you shop around you can get a real deal on a 1 Ton diesel, vs a 3/4 ton gasser that's why I got the diesel.
Around here 5yr old cummins were selling for same price as new gas. My father has owned diesel since 2002 and just from his experiences I won't own one out of warranty. His 98 24V was a money pit and his 2012 seems to get 3 recalls a year... but then again the mfr's are so danged tired of losing their rears to people who tuned their diesel and tow their 15k camper at 80 with a 3/4 ton they have been known to find any reason whatsoever to deny warranty claim as abuse.

Then you have the new Chevy, Ford and now Nissan diesels using a fuel pump that wasn't made for the dry ULSD sold stateside. When that baby goes and off warranty you better have a trust fund set up. Long term reliability of the complex and expensive exhaust systems now is still unknown.

Then Gas has their own issues, like fuel mileage and poor resale. Put 200k on a gas and you might as well keep it because you will never sell it for a decent price. Plus will never be able to pull heavy as comfortably as a diesel. On the bright side you can have an entire new long block installed for about the price of repairing the OP diesel and should be good for another 100k or until the truck falls apart around it...

To each their own. Diesel vs gas is like Chevy vs Ram vs Ford. There is no right or wrong answer. If you really like something you will look past it's faults, like the guy who thinks putting 8,000 in repair is ok because it should last another 100k, yet when you buy the danged thing everybody says it should last 350k.

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6.4 powerstrokes are a money pit, rocker arms, dpf sensors, egr coolers, oil coolers with gold coolant, dealers will replace the part that failed with another part that will fail if they can even figure out the problem, the aftermarket is the answer for these trucks. None of them are gonna last 350k

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Owners Preference...Big Benefits to both IMO. For me spending the cost of a good used car to repair a truck that has just over 100k would make me run the other direction for the new Mill. IT has been covered here it seems like non stop....but as others have said its a justification of time spent towing/empty. Weight towed regularly and cost. Good luck.
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And after spending 8k for repairs in one month do you ever really trust it on the road towing???
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There are thousands of VT365 Diesel Engines out there in School Buses, Tow Trucks etc, that have logged millions of trouble-free miles.

The VT365 is the Navistar 6.0L Diesel WITHOUT the EPA mandated pollution equipment.

The 6.0L was a decent engine. The Pollution equipment ruined it. Thank you, EPA.

Plus the fact that people were buying them, lifting them, chipping and tweaking them up to 500HP and more.

And they can't figure out why it was popping head bolts..... Of course, the fact that it only had 4 Head Bolts per cylinder didn't help a lot.

The 6.4L Navistar is a good engine. A very good engine all around. It's one major problem is -- It loves fuel. It's never seen a fuel station it didn't like.

On either one of those engines, if you do the EGR and DPF deletes, they can be excellent engines. Even the 6.0L. The 6.4L you don't really need to do that. The 6.0L, if it hasn't had it done already.... It's old enough that really need to be careful

If you buy a 6.0L, plan on spending a fair amount of change on having that done. If you live in a State with stupid inspection requirements..... Think twice. Or three times.

But, IMHO, a 6.0L can be a bargain when compared to some of the others that are asking THOUSANDS more. If you can save ten thousand and spend four thousand, sounds okay to me.

But that's just me.

IMO, nobody is making a Gas Engine worthy of an HD or Super Duty Truck.

The 6L Chebby might be the closest but it's weak, under-powered and a Boat Anchor. Ford is doing away with its 6.2L fairly soon. Fiat and it's He-My is -- Funny.

If you're going for a Big Truck, you need a diesel, IMHO.

And that's going to cost you. Initially and for as long as you own it.

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I've only had 3 recalls on my 12 Ram 2500 CTD in 3.5 years. . One was for some goofy emission thing that festered it's self out of a CA emission issue. It had more to do with a possibility that some part of the emissions would not perform adequately over the long run if the truck wasn't reprogramed. I passed on that. I had the grid heater done and now am waiting to get the steering harness done when I have time. Trucks been flawless. I got it for $10,000 off MSRP. I looked at used CTDs and even ones that were a couple years old with 40,000 on them were close to the same price as the new ones. Plus the new ones had a full warranty.
I'd stay away from any 6.0 or 6.4. Do you like fixer upper houses? If so then the 6.0 and 6.4 would work.
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Originally Posted by Doc Honda View Post
I have a 2009 F250 that is starting to cause a lot of problems for us. It has only 118,000 miles and in the last month have spent almost $8000 in repairs to the engine and transmission.

I am looking at getting another truck, either A Dodge or Chevy 2500 HD.

I am not sure if I should stay with a diesel or switch to gas. Most of the summer towing will be within 250 miles from home but we are snowbirds that will put on about 6000 mile s during the winter time.

I would like opinions on towing with gas vesrus diesel.

You have the dreaded 6.4 PSD. After my 6.0 wows, I went to Duramax/Allison and haven't looked back. I also had a Dodge Cummins and love the motor, the tranny was always a concern and tranny temps would creep up on occasion. Not on my Allison though.

I love diesels for towing and wouldn't have another gasser. You just need the right diesel.
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I have the 6.7 CUMMINS in my 3500 srw. The aisin trans is behind it. No worries about temp now!
20mpg empty.

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diesel, gas

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