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My general rule of thumb is to firmly wrap both around the steering wheel when towing, drive safely with due care and caution and always watch out for other drivers.

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Originally Posted by garbonz View Post
I WOULD NOT EXCEED ABOUT 60-70% of the total listed capacity of my truck UNLESS I had a good handle on the GVWR, Payload capacity and etc. of my intended tow AND my intended loading.

And OC has been doing this FOREVER and absolutely knows his and his rigs limits. Some here are working off what their dealer says and what little they learn here before buying (or after) buying a rig. For us to encourage everyone here to load up as OC does (and like it or not that is exactly what is happening) is to invite problems.

I pulled a 14K boat with a 3/4 ton gas suburban back in the day and didn't think anything of it. That was all there was back then outside of commercial medium duty vehicles. Not a smart thing and I DID go through a transmission and transfer case because of it.

My 3/4 ton Chevy has a 15K trailer rating, and I have a 10K FW (loaded) and I am 400 over on payload before I began shifting things around, and am right on the edge now even by putting as much as I can in the back of the camper to reduce the excessive pin weight.

Of course this is my opinion, and you 1/2 tonners out there can continue to encourage blind overloading if you want but I think it is a disservice to those with less experience than you.
I am not FOREVER towing but since 1982 when I first towed my 24 ft TT, much heavier than today's lightweights. I also have a commercial licence with air brake endorsement and have towed through Canadian Rockies with 30,000 lbs of TV Mobile and all over the rest of Canada with various configurations of vehicles including 3/4 Ton Suburbans and enclosed toy hauler trailers full of broadcast equipment. Loading is important and understanding the limitations is just as important. I am saying that making blanket statements on what a particular style of truck can/or can not do is a disservice. My truck as equipped can tow a lot. Thats my choice and every person has to decide what they are prepared to do.


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Originally Posted by OldCoot View Post
You are mistaken, no one is encouraging anyone to do anything. Just pointing out that it is not always necessary to have a 3/4T to pull a pop up or a Peterbilt/Mack to pull a 5er.
I'm sure glad you know everything about how everybody interprets these posts, and I understand what you are saying, and fully agree; but humbly submit that I don't believe that I am mistaken about how some MAY take these posts.

Sorry, but I have as much right to speak up as you do, unless and until I am banned from posting on this subject.

As noted on this forum, the dealers are pretty persuasive, and perhaps occasionally inaccurate on how much TT or FW one can tow with what TV and I think we can help by provide cautious advice to the new campers out there. Unless I know the level of experience of the OP's that ask these questions, I , for one, will encourage caution.

As a 38 year veteran Safety Manager of a very large government entity, I am hardwired to do that.

Again I don't disagree with what you are doing or saying, and appreciate all you provide here (especially the awning brackets and other mods).

End of sermon and ROCK ON...
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Please read posts 7, 9, & 13 in this thread: 5th Wheel Towable With 1/2 Ton Truck
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Wow... This thread sure has heated up bit.

My chevy 1/2 ton towed my old 6000lbs tracer fine. Could have used a little more balls on merging onto interstates.

My chevy 3/4 ton tows way better , safer, corners better, stops better and has a lot more gettyupngo...its got balls! And yet it still ride nice empty!! Yep it rides nice!! Chevys just ride nicer. I had fords and dodges. Like em all and they did a good job. But nuffin rides like a chevy.

I wouldnt go back to 1/2 ton for towing! unless its under 5k unit tt. Never did a 5ver so cant speak to that.
And I could tow my 8k unit with the Dw2b trail blazer.... In the drive

There is some smart people on this forum that I have come to respect there opinions. Whether I prescribe to them all.. , all of the time or not.
TT over 5 1/2k.... 3/4ton! I want all the poop on my weight numbers not just one.
Happy camping ! Getting ready to head out to the cc, its a great day out here in the top side land of Lincoln and I got cold beer in the fridge with my name on it
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I did not mean to ruffle any feather and sorry I did that with saying, what "I" would do with a 1 ton truck. When I made the statement I was not thinking of a Properly equip ext cab (long wheel base) pulling a 5 wheel.
Again sorry for being a troublemaker.
Steve and Adele
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Yes it has... This thread is about to burst into flames. Let me clarify. The purpose of this was to ask givin your experience when you shop for camper. Do you walk in witha number in your head and whats the mkst basic way you reach it. I read so many posts (especially on truck forums where guys knowingly buy (empty) trailers well beyond their row rating.

Thats the spirit of this post is the discussion.

I knew eventusllg people would drift to the science of if. That some some would give numbers and others would argue payload. But as side from the heated emotions this acutually generated a really good discussion. I tried to keep it on track with my original post. Most people that post on forums like this know well the science and what to be aware of. But I'm not opposed to where this has gone.

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Towing / camper weights / trucks threads always get like this to a point.
Some things just aren't a simple rule.
some folks general rule of thumb when buying a camper or a truck are just more detailed then other folks I would guess. After reading this thread I know mine are. The more knowledge I can have the better choice for me I can make.
This is good reading for sure.
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Originally Posted by BarryD0706 View Post

Seems like a question to me. :-)
No question, just bragging.
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I enjoy reading all of these comments and concerns. I am sincer when I write that you have all done quite well in educating me on weights and measures and I would like to thank each of you for this. It is like everything else, we listen, learn, think about what is said/written, and then hopefully make more/better informed decisions. Again, thank you all.

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