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Purchasing a New Gasser Truck

Well, new to me at least. So I have a 2014 FR Evo T2850. It is 31ft total length, 6300lb dry. True weights are 7500lb loaded with a hitch weight of about 800lbs. When we camp, we have 550lb in people, and about 250lb of stuff in the truckbed on average (generator, fuel, firewood, bikes). And figure 100lb of tools and stuff I keep in the truck. So with all of this, my total payload is 1,700lb total. We tow with an equalizer 10,000lb WDH that helps tremendously.

I started off a couple years ago with a 2005 GMC 1500 with 140k miles, which I knew I was maxed out on payload and towing capacity. That truck had a max payload of 1700lbs or so and max tow rating of 8000lb I believe. It pulled the camper fine, but we kept it to slow trips, within an hour or two away tops. Just didnít have the control and brake authority I desired. It could do the job, but I wanted something to relieve the stress. Had good daily mileage of 17mpg and towing about 10-11mpg.

So then I got the diesel itch cause everyone said I would never look back if I got one. I purchased my dadís 2008 F-250 with the 6.4l diesel. I only got it because it was a killer deal and only 80k miles on it. This truck has plenty of towing and payload margin, rated at 12,000lb and around 2,500lb payload. It does pull better, but not drastically better than I had thought it would be. Still takes some effort, and actually gets worse mileage than my old 05 GMC would get towing. Daily I get 11-12mpg and towing it gets 8-9mpg. I was just expecting it to pull with much more ease and brake easier. But maybe itís the stupid DPF and emissions holding it back, or the fact that the truck weighs 2,500lb more than my old half ton. I just thought it would really be like everyone says ďyou wonít even notice youíre towingĒ, but itís not. Itís really hard to justify this behemoth of truck for only camping 8-10 times per year. Everything costs way more on a diesel, and maintenance is much more often.

My main concern is the increased cost of diesel fuel, maintenance, and the insane costs of a failure. The 6.4l are horrendously reviewed engines that crap out all the time from the emissions stuff. I canít pull the emissions since they test here in Utah. I think to be safe, Iím going to sell it and go back to gasser. We only take 8-10 camping trips a year, most within 2 hours of home, and maybe 1 long 10-hr drive camping trip per year. No plans to get any bigger camper for many years; we love ours now. I just canít justify paying over $1,000 a year more in fuel costs, plus the extra maintenance, plus the increased risk of a mechanical failure. I can sell it now and easily break even with what I paid my dad last year. My budget would be $25k. Iím seeing many 2014 and up GMC, Chevy, and F-150ís for sale with 80k miles or so. I like the newer years because they have more power, much higher tow ratings, way better mileage, and would fit inside my garage again! I see most have tow ratings around 9-11k lbs, and payloads come close to 2k lbs which would give good margin. I am leery about the Ford Eco boost, but reviews seem great on them. What is everyoneís thought? Am I crazy to want to go back to gas? What should I look for in a half ton to maximize the trucks payload and towing capacity? I like to have a decent marginÖand it seems crazy that these newer half tons have the same tow/payload as my gigantic F-250. How can that be? I guess the insane F-250 weight evens it out with these half tons 3k lbs lighter now. This is my daily driver truck, so mpg is important. I think I've ruled out a 3/4 ton gasser just because they suck on mpg as much as a diesel. The newer diesels get great mileage, but I can't afford that.

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Personal opinion is I would not buy a half ton for that size trailers, some may do very well but it can be a very expensive mistake if the one you get doesn't do well and I doubt if anyone would allow an extensive test drive with the trailer.

You already listed your old 1/2 ton had issues with the trailer.

Ford does make one half ton which is probably ok, heavy duty payload or something like that but from what I understand they are almost impossible to find used or in the lot and need to be ordered.

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From what I'm gathering, onecrazyfoo4u wants the following:

Fuel efficient
Able to safely tow a 31' trailer
1/2 ton
Fit in a garage
2000 lbs payload

This is a list that contains opposing priorities and will be nearly impossible to find a "perfect truck".

You have a big trailer; therefore, you need a big truck to pull it. The cost of towing safely and feeling comfortable will likely be giving up some of the things on the list above.

Having come from an F150 Ecoboost, my F250 is an absolute better truck for towing our trailer safely. The upgrade was bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and a payload increase of 81%. The trade off was that the F250 gets worse fuel mileage empty; however, it actually gets better mpg towing than the Ecoboost did. And, sticking with the gas engine, I do feel the overall reliability is personal experience with an ecoboost was bad, BUT for mine that failed, I can name 10 with higher miles and no issues.

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Fuel efficient and capable are definitely the top two...which is why I'm back to a half ton. Diesel did not seem much more capable than my half ton. Newer half tons are only better. Been reading that alot of guys on here tow the same or more with a half ton and love it.
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If you're looking at a half ton to tow that trailer, you need to be looking at the F-150 eco-boost with the max tow and max payload packages. It ain't going to be cheap, but it's about the only half ton I'd consider capable of towing that RV.
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Originally Posted by Bama Rambler View Post
If you're looking at a half ton to tow that trailer, you need to be looking at the F-150 eco-boost with the max tow and max payload packages. It ain't going to be cheap, but it's about the only half ton I'd consider capable of towing that RV.

Finding a used F-150 with the heavy duty payload package will be more difficult but that's the best half ton you can buy for your scenario. It'll have a payload number that's probably more than a diesel 3/4 ton would compete with a pre-aluminum body gas 3/4 ton. It's not a 3/4 ton, but it's the closest you'll get to one without actually buying one. At 8-10 trips a year with a 7500# TT, you can live with that. BUT, if there is any chance you'll be going to a bigger trailer in the next 5 years, I would suggest you seriously consider a 3/4 ton.
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Originally Posted by onecrazyfoo4u View Post
What should I look for in a half ton to maximize the trucks payload and towing capacity?
I have a F150 V8 that I special ordered and it has 2700lbs payload and 10900lbs towing capacity.
To get that I had to order a crew cab with the 6 1/2 bed and the Heavy duty payload package.

I also ordered a XLT (you only can get the HDPP on XL or XLT versions) with the 301 package so accessories would not take much payload capacity and 4x2 so the turning radius is small which helps with a long camper.

If you are going for the maximum numbers, you should order a F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost, 6 1/2 bed and both the Heavy duty payload package and the max tow package.
I was told by ford that this configuration would give a payload capacity close to mine but a towing capacity increased to 11900lbs - the max tow capacity happens with 20in wheels but the HDPP calls for 18in HD wheels which reduce max tow but increases payload substantially ....

In my opinion, the above is a more balanced set up to tow campers and 5ers than mine.

With 2700lbs payload, I can tow a 5er with 1700lbs pin weight and still have 1000lbs of spare for cargo and people...
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First of all, for a trailer that size, you don't need a diesel. A diesel is more for future-proofing you from a future purchase of a much larger trailer or 5er. If that's not a concern, then a diesel isn't a must-have for a 7,500 lb trailer.

For me, I tow up 11,000' passes, where normally aspirated engines really suffer. So a turbo/supercharged engine is really desirable. I also want a 20-year truck that is future-proof. But, those are really specific concerns. So, don't feel badly about crossing off a diesel.

If you settle on a gasser, that's fine. No issues. But, I'd be looking at 3/4 or 1 ton platforms. If you get a 1/2 ton, it won't really be any better than the 1/2 ton you had previously. 17 mpg normal and 10-11 mpg towing are among the best numbers I've seen for a 7,500 TT.

Obviously, with a 1/2 ton, you have to be almost myopically focused on payload. 1,800 - 2,000 lb payloads exist for 1/2 tons, but they're definitely more uncommon. Probably a lot easier to find a Ford F-250 6.2L (or the GM/Ram equivalents).

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Bama Rambler View Post
If you're looking at a half ton to tow that trailer, you need to be looking at the F-150 eco-boost with the max tow and max payload packages. It ain't going to be cheap, but it's about the only half ton I'd consider capable of towing that RV.

No real need for either of those packages with that trailer unless you're looking at pre-aluminum trucks- then you'll need the MaxTow(~2K CCC). If you want to stay under GVWR on a post aluminum truck, opt for XL and entry level XLT packages. (1800-1900 typical CCC). HDPP is almost impossible to find used. MaxTow will be difficult. At least in my area.
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I have 2014 F150 Crew Cab ecoboost, 6.5 ft bed, 1720 payload, 3.73 rear end, max tow package. My trailer is about the same weight as yours only 4ft longer. Once I got my Blue Ox hitch dialed in correctly, it tows and stops very well. I think the long wheel base is a big reason mine is so stable.

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