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Tips for towing on the interstate hwys

OK, so we have been out for three trips since buying the TT in my sig back in May and love it. Would like to start taking some longer trips which means at least some driving on the interstate. How fast do you guys safely go on the interstate? I have been driving the backroads so far at around 60 mph and mine tows great, no sway, bounce, etc. Any tips you can give me on interstate driving with a TT? It still freaks me out a little when an 18 wheeler passes

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I tow right about 62mph almost all of the time (regardless of the speed limit- be it 55 or 70). I've never had a problem, even around major cities (Baltimore, DC, etc.).

I generally try to stick to the right lane unless there are a lot of on-ramps and then I'm one to the left of that, just to avoid often lane changes.

As well, I try to plan as far as head as possible. My wife is my navigator and we shoot for being in the correct exit/turning/etc. lane as early as possible (1 mile+).

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We find around 60 mph to be a good towing speed on the Interstates. I set the cruise around 62 or so and that seems to work well also.
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Great suggestions. Make the wife the navigator is a good one, that way she has something to do...haha. I want to try getting the rig up to about 62-63, then I think my overdrive should kick in and drop my rpm's and give me a little better gas mileage than just staying in tow/haul. How do you guys handle big rigs thundering past you and the wind rush?
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Check the ratings on your tires - most are rated for 65 mph, while some are rated higher.

Personally I believe that slow and steady wins. I have been passed plenty of times without issue, but been "hung out to dry" when trying to pass and missed an exit.

Truckers are just folk. Don't be intimidated, they don't want you to be. I always flash them back in after they pass. The amount of sway you experience is proportionate to the speed differential between you and them. So the faster they pass the more sway.

If your trailer is swaying a lot when you get passed, check your hitch set up. You may need anti-sway or more down force on the front wheel of your tow vehicle.

Otherwise, the more you are exposed to the trailers behavior, the more used to it you will be.
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I keep mine in the 60 range was well, depending on the terrain. Flat, she runs great in 4th, just about 2000RPM just a tad over 60. By 62, she will be in 2nd OD. In the hills, I lock off the OD, and keep it about 55MPH at about 2500 RPMs.
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Speed 62-64 mph. What speed is comfortable for your truck to where your transmissions is not 'searching' for your Overdrive/lower gear when going up a small incline.

Look in your mirrors more than your windshield. Have good tow mirrors. Know what is coming up behind you and their speed and 'grouping'. Look in your 'blind spots' often and know if anything is in them for if you have to change lanes quickly. Always have an 'out' to get into if things go south.... (tire overheats and shreds itself)

Give 3-4 second distance from what is in front of you. If (when) someone cuts in front of you.... (grrr) slowly back off and regain your 3-4 second difference.

City interstates.... If you are on an interstate that has more than two lanes and you are 'passing through'..... stay in the middle or second lane over from the lane that enters or exits the interstate. People can come on and off the ramps and you do not have to get over. People can go around you on the left and you don't have to worry about speeding up or slowing down. Keep your 3-4 second distance..... remain calm and 'own' that lane that you are in.

If (and it will happen) you come up to where is seems that all interstate lanes are 'shut down' for what ever reason (accident)and creeping along (this is what 'I' do, imo) get in the most 'left' lane (if you are 'passing through) and creep along there until out of the accident zone (always follow safety personnel directions).

When changing lanes, give yourself miles and not milliseconds. You are slower and bigger than most people out there. Make sure that all of your lights, blinkers and brake lights work. You are taking a big gamble going out on the interstate if some don't.

Stop every two-three hours, even if you do not need fuel to do a walk around and check tires, heat of tires, flashers, etc. And for your own health, by getting your leg circulation going and clearing your mind and getting a drink, bathroom break etc. Plan your 'stops' if possible before you leave on your trip for the day. Know what is out on the road ahead.... rest areas, food and fuel stops. If the GPS says that the 'road trip' for that day from point 'A' to point 'B' is 8 hours... know that it will take closer to 10 hours. I have a Diesel, so I leave my truck running all day long and do not shut it off until at the stopping place for the day.

Do not get in a hurry.... if things 'seem' to go 'crazy' and getting stressful... do not speed up... slow down and relax. By pushing your TV on a hot Texas road (95-105 degrees) from 64 mph to 75 mph, and drive for over 2 hours, you WILL melt down a tire and have it explode and this will throw you back more in your timeline (plus, who knows what damage has been caused) even more.

You will get the hang of it and enjoy the interstate driving. Mirrors, distance, speed, hold your line/lane....

And never argue with the Navigator, they are your eyes and ears and should be your best friend..... (people that go on long road trips know what I mean.....)
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Keep the steering wheel steady when a truck passes. They'll push you away at the beginning and then pull you back to them as they pass. DON'T OVER COMPENSATE. I find that the tall, flat front, box type trucks are the worst because they have so much air pushing away from them.
I set it on 60 mph in TOW/HAUL and try to let everybody pass me.
Study your route before setting out so you will know which hiway/road you need to be on. DON'T BELIEVE GPS'S DIRECTIONS, they will sometimes send you on Wild Goose Chases.
Keep you eyes looking further up the road than you would while driving solo. If there is a vehicle ahead of you that you need to pass(on a 4 lane), move over well in advance.
Watch out for road gators.
Look in the mirrors constantly so you can be prepared for what's coming up behind.
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Lot of good advice above, but the key things are patience and leaving yourself plenty of room.

For my part, I try to keep it between 60-65 and in the right lane as much as possible. Tried 55 mph once by DW could not handle all the cars blowing by us lol (apparently I have her pretty well conditioned now, as w/o the TT it's pretty rare for someone to pass me)
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Texas speed limit says 60 mph during the day and 55 night for recreational vehicles no matter what that 70 mph posted speed sign says.
Don't forget to have your road safety bag with you, triangle, flares, and things and they are required to have with you in most states and it will help your safety if the situation arrises. I cruise along at 55 to 60 mph and they can go around because I'm going camping. LOL Keep your tires inflated to the right pressure on your TV and TT and take it easy and you'll be fine just give yourself plenty of distance between other travelers. I'm pulling 16,000 to 18,000 lbs loaded with a length of 63 foot so I just take it easy as I can. I laugh when I see 5 cars telgating me and sometimes there just admiring my rig and others are just pisses at me for going 55 or 60 but hey I'm going camping they can wait or go around me I'll wave when they pass. Have fun and be safe.

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