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Towing with a 1/2 ton pickup


Does anyone out there tow a Rockwood Ultralite 2604SS with a dry weight of 5228 with a Silverado 1/2 ton 5.3 liter extended cab 4x4 pickup truck? Just wanting to see how it pulls. Thanks

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Location: Cass County Missouri
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I pull a Wildwood 27' with dry weight close to yours. I have and '03 Chevy Z71 with 3:73 rearend and a 5.3. I have pulled my rig down to Santa Fe NM this summer and all around Mid Missouri. I have to admit I could use more HP but it does a pretty good job. Just don't expect to pull in OD (overdrive). Unless I have a tail wind I can. I get about 8 mpg if I'm lucky and that's running around 65 to 70. Lot less if my speed goes up. I wish I had my old '97 Z71 with the 350, it would pull the tongue out of it!!

Since I have 98K miles on mine I am probably going to trade out this fall or next spring. I haven't decided what I'm going to look at. I've heard some bad story's about Fords diesels blowing head gaskets. I'm not a fan of buying a Government owned truck (Chevy) but that is the one I have always had. Thinking about the 6.0 2500 Chevy with a 6 speed tranny. Definately before another big trip. Would love to have the diesel with the Allison. But I'm not too thrilled with the added expense. It would more than likely be my last truck so I need to make a decision.

The wife wants to go back east next summer. There is no way I'm pulling that thing with my little truck into the Applachians and the Smokey Mtns.

Hope this answers your question.

Good luck.


2009 Chevy 2500 HD 6.0
2009 Wildwood LE 27RBEC
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you should be using the GVWR as the number instead of the fictional "dry" weight. unless that's the factory UVW number.
no trailer weighs its "dry" weight. they usually are 400-600lbs. more from the factory.
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I tow with a 2008 Chevy heavy duty 1/2 ton 6.0 gas engine 367 hp 4 speed heavy duty trans and a 4:10 rear, the tow rating on the truck is 10,500 lbs. I base the truck tow capacity on the full load of the campers rating. I have an 8314ss with a full load capacity of 7,910 lbs.
I used tow the same camper with a 1997 GMC Suburban 3/4 ton with a 5.7 gas engine auto trans with a 4:10 rear but the Suburban was rated for 7,500 lbs. There is a difference with the 6.0 as far as power and the wheel base is different, on the 2008 the wheel base is 143" and on the Suburban it is 130". The new 2008 truck handles and rides much better then the 97 Suburban.
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Dry Weight???
What's that?
Does it include AC, Battery, LP, spare tire etc etc.....
Actual weights are what you need.

Sorry, I don't have your exact trailer but here's my info.

From the CAT certified truck scales on a recent trip.
Trailer loaded with food, gear, water etc. Ready to go camping.

Front axle 2800
Drive axle 3020
Trailer axles 4020
Total 9840

At times you can add a 450 LB motorcycle and a hundred Lbs
of fire wood.

We nearly always drive in 3 not OD.
I run Mobil 1 synthetic.
RPMs are just under 3000 at 65 which is where we usually run
unless we've got a real long drive, then I go 70+.
We get 9.5 to 10 mpg.

A 5.3 is basically the old 327 in a new suit.
It's a short stroke high revving V8 that has stood the test of time.

I wonder about a diesel at times due to the MPG but the initial
cost of a diesel and higher maintenance can pay for a lot of

I can keep my speed on all but the steepest hills.
Just don't get stupid and put on some "flowmaster" mufflers
or something. I think the drone of 3000 RPM for hour after
hour would get old real quick.

I like my truck.
If I win the lottery, I'll buy a Duramax diesel but until then I'm
driving this----
Dan & Rita D
2008 Rockwood 2502 Ultra Lite
2004 5.3L Silverado 1500 ext. cab 2WD
1999 Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle
Reese dual cam hitch, AirLift load levelers

Camping days 2010-53, 2011-47, 2012-41,
2013-41, 2014-14
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Posts: 3,249
With my 2008, GM says that over drive can be used while towing and the truck has a tow mode. With the 1997 Surburban it was not recommended to tow in over drive. From what I understand, DRY WEIGHT is the camper with all factory installed equipment and no cargo, the full load weight is the max weight allow for extra stuff for camping. From what I have seen most campers are not rated for any more then 2,000 lbs in extra weight.
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Location: Louisville, KY
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If you tow in tow mode and OD and that causes your tranny
to continually lock/unlock the torque converter- that's bad.
If your tranny is running with the torque converter unlocked
a lot of the time- that's bad.
Unlocked torque converter = a lot of extra heat.
With my setup the torque converter stays locked most of the
time IF I run in 3.

I've found that if I run in "tow mode" the truck tends to
really wind out the gears when accellerating, more than necessary.
Also if I try to use the cruise control in tow mode it will shift
down to 2nd gear on some hills and overpasses.
It REALLY screams at 60 mph in 2nd gear ;-((
It's less prone to downshifting to 2nd without tow mode on.
I wish there was a way to actually lock it out of 2nd!!

Dan & Rita D
2008 Rockwood 2502 Ultra Lite
2004 5.3L Silverado 1500 ext. cab 2WD
1999 Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle
Reese dual cam hitch, AirLift load levelers

Camping days 2010-53, 2011-47, 2012-41,
2013-41, 2014-14
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