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Used vehicle extended warranties

I am looking for a TV. It will be a 12-13 year old diesel rig with 100+K miles on it.

If I was buying new I wouldn't even consider an extended warranty. But I'm not so foolish as to think I'll buy a 100K mile vehicle and run it another 100k with absolutely no problems, ever - even a "bullet-proof" diesel.

So - - anyone with direct experience, good or bad, with an extended warranty? Anyone have suggestions as to the best (better) companies. The biggies seem to be Carchex, Endurance, and Ally. All have A+ BBB ratings and get good reviews. My credit union offers MRC (mechanical repair coverage by CUNA) but their reviews seem less than good.

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I'm really reluctant to trust them as I've been burned before.

Ultimate Warranty was a highly rated company at one time as well. I only had one claim that they ever paid.. it was for about $400. The second time I brought it in they authorized the work (about $850) but didn't pay the dealership. Eventually, the dealership came back on me for the difference (I had a $50 deductible). A few months after that second claim I had a third which they also authorized but never paid (this one was $1400). I was left holding the bag for that one as well. . Then they declared bankruptcy and stopped authorizing new claims.

I spent probably about 8 yrs fighting to get my money and just last summer I got my settlement. For $57.00

I asked about my claims I could not authorize but were still within the warranty period and was told that they were intelligible for reimbursement ( one of those claims was for a new engine).

I think I paid right at 2k plus interest over 5 yrs for that warranty.

That being said, the last vehicle I purchased at a dealership (an Escalade) had a lifetime power train warranty included and I didn't even know it. I discovered it when I was looking at my statement for tax purposes. The warranty price wasn't on the invoice but was valid so the must've baked it into the purchase price.

I'm happy I had it.. the vehicle needed a new transmission a few months later.

I didn't purchase one for my Diesel. Main reason was that they would only pay to bring it back to OEM and I would've wanted to address the core issues with that engine which involves modifications. I had it bulletproofed and it runs like a top.

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Third party extended warranties are actually service contracts.
That's why I bought my used 2014 F150 from a Ford dealer. I got an actual Ford extended warranty, not a third party warranty.
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I would pay into your own personal "extended warranty" by saving a bit of cash in a dedicated account each month.
Use that fund to pay for unexpected repairs..if you don't use it, use it to take a vacation.
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Extended warranties are insurance policies but without much regulation or oversight. They make tons of money for everyone involved in selling them. There is no way you can add that cost into the middle and not end up paying more as the end consumer. Some people may hit the numbers on the slots, but the companies are like the casino, they always come out ahead from those who feed the machines with little payouts.
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If you go for it, only go w/ warranty from the big three. The 3rd. party warranties are profit makes for the business selling them. I had a job selling lawn equipment and tractors, bonus rated and pushed to sell them for profit margin. Most run same time as mfg. warranty. I spoke to too many unhappy people to suggest ever buying an 3 rd. party warranty. I am looking to buy a diesel used and am considering due to the cost of repair. I would buy just prior to factory warranty expiring. I do not know if Mfg. would sell you a warranty on 10 year old truck. In the past, I always said no to any extended warranty and put an extra $100 a month away for repair. Always came out ahead. Used diesel different animal.
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I purchased an extended warranty for my car several years ago assuming it would be beneficial/helpful. It was NOT. I will never, ever waste money on an extended warranty for a vehicle again. Everything that needed repair on the vehicle during the time of the extended warranty, conveniently "wasn't covered."

My sister right now is in the fight of her life with an extended warranty company on her van. The transmission went out before the extended warranty expired. She hasn't seen her van in going on 3 months now. The van has had two, yes, two, used transmissions put in it by the dealer, and neither has worked, so the dealer could not give her the van back. The dealer is at the end of their rope with the extended warranty company, as is my sister.

The extended warranty company refuses to allow my brother-in-law to locate a rebuilt (and pay the difference between a used transmission and a rebuilt transmission) transmission to go into the van. Both of the transmissions that the extended warranty company has put in their van have had 100,000+ miles on them! I suggested my sister speak with an attorney for some advice as this has been going on for so long. They are making monthly payments on a vehicle that they do not have possession although they have been following the rules, so to speak.

So in a nutshell, my experience and my sister's current experience, are a resounding NO. Don't waste your money.
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I might be WAY off base, but I'm not sure the Big Three even sell warranties backed 100% by them. I got an Ally extended warranty, at the time I bought a new truck and financed it. No offer of "GMC Warranty". Not sure there is one. Yet it was the Dealer who sold it, and who promised to honor it as if it was the original warranty. So, may be picking at straws.

I never thought much of them till this last truck. It has so many sensors, and so much electronic stuff, cameras, you name it......that I went and asked the Service guy about it, and he said 80% of problems with new ones are in the electronics, and they are one of the most difficult to trace (man hours) and most expensive to replace.
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IF you can get a warranty from the manufacturer it MIGHT be beneficial (but I doubt if you will be able to get one on a vehicle that old). Don't waste your money on any warranty from a third party. They are worthless!
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A good warranty for that old of a truck most likely does not exist or would be $3500.00. Only "premium" contracts will cover electronics. Most will not cover wear items brakes, belts and suspension like ball joints. You have to read them very closely and ask questions. Best warranty I dealt with came from carfax but I can not remember the company.
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To be fair.. I could've bought an extended Warranty for my '07 when I purchased it last year. There were multiple companies that offered one.

I think your money would be better spent in buying a good solid vehicle to begin with and taking the extra money and address the weak points before they cause a problem. Let's face it.. all vehicles have issues at some point that needs to be addressed.

I'm not looking into getting into a debate about Ford VS Chevy VS Dodge/Ram here.

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