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This post is rather dated but I noticed no one mentioned guages for trans. The best insurance for an auto behind all that torque with a programmed diesel is a good set of trans tempt guages. Slipping creates heat. Keep heat down keeps slipping down.

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From reading the boards it sound like a gas engine in a dodge --4.7 liter
a super chips wont do me much good to help my towing power problem.
Has anyone used one on a 4.7 and what were the results.
only found one review online and all he said was [ It really opened her up]
No $$$ for a diesel so I am just trying to make it work.

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A reprogramming of the chip on a gasser will buy you virtually nothing. Most of the power gains, and they are small, are at WOT. At the usual towing RPM of say 2,500 on a gasser, you are looking at maybe 2 to 3 horsepower. Not even noticeable and certainly not worth the expenditure. You may get some other benefits that you like around transmission shifting and throttle response that make programming desirable however. As for exhaust, if you tow any distance, you will quickly get tired of the noise and drone. IMO, a stock truck is the best route. Any gain from aftermarket modifications is expensive for negligable gain. Again, this is in the context of everyday driving. If you are drag racing your truck, and I'm not sure why anyone would want to, you could feel some different at the top end and WOT; snappier shifts and extended shift points.
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My custom tune may not have added as much HP and Torque in the rpm mid range. But they remove 85% of the GM torque management which provides a much towing experience.


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Yes, there are absolutely benefits. Just don't expect them to be noticeable horsepower and torque gains in the normal driving/towing range. I like my chip re-programming.
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The quotes about heat are more important than one may think. If you can bring operating temps down say, 3-7* you will notice some gains and you'll also save that pre-mature failure.

Switch everything to synthetics. Motor, Trans (probably the most important), Diffs and don't skimp on coolant and the intervals in which it gets serviced.

You could likely pick up 1 mpg on your gasser and possibly see some power gains as well. They'll be minimal, however, the added protection is priceless.

Where the power is gained on a gas motor is in the cam. I'm sure you've heard the term "RV Cam" before. It basically means changing the duration and time the valves open and close. This allowing more fuel and air into the chamber to ignite. There's a price to pay for that gain, however and that's in the form of mileage.
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Originally Posted by 08flagvlite View Post
I have an 06 hemi ram 1500 q.c. shortbed, and an 08 Flagstaff V-lite 30WRLS.
I feel I need more power and stability when towing...suspension feels mushy and I don't feel safe traveling much faster than 60 mph. I think I will change the shocks, and possibly add a tuner/programmer for towing, and a dual exhaust system and an intake. My hemi is rated at 345 hp. stock, and with these mods, hopefully I can get over 400 hp. Also, any input/recommendations on the torque converter would be appreciated- Do I need to change it or not?? My trailer is rated at 5700 as delivered, and 7500 gross. Thanks,Randy
Firestone airbags will certainly help the ride and bring the saggy back end back into position. I'd also look into some performance anti-sway bars for the front and back to keep the lean under control and maybe some Bilstein shocks for the bumpity bumps in the road.

I don't know how easy it's going to be for you to gain that much in horsepower without making major modifications to the engine like injectors, fuel pump, turbo (or better yet, a supercharger), etc. As an example, they claim that you can gain 45 hp with a combination of underdrive pullies, open air intake, exhaust (mostly high flow muffler), and a programmer. Plan on spending around a grand for the combination. One suggestion, do your homework on the open air intake filters. K&N is not one that I would choose, but that's my personal opinion. Check out the S&B or Amsoil brand'll be glad you did. There's oiled filters and there's dry filters and each has their own benefits and downfalls, but either one of those brands are highly used and recommended in the Cummins world for the amount of cfm airflow.

A high performance torque converter will help keep the heat down in your trani. The more slip you have from the stock converter, the more heat you have. I know there are also things like a deeper trani pan with fins as well as ones for the front and back diff so that you can keep the heat down in there as well. Synthetic lubes in the diffs, transfer case, and trani will also help from any breakdown that might be occuring with the conventional oils.

Good luck on your quest
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Originally Posted by 2008Wildcat View Post
Ditto............the best thing to do for a gasser is get yourself a free flow air intake and open up the exhaust with a good system like Magnaflow.
That truck has whats known as a speed-density style fuel injection system where barometric pressure in the intake is measured and compared to the atmoshperic pressure to determine air-fuel ratio and timing. This system is widely known to be non-performance-oriented and a very "basic" EFI system as it does not allow adjustment for performance parts. Mass-air systems used in ford, chevrolet and newer dodge units are much better as the measure the amount of air coming into the engine and base the fuel/air maps accordingly.

Most pre-hemi dodge owners complain of very minimal gains when they perform expensive mods without the use of a tuner. This also requires a dyno tune to complete the modification but to answer the OPs question.....

Yes. Tuners do make a difference but only if you have done "mechanical" modifications. There is power to be had with timing and a/f ratios on a stock engine, but they will be minimal in comparison to say a cam change and a dyno tune.
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If you want true power and performance get rid of those tunners. I use mine only as a code reader. I have a custom chip made for my truck. I started off with superchips but a custom chip is the way to go. Jody can also do believe flash other tunners as well. What's great about his custome chip is that you can change setting on the fly.
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Programmer might help with towing as far as adjusting shift points and increasing line presure for a firmer shift. However like others have said minmal hp/tq gains a gas engines. cool air intakes and catback exhust also very minimal gains, though stuff like that is fun, to outfit you truck, make it sound tough. Might get like 15 hp with pipes, intake, and a chip but it would most likely be at 4000rpms or higher and in some case it might give the engine less hp/tq at lower rpms, which would be bad for towing.

I've done up some cars threw the years working as a auto-tech and 1 thing is for sure, the more you turn the screws to a engine, the more stuff breaks, aftermarket horse power typically reduces longevity. Plus, if you get big gains (ie super charger) you can go over the rating of the trans and running gear, possibly causing premature failure in extreme cases.

Some upgrades can be very benifcial like larger trans coolers and radiators.

That said its fun out-fitting your vehicle the way you like it.

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