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Which TV to buy?

I should know better than asking this. Everyone is so brand loyal. Hard to get objective info. But.........what better group to ask?

Have a 26' Grey Wolf BHSS. Probably weighs 5800 dry and 7000 full of Mama's junk!

Have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton with 3.42 rear end. I'm told this truck should pull this TT just fine, but won't.

Mama's Tahoe is about at end of life, 200,000 miles. SO it's time to buy something. Gonna kill two birds with one stone and get a new Tow Vehicle and just drive it (me) and let Mama drive my '06 truck. Then she can pull boat when we camp, etc. It's a nice truck, she does fine with trucks, she's a farm girl.

That said...........what to buy? Here's what I currently think....

I'm a Chevy guy. Period. You'll have to really sway me to get me out of the Chevy world.

I'm thinking minimum 3/4 ton, the 2500 HD.

The "new" 2015 2500's are due out "1st Qtr 2014". It's stupid to call a 2014 truck a 2015, but they have several new innovations that might make it worth my while to wait a month or two. Sway control, integrated brake controllers, higher payload and pulling. But don't know if it's worth waiting for that one, or just get a 2014.....which might be good enough and cheaper.

Really considering a Diesel. Danged buy, and maintain, and feed it. But everyone that has one says "Man this will pull a house off the foundation" and no one has ANY trouble pulling TT's, horse trailers, you name it. Everyone loves it. Gas engine guys have troubles, here and there, no matter what they pull. Diesel worth the expense to have something I can haul this TT over the Rockies, through the woods, to Grandma's, to the Moon, wherever........for 20 years of reliability???

I really want something that will truly pull this (and maybe a future bigger one) TT with ease and comfort and last a LONG time.

I welcome any comments............ Thanks, guys.

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IMO, if you like Chevy then a Chevy it should be.

For us, we chose the Dodge because we are parents with 2 kids and the Dodge back seat was the roomiest of the 3. We also regularly take my in-laws places so we wanted seating for 6. The Dodge fit the bill from that perspective. Being retired, your situation may be different - I doubt you need to worry about carrying extra passengers on a regular basis.

As for gas vs. diesel - that seems to be a great debate. I've only read of a few people who went with diesel and back to gas. I don't have enough experience either way. I will say, the price of diesel seems to fluctuate - often I'm paying more for it, sometimes I'm paying less. The single bestest "feature" is the ability to use truck lanes at truck stops. You just can't beat the convenience.

As for the 2014 vs. 2015- it's hard to say. If you can wait, then the 2015 is an option. Will you be able to negotiate as good of a price on the 2015 as a left-over 2014? Will there be a 2014 on a lot somewhere that you'll want to buy? (my wife and I are super picky- we ordered a truck exactly as we wanted it.)

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Good points. Keep 'em coming.

I can wait, but not for 6 months.......and not if there are only 2 new ones on the lot. I see a lot with about a zillion 2014's on it. If I wait, and the new ones come out, I can either get a new one and pay for it, or maybe get a heck of a deal on the 2014's that are left.

The Diesel question is really the big one for me............I'm leaning that way. But man......big jump (for me)......
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Those 2015 2500's sure do look nice but personally I am hoping that a lot of people people trade in there 2012-13 2500's because they want the latest and greatest. That way there are some deals and selection out there on slightly used models.

I read there isnt really that much difference other then looks. The fact that the drive train options remain the same seems to have irritated some people on the truck sites.

Whether or not I get gas or diesel will depend on whats available and makes sense at the time. Would prefer diesel but not sure I can swing the cost.

Since it sounds like you already plan to expand in the future, A 3500 Diesel is what you probably want to consider.

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You said----I'm thinking minimum 3/4 ton, the 2500 HD--- and----(and maybe a future bigger one)----and---I'm a Chevy guy. Period. You'll have to really sway me to get me out of the Chevy world.

Though I do not currently own a chevy and considering your comments I suggest you go to the 1 ton dually deisel chevy (the 2500 does not increase the load capacity enough if you are truly considering and larger TT). I know a couple people who have the 1 ton and swear by them, you will get more comments from others perhaps that say to go to what they drive (because they wouldn't have anything else) but I don't think that is good enough to move away from your position on chevys).
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I think you have to sit down and crunch the numbers yourself. Only you know your driving habits and which option is best for you. A 2500 6.0 gas engine will pull your TT just fine.

When I was looking for a TV these were the questions I asked myself.

1) Would this TV be a daily commuter? If so how many miles will I drive per day/per year?

2) How many times a year will I tow my TT?

3) What will my primary terrain be? Mountains? Flat Land?

I would say if you have a longer daily commute, and drive alot of miles then you may want to consider diesel. Diesel will give you better mpg than gas. Also if you drive alot of miles per year diesel may be the way to go. Diesels hold their value better than gas engines when they are up there in milage. If you plan to tow your TT in the hills or mountains you will have a better tow experience with a diesel.

As for my situation, I drive my truck 1.5 miles to work and 1.5 miles home. I tow about 10-15 times a year on very flat land. I chose the gas engine because I couldn't justify the extra $$$$ on a diesel engine. My 8.1 tows my TT with ease.

Every situation is different. You just need to ask yourself some questions.
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Whatever you are comfortable with should work out fine for you. What you are towing can be easily be done with a gasser, but the diesels are SURE nice.

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Price out a 3/4 ton then price out a 1 ton. I believe you'll find not much of a price difference in the two. Being a former Ford guy I really like my '11 2500 HD Allison/Duramax combo. I will be upgrading to 3500 HD in '14. I regret not getting the 3500 back in '11.
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I'm retired. I put an average of 8,000 miles a year on a truck. Maybe a little less.

I pull a boat fishing, a utility trailer to deer camp, and a TT to camp with Mama. I'm new to TT, so can't answer how many days a year I will pull the TT. I hope a lot.....but just can't know yet.

I just don't want to look back and wish I'd done differently.

Not sure the advantage of the 1 ton......haven't thought of that. Why a 1 ton vs. a 3/4 ton???? What does that extra buy me other than more payload? Is that enough to justify?

Remember......I ain't TOUCHED any of these yet. All my research has been behind this keyboard, and my experience that my current truck won't cut the mustard.

BTW, on the 1 ton vs. 3/4, I just found this:

on the GM trucks since 2001+, the 2500's and 3500's have all been the same...same frame, steering, brakes, suspension, etc...

The only difference between the 3500's is the rear spring pack. And the dually's have a different rear axle, and slightly different rear brake calipers/rotors. Same diameter brakes as the 2500 and 3500 SRW though.

So no, its NOT like the pre-2001 GM trucks and Fords where there are significant differences between 2500 and 3500.
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As for the 2014 vs 2015 HD's, it's all in styling and interior. Pretty sure the mechanics and specs are the same. I just bought a 2013 in Sept, and got right at $15k off msrp. The '15s look good, but there's a high premium for looks.

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