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Would you tow this.. with my truck?

Ok.. please don't lecture about what I have and don't have.. this is what I know. Not sure on payload.

I own 2013 F150 STX Extra cab.


3.31 gear

Regular tow package

5.0 v8

Tow rating: 8100 pounds.

Should I tow this:

2019 Coachmen Spirit 2758rb

Hitch Weight: 728 lb.

UVW 6134 lb.

CCC 1466 lb.

Exterior Length: 30' 11"

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What is the payload/ Cargo Carrying Capability of your truck that is listed on the sticker on your drivers side door?

THAT is the number that usually gets close or over limits on half ton pickups.

Add your UVW+CCC=GVWR for the trailer

6134+1466=7600 lbs.

Hitch weight unloaded is 11.8% according to manufacture (728/6138=11.8%)

So take 11.8% of GVWR

7600 x .118= 897 lbs.

That is our guess at your fully loaded Tongue weight when loaded to full GVWR. It could be more or less, depending on where you load items and their weight. Again, this is a GUESS used to see if your anywhere close.

Add 100 lbs. for your hitch, the weight of your passengers you will be taking and anything else you are going to put into the trucks cab or truck bed.

If that number exceeds your Payload/CCC number I referred to previously from your trucks door sticker, your too heavy.

I personally, like to be under that significantly as extra safety margin. I'll also offer the opinion that a 7000 lb. 30' trailer more than I would tow with any half ton pickup. I just traded in a 26' trailer that was 4500 lbs empty, 6000 loaded that made some trips less than enjoyable.

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"Would you tow this.. with my truck?"

No, I would not
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I'm guessing your truck is very similar to mine. Mine is an XLT with same cab, motor, axle and tow rating. My payload is 1720. I have the "heavy duty" tow package but the capacity is the same as yours. I pull a 2015 2906 WS. I've b en into Ga and Tn with it, but mostly Fl.

With freshwater full, it's at the limit but for Florida it's fine. Fully loaded, ready to camp including water, food and clothes I'm Ishtar at or slightly over GCWR.

If you have a good and properly set up hitch, sure.
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I would guess ready to go camping weights of the trailer will be 850 lbs on the tongue and 7000 lbs.
As mentioned, what's the payload of your F150?
Only a visit to a CAT scale will give you the answers you need.
I am 400lbs shy of my max payload with my unloaded trailer and truck.
With camping gear, passenger and full fuel, I will be overweght, even though I am well below my tow rating of 6300lbs.
I am giving serious thought to buying a larger truck.
Ask yourself, "I can pull it but can I carry it"?
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Long story.. but payload sticker is gone.
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You're listing dry weights for your trailer. That's red flag #1. You're listing tow capacity instead of payload for a 1/2 ton. That's red flag #2. It suggests that you're not thinking through this properly, because you're not using proper weights and ratings.

You need to start with a real trailer weight. Use 10-15% of that to figure your tongue weight, which has nothing to do with the fictional weights you have listed.

Most likely, your trailer will be in the 7,000 - 7,300 lb range. That puts your tongue weight at around 900 lbs, +/- 50 lbs.

If you lost the payload sticker, then you can either take it to the scales or estimate it. If you estimate it, you need to know a lot more about your truck. An example of a super important option for an estimation that you didn't disclose is 2WD vs 4WD. Anyway, you can do a bit of research online to estimate it.

I think an STX is probably low on options, so your payload may be in the 1,500 - 1,800 range. That means you have around 600 - 900 lbs for humans, hitches, gear, pets, anything you have in the bed (wood, bikes), and anything else.

You're probably either just barely inside the numbers or just on the outside.

For example, I camp with 3 kids and a wife. I'm around 190 fully clothed. My wife is around 140. The 3 kids are in the 125 range. That's about 700 lbs of human. So, if it were my family and your trailer, we'd have 1,600 lbs of payload before we added so much as an iPad or a piece of firewood to the mix. In reality, I have a WDH that's heavy, I do bring firewood, I sometimes bring bikes, we have a dog in the cab, and we do have some other gear. I end up in the ~1,000 range for all of my gear and humans. That's a stout load for a 1/2 ton.

Your calculations will vary.

Good luck.
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Short answer, I HAVE towed a trailer similar to that with a pickup having similar specs. It worked but I wasn't happy with the setup.

Driving from WA State (Seattle Area) to LaCrosse, WI was frustrating. What is just a hill to larger pickups was a HILL to me. On one or two I was afraid I'd have to be towed up to the top. Granted these were a couple of the steepest grades along I-90.

I vowed to confine my travels to flatter land and eventually bought MORE TRUCK.

There's a big difference between what can be done and what can be done while having a comfortable trip.

The numbers may work out but I doubt you'll be happy with the combination.

If you do go ahead with this a real good investment would be a gear change in the differential (both if 4x4). Even 3.56:1 would be an improvement but for towing I'd personally go with 3.73:1.
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you can tow that camper with your truck...

I would make sure it had LT truck tires, new shocks and take a look at your brakes.

Do not heavily load your camper, or your truck, and you will need a WDH because of the tongue weight.

NOW, will you be happy with that setup or will you be towing in the mountains? Probably not...

but it is a starting point

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