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Over 15,000 mi. and about 100 nights camped during the last 15 months in my 2014 Solera. I'm very happy so far. It's the RV dealers that annoy me. I had a carbon monoxide/ propane defector go off for no apparent reason and they tell me to come back in a month and they'll check it out. I'm on the road traveling thru. (Multiple companies told me this!)

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I am very happy with my 2013 Sunseeker 2050. I bought it used in August. Well built and well designed. Much better than I expected after reading so many negative posts about so many different brands. My only complaint is the crummy customer care from the dealer.

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We have a 5 year old Cardinal 5th wheel. Other than having to replace the cheap Chinese tires that came on it we have only had a few minor issues that our dealer took care of during the warranty period. Since then we have had a few more minor issues that were taken care of at the National FROG Rally in Goshen. After that rally this year I discovered that one of my slide heads was bending and was causing some issues getting the slide in and out. I contacted the Forest River warranty department and was told to take it to Recreation Specialities in Elkhart IN. They repaired the problem and told me that Forest River picked up the total cost! Never would have expected this on a 5 year old coach!
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Do you own a house. Was it custom built or a production built? Have any problems, wait for builder to fix? Ok. Now you are doing the same thing only on wheels! How are the roads to your car? Pretty bad! How do you think it is with an RV? That said, if you can fix your self, so much the better. Have a problem check the forum. We have a 3100SS SunSeeker we bought that was 6months old and 14000 miles. PDI, what is that new nothing about an RV, tent camped. We have since put 50000 miles on, have seen a lot of this great country, met a lot of nice people and are having a great time. Problems , a few. Either I figured out how to fix or had it done in Goshen. Would I buy another FR product again? With out a doubt! Enjoy!!!!
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Originally Posted by mtnlvr View Post
Over 15,000 mi. and about 100 nights camped during the last 15 months in my 2014 Solera. I'm very happy so far. It's the RV dealers that annoy me. I had a carbon monoxide/ propane defector go off for no apparent reason and they tell me to come back in a month and they'll check it out. I'm on the road traveling thru. (Multiple companies told me this!)

2300 miles - owned 10 days. I have experienced the same thing. Many will tell you to buy from a local dealer for better service and not just on price. I went by the dealer I purchased it from 10 days later and was told a month and a half for them to look at a problem I am having. Funniest part when he was looking at the computer he said did you buy from us? I said yes, so I guess this was the preferred customer service appointment. Hilarious. Problem -No brake lights or turn signal, lights won't turn off. (Orlando RV) I feel confident I could get a appointment at any dealer in this amount of time.

I escalated with the sales manager while there, they called out three service techs all who said they didn't know what the problem could be. I left feeling glad they didn't touch it after talking to them, they seemed to know less about it than I had learned just from reading the forums. They told me they were calling the forest river electrical engineer and that he would call me that day. That was 5 days ago still not working - haven't had a call. Looks like I am on my own to fix.
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There may be issues with whatever you buy. If you want perfect, don't buy an RV. They are all built with economy in mind. Major issues are generally in the minority. Minor issues are annoying but can easily be repaired. It usually is the dealership and not the manufacturer that gives you the problems. I have had problems with my 5th wheel, bugged my dealer for warranty work and had full support from FR. Would I trade in my rig - no. Still love it and have seen nothing on the market that is better. Everything that annoyed me or was broken was fixed under warranty. Your never going to get a guarantee on what you buy. If you want to RV, you buy what you like, have it fixed under warranty (buy the extra year warranty for $150 - well worth it) before it expires and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. Just my 2 cents worth.
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Nothing major here good to go and love my V-Lite. 2nd one I've owned. Later RJD
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Originally Posted by Upta View Post
Hi all,

I've been lurking on this forum for the last month trying to get more information about Forest River MH's. My wife and I really like the floor plan of the Forester 2501TS, or the Sunseeker 2500TS. Unfortunately, the more I read through these forums, the more it looks like there is no quality control, some engineering issues, and getting warranty work done is a real PITA.

With that being said, I sent an email to Forest River detailing my concerns and telling them why I wasn't going to buy an RV from them or anyone else until the above issues were straightened out. In that email I also said that I know that unhappy customers are much more vocal than satisfied ones.
I actually got a reply, which kind of surprised me. From someone up the food chain from the two in the Forester division that I sent it to. This person agreed with my assessment that the unhappy ones are the loudest. But they also said that for every unhappy customer, there are "hundreds" of satisfied ones.

Ok, I've read the gloom and doom posts, on here and elsewhere on the internet. Forest River and other brands. What I want to know is: are there happy Forest River customers out there? I want to hear from customers who didn't get the lemon. Whose MH wasn't leaking or losing screws every trip. From people who didn't need to fix something every time they came home. If you did have something major or minor wrong with your MH, you had it fixed without excess delay or hassle. Something major didn't die a month out of warranty. Help me out here. Give me something positive to read about.

Sorry for a downer first post,
I don't own a MH, I prefer fifth wheels, but that is my choice.

I will say that the statement "the unhappy ones are the loudest. But they also said that for every unhappy customer, there are "hundreds" of satisfied ones. " is true. The old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is so true! When someone writes hear it is because they have a problem and need help, not to say I am happy so thought I would ask what I can do to cause a problem, LOL!

I have owned 2 FR TT and am now on my second FR fifth wheel, a 32 foot 08. All have been bought used, can't afford a new one yet, so expect I am buying someone else's problems. So far I have had no real problems, they have all been good reliable units.

Good luck in your search, I am sure you are going to hear from some happy campers!

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VERY satisfied with our Rpod! MOST of the issues we had from the get-go were dealer related. Sounds like you've done your research-that's super! We were fancy camper virgins, had always dry camped before, and trusted the dealer to be honest and upfront....... Go over whichever unit you choose with a fine tooth comb, check list, building inspecter (just kidding-sort of), and don't sign any paper UNTIL EVERYTHING is satisfactory. We love our camper, but didn't know to look for issues related to lot-maintenance that wasn't done, canibalism, and general dealer indifference/dishonesty. NOW we know. They are in it for the $$$$, and sadly really don't care about the buyer. Once the camper leaves their lot they don't ever want to see it or the buyer again and it is up to the buyer to know their stuff. Don't know that we'll ever switch campers, but if we do, we've learned some valuable lessons and won't get stung again! Happy camping!
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With all respect, I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle. For the record, I have a Coachmen Prism that I am very happy with. That doesn't mean that I haven't had problems, or issues with the company.
I think that you have to decide whether you want an RV, warts and all. I guarantee that no matter which one you choose, you will have problems. Unless you buy a very high end brand, I also guarantee that you will have quality control issues, some of which may boggle your mind. Worse, most likely you will have issues with getting warranty work done. It is a well known "secret" in the rv industry that dealers will only do warranty repairs if they choose to. They,are under no obligation. Why this is so remains a bit of a mystery, but I believe it has to do with a discrepancy between what the manufacturer will pay, and what the dealer normally charges.
So, if you tend to be patient, slow to anger, reasonably handy, pick out one you like, with a reasonable reputation, and go for it.

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