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Like your bike rack. I am thinking about doing the same thing on my 30' Class C but for a moped or two.

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I put bicycles on the back of my Solera. I get my groceries before arriving at the campground. I frequently only stay a night or two and then don't bother with connecting the water and sewer lines. I have the automatic leveling jacks also. This makes pulling up camp simple. I frequently run around in my RV during the day and return at night to my space. I just go to the dump station and also fill up the fresh water tank as needed. This is why I bought a 25' RV. It is maneuverable in cities, easy to find parking and I can be spontaneous.

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We have gone toadless so far, and on long extended trips. I think you know the pros and cons. I would encourage you to try toadless for your trip. Then you will have a better idea.

You will enjoy the easy traveling aspect. And obviously, at your destination, you will wish you had a car. We have decided, with some trepidation, to take a toad on our next long trip. I am very much looking forward to having the car when we need it. I'm not looking forward to not being able to just whip into any small parking lot etc.

If you go toadless, make it a point to think about how to organize the interior so that you can access some everyday items yet have them ready for travel. This would involve some small plastic bins on:
-the vanity
-dinette table
-kitchen counter.

There are clear plastic bins in the "plumbing"/ bath room section of Wal Mart that are very nice. They have suction cups; just remove those and use the baskets. Or find some other small bins. I've used a few of the Wal Mart corner bins. A couple in the bathroom, and a couple in the corner where the end of the cabinets meets the side wall, up by the cab.

Stick them down on flat surfaces with velcro or the stronger Dual Lock tape. On walls, use screws with washers, as needed.

Then, make a habit to put something back after you use it. I'm more of a person that scatters stuff around, so I had to make the new habit. But it was not hard, and you end up with a neater RV as a bonus.

We stuck a command strip hook on the cabinetry below the fridge, and it fits just under the rolled lip of a small plastic garbage can. Then it stays there all the time.

Outside, I only hook up such utilities as needed. We use our FW tank. So I don't hook up the hose. I don't hook up the sewer. So often, I only have to hook up the shore power cord.

One of the biggest hassles to me is dealing with leveling blocks. But our experience has been that we don't need to even use them, 90% of the time. I installed the small set of two bubble levels. One on the dash to the right of the steering wheel, and one on the door panel. I determined what amount of level was okay for fridge specs, and if we are within tolerance, I don't use the blocks. The only thing is that we won't sleep with our heads lower than our feet. But often with such a small wheelbase, we can find a spot on the site that is roughly level. Sometimes we go in nose first, if the site works okay that way.

So, these are all things to be dealt with when going toadless. I would say that none of these are a bother to us. Except the blocks when we have to use them. We have the system down pat. None of this stuff causes us to wish we had a toad. What makes us wish we had a toad is simply the convenience of traveling around at the destination, and the ability for one person to go somewhere while the other chills out at the site.
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Originally Posted by Kyfan View Post
I'm picking up something from all the posts. I thinks there may be a difference between a camping trip and traveling. I love camping, but looking at this trip as a chance to see the U.S.A. more than just a camping trip. Does that make sense to anyone but me?
It makes a lot of sense to me... There are some major differences between camping and traveling. We don't "camp"... I did enough "camping" in the US Army. We "travel" and use our GTS as our way to comfortably travel the country and see the things we want to visit on an open ended schedule.

Regarding having a TOAD: We go "toadless" more often than we take our toad. It depends on the trip we are taking. If we are are going to be in one spot for several days, and want to visit several places in that area, we hook up our dolly. If we are just doing a drive through, with no long stops, we don't pull it. If we ever get somewhere while going "toadless" and decide we really need a car I can rent one. That hasn't happened yet....
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If you like to ride your motorcycle and you like to take that. Get your groceries and supplies with the bike. I can remember how many times i used the bike to get supplies. I had sure that everything was double bagged and hung them all over the bike. Go have fun and do it your way.

I rode for 58 yrs until my cloud moved. Enjoy!!
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We met a chap in Florida over the winter driving a huge Moho. In fact we met him when Enterprise picked us all up. He was an retired engineer and told us that he had extensively compared the toad vs car rental options. His research concluded that it was cheaper to rent when needed than to pull a toad when all things were factored in. We have done both. Like the op we have a small Moho easy to drive everywhere. Pretty easy to unplug and drive away. Enterprise is pretty inexpensive and makes rental easy with their pick up options.

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Originally Posted by Kyfan View Post
I have the options of no toad, small car toad, enclosed trailer with motorcycle, or car rental.
Buy a motorcycle RACK for your hitch and just carry it with you. With a top case and saddle backs etc. you can carry a lot of groceries. We do a pair of 150cc scooters on our hitch rack....around 600lbs...and it worked great X-Country so 1 cycle with good power should take you where you need to go.
We DO rent an occasional car when we need to...but mostly that is a pain.

Swivel wheel rack would be another option if the bike is really heavy.
The ultimate single wheel trailer system.
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Thought we would have it made with a Class C and no toad. PIA renting but it worked. Made the change to Class A ~~ adding the toad meant another vehicle,,, cost about $22K set to go. Two additional vehicles to insure, register, and maintain. Got rid of that and went back to a 5er. The only way to go.
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Originally Posted by Total Loss View Post
We have the same rig as yours and we do all of the above, except I made a motorcycle rack for the back when I do not want to take the toad.

Toadless is nice and easy sometimes.
I am now eyeballing a smaller motorcycle for the back- a TW 200 Yamaha or a new Z125 Kawasaki to make it even easier.
Then we have a grocery getter with us that can stay on the rig or we can rollit off pretty easily.

That is what I do with a Suzuki 400. It is big enough to ride two-up but easy enough to load. It is kinda tall to get on though. They used to make a 650 that was lower to the ground, but has more power and more comfy for two.

Originally Posted by rockfordroo View Post
This is the reason I have a TT and a truck. We park the TT and go see whatever's out there.

I don't understand how folks can have a motorhome and no toad.
We park the RV, jump on the motorcycle and see whatever's out there. Plus, we can eat meals going down the road, go to the bathroom driving down the road, cook in a rest stop in the rain without going outside, don't have more than 6 wheels to worry about and can back up real easy at tight gas stations.

I don't understand TT guys.
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We haven't done the toad thing yet simply because she wants to pull it behind our MH whereas I'd rather trailer a vehicle behind us. We've rented vehicles from Enterprise in Colorado and Oregon while glamping in our MH. They send out drivers for pick-up and returns. Other times we've traveled with my wife being the pilot driver in my Expedition. She got lost once and picked the sorriest turn around spot one could choose. Now I have my own Garmin RV!

In Yellowstone I decided to drive our rig around to see the sights in a 2007 Sightseer. Never saw the sign "NO RV'S" until I was too far in right next to the river. Everyone parks on the left and one vehicle protruded so much that I couldn't get past. To make matters worse getting out was impossible because we were on a 20 ft. hight ledge. In some places I didn't dare let any wheel wander over the white line that marks the sides of the two lane highway. That trip pretty much cured us of not having wheels.

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