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Originally Posted by themounties View Post
I read post 29-5 min. ago and am still lol, of course DW didn't think so that was a good one

I was enjoying the peace and quiet

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When I read your post I thought that could never happen to me because I would know she wasn't there because of the quiet.(Boy did I ever just get a deadly look).

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Originally Posted by farfetched View Post
How do you forget beer on the first trip out!
Really, how does one do that?
You go fishing with hooks?

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Originally Posted by Rupkin2 View Post
Really, how does one do that?
You go fishing with hooks?


If I caught one I'd have to take it off the hook, river/lake water makes the chips taste funny.

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Ok you don't have to be a newbie to not think or lose focus. We have been camping for years even with a 5th wheel. It is Sunday and we are getting ready to go home, slides are in, water off and disconnected, hubby backs into the hitch, gets out of the truck goes to put the pin in, when the guy behind us and across the street comes over to ask a question about the truck, hubby stops what he is doing to answer the man, I am so proud of myself I figured out how to work the automatic jack, I go to the back of the RV and talk with the guys a minutes, then I decide that I know what my job is so I go back up to the truck, on the way I grab the block from between the tires, I'm going to plug the lights into the truck, it was fighting me, I keep trying, I have my left arm on the edge of the truck, I'm wrapped around the truck (ok I'm short) trying again to get the plug in and I hear all this noise, I can't figure out what it is, the next think I know I am pinned to the truck, the trailer has come off the hitch, the jack behind me looks to be gone, I do believe that everyone in the park knows my hubby's name. They come running up from behind the trailer, I hear the jack start and all I can think of is we are the down side of a hill, if the trailer starts to go, I am in bigger trouble then I am now. I start yelling that they need to block the tires, the guy grabs one of the block and throws it behind the truck tire, I said no, block the trailer, so he does. I keep telling myself that I can't move my arm until I can see day light between me and the trailer, see I thought if it was shattered I would make it worst if I moved it to soon. Finally I could move it, with my other hand I cradled my arm and moved it, I turned and stopped I realized (or so I was hoping) it wasn't broke, I went over to the picnic table sat down, the guys wife and friend are then now, he is trying to help my hubby and check on me, he asks if I need anything, I said yes, after the trailer is hooked up I need the kitchen slide put back out so hubby can get the ice pack out of the freezer, he guy says you want an ice pack? they are all looking at my arm and telling me how much it should hurt, and I'm thinking to myself but it doesn't hurt, but boy when the feeling comes back I'm going to be in big trouble. I get the ice pack, we get on the way home, I call the DD and tell her we are going to need her, we travel with two little dogs and it is July, they will die if left in the truck, we get to the ER, I had lots of x-rays done and believe it or not there were no broken bones, it took along time for the burses to go away. We have NEVER lost focus again and I have been band from doing anything out the trailer again (the year before I ruptured my bicep, another long store). Now we have a motorhome, I hope me and this RV get along.
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Here is another good one. When we lived in FL we did nothing but camp and boating. Now, I considered myself a seasoned boater having started fishing with a large canoe with a 9.5hp motor behind it through some secluded rivers/lakes. Have had the speed bass boats, bow riders, and pontoons.

I was always proud of how quickly we could put in/out the boat out of the water. For years, I had been doing the dip and go. You know, you unhook the boat from the trailer, give the rope to your partner, back the trailer into the water and quickly go forward as the boat slips into the water. Your partner docks the boat and gets the motor going while you go park the truck. Everybody is happy and you are ready to go fishing a lot quicker.

Well, the weekend before this happened I noticed that the rails were really dry and was getting harder to pull the boat in. Someone mentioned to lubricated them...and that I did. You can see where this is going, right? Yup, when I went to do the dip and went down on the concrete about 5 yards away from the water.

It took about 10 guys to get the trailer tilted way up and slide it underneath the boat and eventually back on the trailer. Believe it or not the only damage was a crack on the lower unit which was easily repaired and a couple of scratches that were buffed out on the fiberglass.

Here is another one. When I sold my pontoon boat it was purchased by an old coot that new everything. The pontoon boat had always bee docked in the water and didn't come with a trailer. He brought his own trailer and started getting the boat out of the water. I told him not to dip the trailer that much into the water because the pontoons will not line up with the slides. He kinda growled at me saying he is done it that way a lot. I left him alone at that point. When he quickly pull the boat out of the water, sure enough the entire rear end of the boat was off track and got all dinged up against the cement walls of the dock...and almost fell off.

It was a good thing that he had already paid for it and the titles were signed over.
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Originally Posted by davel1971 View Post
I would attach the handles together with something so the doors aren't swinging around
The ToysRUS solution and velcro will work well. We opted for a more permanent solution: these attach like zipcord cable holders and have a latch mechanism (secret to putting them on is keep them latched as you cinch down the zip cord. )

We use these on our cabinets, but I imagine they would work fine on your refer doors as well! Kiscords Safety cabinet Locks for Handles 2 Pack Black: Kitchen & Dining

P.S. X2 to the Refer Shelf braces!
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Old time camping

This all brings up a memory when my parents, sister, and I were going hunting in an old camp trailer. While backing into a rustic camp site my mom, sister and I were yelling at my dad to stop backing up, to which he said he could get out of that hole if he just hit it harder. Eventually we got him to stop, just before he completely ran the rear bunk through the kitchen cabinet. He had backed up against a huge fir tree, and darned if it wouldn't budge.
Fast forward 45 years, I was backing into a camp site with the motor home, and I, thinking I was against a rock kept striking a tree. A much smaller tree but a tree none-the-less. Boy, that apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Thankfully my bumper was much stronger. I love all your stories though, makes me feel less, well, alone.
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Haha, that's funny! Hope there wasn't too much damage though.
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Bought our 378xl in Grand Rapids, MI.
After 200 miles driving back to Texas several people were honking at me and I noticed liquid coming out the side. After stopping and checking, the dealer left the outside shower on. No problem but our full tank of fresh water is gone. After 150 miles more we decided to stop for the night. I went to open the sewer cap and to my surprise the dealer forgot to close the black water valve. So after losing a new pair of swede shoes I went to grab the water hose to wash down and clean up. To my surprise again we had no water hose. (Lesson learned on a starter kit, water hose does not come with it)! And the sewer hose is only 6 feet long. It wasn't long enough to reach either.
The funniest thing is the next morning, my wife was helping me clean up the outside, and when I opened up the cargo door she asked me what all those little pieces of paper we're doing on the inside of the cargo door.
I just looked at her and said "Here's Your Sign"
We laughed all the way home and still tell that to all our RV buds.

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