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Best route from Massachusetts to Florida

I'm looking for advice on the best way to get from Massachusetts to Florida. I assume that Rt 95 is the best way to go south of NYC, but I'm not sure the best way to get past the city. I'm not looking forward to traversing the Cross Bronx Expressway and the George Washington bridge. Perhaps going around via the NY State Thruway via Albany?

Any advice?



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Your question doesn't tell us anything about you. You're posted under Georgetown. Have you had the MH long? Are you familiar with your rig under any conditon? Are you really comfortable with it in heavy traffic? Do you have reservations in advance you have to make?

I've been driving school buses for more miles than I can recall, and we live in a city of over 2.5 million. Our Georgetown is a piece of cake to drive in comparison. Better mirrors, better motor, better brakes etc. In spite of this, if I didn't have to have anything to do with NYC and environs I would avoid it.

Your choice.

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I've got a 357 QS and I am comfortable driving it, but I would prefer not to go through NYC. I'm just looking for advice on the best route around the city without adding too much time to the trip.

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I travel from Pa up to Maine. Have an Aunt who lives outside of Hartford. We take 84 across Conn. and just over the state line in NY i take 684 south. Takes you close to the city, but not thru it. 684 to 287 over the Tappanzee bridge. Getting back to 95 isn't something I normally do, but you could probably hook something off of I78 to head back toward Philly. Don't know exactly where you are in MAss., but I've already done the 91 south route, too. That does take you to the city though.
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MightyMike's route around NYC sounds like the best way. We grew up in CT and lived in Fort Lauderdale for several years. We would stay on I95, going through NYC at night, but Washington DC and I think it was Richmond, VA were quite brutal. I did find that the Cross Bronx Expressway was much easier at night than dealing with Washington DC (I'm just referring to the traffic!! LOL). I95 is the most direct route to the east coast of Fl. Driven it many times from Miami to Portland, ME. Haven't done it in a few years, don't know where the construction is.
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When we went to Maine, and wanted to get around New York, we took I-95 from Portland Ma, the bypass around Boston, then got onto I-84 to Scranton PA. Then took I-81 south to I-66 to home. For you, stay on I-81 to Virginia and turn on I-64 to Richmond. Use the 295 bypass around Richmond and merge into I-95 south to Florida. When we go to Florida we pick up I-95 south and go around Richmond on 295 bypass and back on I-95 to Florida. There are several good campgrounds down I-95 south in SC, and GA along with Flying-Js in VA, NC (expensive state tax), and SC, and GA. I hate going thru big cities and turnpikes towing a car.

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Best route to Florida from Mass.

Take 95s to 295 around Providence to 95s thru Conn, At White Plains take I-287s until it re-connects with I-95s near New Brunswick, Stay on I-95s until near Newark, Delaware, take US HWY 301s, stay on us 301s until you reach I-95s in Virginia, stay on I-95, beltway around Richmond, stay south I-95 to just north of Jacksonville, FL, just past the JAX airport exit take 9-A around (east & south, This is a new by-pass around Jacksonville) Jacksonville, it will reconnect south of Jacksonville with I-95.

Hope this will help you on your trip. The US 301 will get you around Baltimore and DC (good road)
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Thanks for the info everyone!

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The best way to avoid all cities and white knuckel driveing. Take 90 to 84 follow it to Scranton turn south on 81 follow it south to 77, follow it south to 26 ,take 26 south and pick up 95 just west of Charleston.Its a little longer but not that much and you will enjoy the scenery and get there relaxed.
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Originally Posted by johnnypal View Post
The best way to avoid all cities and white knuckel driveing. Take 90 to 84 follow it to Scranton turn south on 81 follow it south to 77, follow it south to 26 ,take 26 south and pick up 95 just west of Charleston.Its a little longer but not that much and you will enjoy the scenery and get there relaxed.
Just keep in mind that right before you cross into NC going south on I-77 there is an extremely long and steep grade coming out of the mountains between Hillsville, VA and Mt. Airy, NC. Also, it's advisable to take the I-485 loop around Charlotte anytime between 6am and 8pm to avoid traffic. But otherwise I'd agree and say that would be a much less stressful route than I-95, especially the stretch from Philly through Richmond.

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