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This seems to be the way the world works for us.

5 new cars in 10 yrs.
1 extended warranty. Used it once , left us stranded 25 miles from nearest tow truck. 3 hours later car on tow truck friend took us home.

3 new refrigerators in 25 yrs, 1 extended warranty, we exercised the warranty 3 times.

So I have a tendency to avoid extended warranties.

Note: 4 cars zero after new warranty claims .
2 refrigerators zero repairs
1 Refrigerator after ext warranty zero repairs needed .


2012 Georgetown 360
SHE wanted "a new motorhome"
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Got warranty used it a ton dash a/c went out roof a/c compressor, stairs, twice so it has been worth it for us.

2008 Georgetown 350TS
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When you look at the average time and mileage most people keep a motorhome the initial expense of $3,000 or more dollars is a waste.
Ford covers the engine transmssion and drive train for 3 years or 36,000 miles.
If you don't maintain the chassis, engine, drive train and tires they will not last.

The stuff inside most of us can repair ourselves after the initial year. Yes a refrigerator costs a lot but when you compare what you pay for the extended warranty up front I can keep the money in the bank and pay for 2 new refrigerators.

I'm sure I will get slammed here but I have had 1 trailer, 3 5th wheel and now a motorhome and I have never had any major expense after the first year of ownership other than typical maintence. Never had anything blowup, burnup or fall off. Maybe I have been lucky but I do take care of my toys that I own.
2012 Georgetown XL - 378TS 60,000 miles
Life is a journey, not a destination !

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I have been considering exactly this issue and realize that all the major expenses are involved with the Ford chassis/transmission and engine.They are covered by warranty and unless we get hammered by a/c issues the Georgetown hopefully will behave.
Not possessing any mechanical skills let's hope any bad stuff happens in the first year.
Except for Good Sam what else is recommended?(just in case I relent)
Alan in Coral Springs
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To give you an idea of what a policy covers and cost

Here is a quote for my 2012 georgetown.

Thank you for your quote request for your 2012 Forest River Georgetown XL 378TS motor home. Enclosed you will find all of the details on a warranty which offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your options in detail, please don't hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Thank you again for your interest!

Pricing Information
I have been shopping the rates from several different companies and feel that this exclusionary policy offers the best coverage for the best price on your particular vehicle. Please keep in mind that this pricing is available for a limited time only. The pricing for a warranty on your vehicle is as follows:

$100 Deductible

6 Years / 60k Miles = $600 down, plus 18 monthly payments of $105.50 = $2,499

7 years/ 70K Miles = $600 down, plus 18 monthly payments of $116.61 = $2,699

Enjoy a $200 Discount If Paying In Full!

Your Discounted Price Would Then Be -

6 Years / 60k Miles = $2,299

(average of $31.932 per month of coverage)

7 years/ 70K Miles = $2,499

(average of $29.75 per month of coverage)

EXPIRES: 08/21/2012

*for additional payment plan terms please scroll down to the "Payment Plan Terms" portion of this e-mail.

Exclusive Benefits:

Coverage Term This coverage time begins from when you purchase the contract, not the original in-service date like most other companies, giving you a longer coverage period.

Guaranteed Coverage This warranty is guaranteed to be there for when you need it most, and is backed by an AM Best A Rated Insurance Carrier!

(please click on the image to view the AM Best Rating)

Money back Guarantee- If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the warranty you can cancel free of charge within 30 days of purchase of the contract.

Motor Home (Exclusionary Coverage) - Our Motor Home warranty coverage is an exclusionary policy which means every component on your Motor Home is Covered except what is listed in the "What is not Covered" Section of the contract.

Nationwide Coverage -Claims are made by simply calling a TOLL FREE number and once authorized will be paid to any Dealer or Licensed repair facility in the United States and Canada via Corporate Credit Card.

Transferable/Cancelable If you were to sell this unit you would be able to transfer the warranty to the new owner as part of this sale, making your unit more appealing and valuable to possible buyers. If you wish to cancel the contract at any time you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the time or mileage used.

Towing, Rental and Food Spoilage Benefits - In the event of a covered breakdown we will pay for up to $200 in towing benefits, along with up to $250 for a rental car, if necessary. We'll also include up to $100.00 for food spoilage in the event of a covered refrigerator or freezer breakdown!

Motor Home Warranty Coverage Details

This policy is an exclusionary plan under which every component of the vehicle is covered except those components and conditions listed under the sections of the contract entitled "What is Not Covered". For a complete list of exclusions please contact your warranty specialist.

The following are examples of items that would be covered under this warranty, but keep in mind that unless an item is listed under the exclusions, it will be covered.

Engine (Including Diesels): Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head(s) and all internal lubricated parts contained within the engine including: Pistons, Piston Rings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Main Bearings, Camshaft, Camshaft Bearings, Cam Followers, Timing Chain or Belt, Timing Gears, Guides, Timing Chain or Timing Belt Tensioners, Rocker Arms, Rocker Shafts, Rocker Bushings, Cylinder Head Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Lifters, Valve Springs, Valve Seals, Valve Retainers, Valve Seats, Push Rods, Water Pump, Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing, Vacuum Pump, Harmonic Balancer, Oil Pan, Timing Chain Cover, Intake and Exhaust Manifold, Valve Covers, Engine Mounts, Engine Torque Struts, Dipstick & Filler Tube, Pulleys.

Turbocharger/Supercharger (Factory Installed Only): Turbocharger/Supercharger Housing and all Internal Parts.

Transmission (Automatic or Standard): Transmission Case and all Internal Parts plus: Torque Converter, Flywheel/Flex Plate, Vacuum Modulator, Electronic Shift Control Unit and Solenoids, Transmission Cooler, Transmission Mounts, Oil Pan, Cooler Lines, Dipstick and Filler Tube.

Drive Axle (Front and Rear): Differential Case, Transaxle Case, Final Drive Case and all Internal Parts thereof, Locking Hubs, Drive Axles/Shafts, Universal Joints, Constant Velocity Joints, Bearings, Supports and Retainers.

Steering: Power Steering Pump, Steering Gear Box/Housing, All Internal Parts contained within the Steering Box, Rack and Pinion Gear Power Cylinder, Steering Knuckles, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, Tie Rod/Ends and Drag Link, Steering Dampener, Upper and Lower Steering Column Shafts and Couplings, Control Valve and Cylinder, Tilt Telescoping Steering Assembly, Center Link, Cooler & Cooler Lines.

Brake: Master Cylinder, Power Brake Cylinder, Vacuum Assist Booster, Hydro Boost, Disc Brake Caliper, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Hydraulic Lines and Fittings, Backing Plates, Springs, Clips and Actuator, and Air Brake Compressor, Diaphragm, Treadle Disc, Caliper, Equalizer Valve, Combination Valve, Brake Pedal Assembly, Parking Brake and Linkages/Cables, Compensating Valve and Slack Adjusters. The following ABS parts are also covered: Electronic Control Module, Wheel Speed Sensors, Hydraulic Pump/Motor Assembly, Pressure Modulator Valve/Isolation, Dump Valve, ABS Relay, Accumulator.

Electrical: Alternator, Voltage Regulator, Starter Motor, Starter Solenoid and Starter Drive, Engine Compartment Wiring Harness, Relays, Computerized Timing Control Unit, Electronic Ignition Module, Crank Angle Sensor, Knock Sensor, Ignition Switch, Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder, Front and Rear Window Wiper Motor and P.C. Board, Washer Pump and Switch, Stop Lamp Switch, Headlamp Switch, Turn Signal Switch, Heater/A.C. Blower Speed Switch, Manual Heater/A.C. Control Head, Front and Rear Defroster, Dash Board Clock, Dial Battery Paralleling Switch, Back-Up Alarm, Gauges, Horns, Power Door Motor, Relays, also covered are Electric Step Mechanical/Hydraulic Components.

Leveling System: All Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical Components.

Slide Outs: All Mechanical and Hydraulic Ram Assemblies.

Engine Retarder/Jake Brake: Main Throttle Control Switch, Solenoid, Linkage Butterfly Plate.

Deluxe Appliance Coverage: Ice Maker, Trash Compactor, Central Vacuum Cleaner System, Washer/ Dryer, Dishwasher, Rear View Monitor System, Built-in Food Processor, Built-In Coffeemaker, In-sink Disposal, Smoke and CO2 Detector(s); Ice Maker, Trash Compactor, Central Vacuum Cleaner System, Washer/ Dryer, Dishwasher, Rear View Monitor System, Built-in Food Processor, Built-In Coffeemaker, In-sink Disposal, Smoke and CO2 Detector(s).

Hi-Tech Package: CB Radio, Satellite Dish, Radar Detector, Stereo Equalizer, On Board Global Positioning System (GPS), Fax Modem, Built-in Television (32 inches or less), Built-In VCR/DVD Player(s), Built-in Compact Disc Player(s), Built-in Radio, Built-in Video Game Systems, Personal Computer Systems including Monitors and Printers; CB Radio, Satellite Dish, Radar Detector, Stereo Equalizer, On Board Global Positioning System (GPS), Fax Modem.

Hot Water Heater: Burner Assembly, Tank, Thermostat, Fittings, Control Panel Switches, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Electronic Ignition Assembly, Printed Circuit Boards.

Waste System: Shower, Toilet (except Electrical Toilets), Sinks, Holding Tanks, Vacuum Breaker, Gate Valves, Fittings and Connections.

Fresh Water System: Water Pump, Compressor, Water Tanks, Water Lines, Traps, Fittings, Faucets.

Central/Roof AC: Central Air or Roof Mounted (110V) Compressor, Evaporator, Capacitors, Relays, Thermostat, Condenser, Heat Strips, Control Panel, Switches, Receiver Dryer, Blower Motor, Fan Motor, Bathroom Vent Motor, High/Low Cut-Off Switch, Pressure Cycling Switch, Electronic Module.

Range and Ovens: Burner Assembly, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Burner Valve, Microwave Oven, Power Hood, Printed Circuit Boards.

L.P. Gas System: Regulators, Gas Bottles, Mounting Brackets, Pigtails, Automatic Shut-Off System, L/P Lines, Fittings, Gauges.

Heating System: Furnace, Igniter, Heat Pump, Burner Assembly, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Thermostat, Blower Motor, Fans, Printed Circuit Boards.

Refrigerator: Thermostat, Thermocouple, Cooling Unit Compressor and Evaporator, Condenser, Fans, Burner Assembly, Igniter, Printed Circuit Boards.

Auxiliary Power plant/Generator: All internally lubricated parts of the Power plant Engine, plus the Starter and Switches, Generator Assembly and Head (if damaged as a result of a Breakdown of a covered internally lubricated part), Power Converters, Printed Circuit Boards, Inverter, Voltage Regulator Gauges.

Air Conditioner: Condenser, Compressor, Compressor Clutch & Coils, Evaporator, Expansion & Suction Valves, P.C. Boards, Idler Pulley and Idler Pulley Bearing, High/Low Compressor Cut-Off Switch, POA Valve, Pressure Cycling Switch, Accumulator/Receiver Dryer, Orifice Tube.

Front and Rear Suspension: Upper and Lower Control Arms, Control Arm Shafts and Bearings or Bushings, Upper and Lower Ball Joints, Struts (excluding replaceable cartridges), Strut Bearing Mount/Plates, Radius Arm and Bushings, Torsion Bars and Mounts or Bushings, Stabilizer Bars, Links and Bushings, Spindle and Spindle Support, Hub or Wheel Bearings, Coil and Leaf Springs, Air Bags, Actuators, and Air Suspension Compressor, Air Dryer, Lines and Bags.

Fuel Delivery: Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection Pump, Fuel Injectors (except for wear and tear and contamination), Vacuum Pump, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Diesel Fuel Heater, Fuel Tank, Metal Fuel Delivery Lines, Fuel Distributor, Auxiliary Tank Switch.

Cooling: Engine Cooling Fan/Motor and Motor Controller Module, Thermostat, Fan Clutch, Belt Tensioner, Radiator, Heater Core, Blower Motor, Coolant Recovery Unit, Fan Shroud, Electric Block Heater.

Seals and Gaskets and Sealing Boots (excluding Weather Stripping): All Seals and Gaskets including interior and exterior slide out bubble seals are covered.

What is Not Covered


Battery/Battery Cables

Strut Cartridges

Shock Absorbers

Manual Transmission Clutch Assembly

(friction clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out, pilot bearing)

Manual and Hydraulic Linkages

Transmission and Brake Cables

Distributor Cap and Rotor

Safety Restraint Systems

(Including Air Bags)


Headlamps and Projection Lamp Assemblies


Sealed Beams

Light Bulbs


Circuit Breakers

Brake Rotors and Drums

Exhaust Pipes

Emission Components

Windshield Wiper Arms

Weather Strips including Slide-Out Weather Strips


Built-In Televisions in excess of 32


Bright Metal

Upholstery and Carpet Zippers


Freeze Plugs

Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners

Cup Holders

Ash Trays

Squeaks, Rattles and Wind Noise

Dash Pad

Seat Frames

Outside Ornamentation

Water Leaks


Inside and Outside Door Handles



Mirrors, Mirror Hinges, Mirror Housings


Body Parts

Body Sheet Metal and Panels



Brackets and Structural Body Parts


Additional Payment Plan Terms:

Please keep in mind that while your coverage would go into effect from the date of purchase of your contract, all claims made before your second payment has been deducted will be payable up front by you. Once your second payment has been received by the finance company, you will be reimbursed for your claim payment. This reimbursement schedule exists only until the first two payments are made, after which all claims will be paid via corporate credit card directly to your repair facility. The purpose of this delay is for the warranty company to receive two payments in good faith before paying out claims on your behalf, rather than immediately assuming all risk on the contract.

Tire and Wheel Protection:

1. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make for the duration of your policy, or the amount of mileage you can travel during your term.

2. Flat tire repair or full replacement when tire is un-repairable and/or the wheel is damaged so it is unable to seal with the tire.

3. Coverage includes the cost to repair or replace the tire and/or wheel, mounting, valve stems, balancing, taxes, and customary labor charges.

4. Tire and Wheel Protection is extended to the vehicle towing a trailer or the vehicle being towed by an RV when the damage occurs while the vehicle is attached to the covered RV/Trailer.

*Transfer Option: This tire & wheel guarantee can be transferred to a new owner.

$0 Deductible

6 years = $429
7 years = $449

2012 Georgetown XL - 378TS 60,000 miles
Life is a journey, not a destination !

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which company is that quote from?
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Originally Posted by ltypd View Post
which company is that quote from?

National Interstate
2012 Georgetown XL - 378TS 60,000 miles
Life is a journey, not a destination !

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Originally Posted by ltypd View Post
which company is that quote from?
I made a mistake on who gave me that extended warranty quote.
It was from this company
RV Extended Warranty Coverage, RV Warranty Specialists - Wholesale Warranties for RV Repair

2012 Georgetown XL - 378TS 60,000 miles
Life is a journey, not a destination !

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