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Everyone talks about not accepting shoddy workmanship. Well the only way this will be stopped is if EVERYONE STOPS buying whatever it is that's shoddy (RV's). Well that will never happen. About all we can do is a 1000% PDI, noting every, even minor defects no matter how small, and then telling the dealer he'll get payment once ALL defects are 100% corrected. This means we as buyers need to realize that once the PDI is over it might be up to 60 days or more before we can enjoy our RV. By doing this it puts the financial strain on the dealer being as he has a unit on site that's sold but no money for it till fixed. Too many people want to Sign-and-Drive the same day, like you can with a car and forget that the RV is a very detailed complicated item, not just a simple trl or MH.


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F and E Damp: what you bring on the way the cabinets are attached to the ceiling or somewhere else happened to myself also. My cabinets over the pull out were separating from the ceiling and also a few of my drawers were coming off at the floor bracket that hold the drawer assembly. The big problem with this is the way they are attaching the screws. The screws should be installed on an angle to make sure that they will not come apart because of the material they are screwed on. When you have only a small board of lauan and a block of styrofoam for sure that if the screws are installed straight up they will have a good chance they will separate if you put a bit heavy in the cabiners. And to rectify this issue it does not cost nothing except some thinking. I installed the screws on an angle and it cannot comes apart. For an exemple the board that was held on the floor for the drawer section had only one screw and the screw was installed strait with no angle. I reinstalled 2 screws on an angle and it fixed the problem forever. 2 of my drawers came loose at the floor because of this problem.

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Sorry bout your trip. The walk around PDI was pretty basic at my dealer. A retired older guy on his spare time from golf course (that's how he described it) does the walk around to stay busy. We found stickers (design) peeling off, Ac vent not blowing in kitchen, and all screws stripped in lever that holds open both doors. He's answer was "welcome to tt ownership you'll either fix it or live with it"
This was before 18 hrs later my door latch broke and had to take back to repair . They tried saying 4-5 days for new door assembly, I went off! Then they decided to take one from another coach and send me on my way . My sales guy has been amazing during this but their service dept is horrible
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My 5th wheel looked great during the walk around by the dealer, but after 17 months I am still finding more than minor problems. Wayne
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Learned the PDI lesson with the last coach, we thought. After this one, it will be different next time. The 20 things we had fixed, from running lights to the power steps didn't save us from our first trip being a nightmare.

While we have used this coach more in 7 months than we did our used Class C, there are some things that we didn't think would be bad at PDI or soon after.

Water filtration system, generator, hydraulic system failure, etc. Love our coach, but for this size of commitment we will probably opt for a Tiffin and a very reputable dealer next time. The extra money in brand + dealer price will be worth the piece of mind, but it will all start with a intense PDI, all day if needed.
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Originally Posted by bclemens
No one should accept shoddy construction as the "norm". But at the same time, yell at all those people that buy on price alone. Winnebago added more and more (better and better) stuff into their units until they didn't sell any more. Do a google search for a 2012 Winnie or Minnie Winnie. You won't find them. They got too expensive, customers stopped buying them and they stopped building those lines. So you can say you want better and better, but most people don't want to pay for it.

As a manufacturer it is always a fine line. You want to add better and better components, but you still need to make it affordable. Competition still drives costs down and it's easy to fall prey to cost cutting.

My division has sort of done the opposite. We sell to the largest rental firm in Canada. For the past 7 years, I attend their year end fleet meeting with service techs from all of their locations. We sit down for (2) days and track all the problems we had or didn't have. These units get used more in one season of rental than a normal person does in 5 years. We take suggestions, we find new suppliers we design new construction methods. Every year the changes we make to their rental fleet get changed on our retail units as well. The goal is always to make improvements in a value added way. Can we improve it, for the same cost? In most cases we can.

Sometimes we make a change to solve one problem and find out it creates another...but we never stop improving and we never take a day off from Quality control. At the end of the day these are still build by human hands and human hands are not perfect. We put systems and plans in place to catch 100% of all problems, but there is no guaranty that those systems get followed 100% of the time. Until these are built by robots (as if anyone would pay that price) they will still be imperfect.

I guess I get a bit irritated when I see a "Forest River" sucks, when Forest River is a company of 60+ divisions. That's like saying Berkshire Hathaway SUCKS because you had bad service at your local "Dairy Queen" (a division of Berkshire Hathaway in case you didn't know). Or Chevy SUCKS because you bought a Malibu that doesn't even have power seats.
Wow! I love my coach, but for $100k, I never thought I would here someone from the company explain something in that manner.

Don't do the rest of the divisions or your sub-contractors any favors by defending them.

You just stated that I should have spent more money if I wanted everything to work as advertised. I wasn't talking about a lack of heated floors or a veranda, nor was the person that started the string.

Most everyone here was talking about defects in fit, finish, or most importantly function.
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Sorry, I was reading (2) topics at once, similar subject. I don't think I ever said "if you want things to work, spend more" though. The other topic along the same lines someone was complaining about construction on a 7 year old unit. Why buy a wood framed travel trailer when what you wanted was an aluminum framed motorhome, and then complain about how crappy the construction was? Then they lumped every Forest River division in based on that one 7 year old used unit.
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Sorry to hear about you misfortune and glad our experience with FR has been 180 degrees away from your problems. Our unit was properly prepped, checked and double checked by our dealer. We have been in the rig for 8 months now and have had one issue of one loose nut on a slide ram (which I fixed myself) otherwise we have been thrilled. Our last rig (factory ordered to spec) had a host of problems back through the selling dealer, about what your experiencing, it was not a FR product. After getting it fixed, mostly by myself as the dealer was useless, it was a great unit for 4 years and many miles of full timing.

I am in agreement with what was said that the selling dealer "should" have caught these issues prior to your walk through on PDI, but can't help but hold FR at fault for letting the rig out the door like that.

Once youíre past these trials I sincerely hope you have a great unit and good future experiences.
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Thinking of getting my TT in Indiana, about 11 months instead of where i live because of poor dealers, hope i don"t have these problems, Forest River will see the light one day.
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What dealer was that?

Jim F, may I ask what dealer that was that got it right in terms of check out?

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