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Re: RV Direct

I checked with RV direct for price quote on Georgetown since it was so highly recommended by everyone. From what I read, they have the best price quote, or at least one of the best.

However, my experience with them was very bad. I don't know if anyone had similar experience.

I asked for a price quote on Georgetown VE, and Thor Windsport. I had both of them very loaded, and the price quote was in the mid to high $60K. They did give me a good quote on these two models.

The third model I checked was a Georgetown model, loaded with full body paint. The quote was more than $90K.

I asked the person who responded to my quote D* why there is such a big discount difference between the two models. Their advertisement was 20-40% off MSRP, and the price quote for VE was about 35% off, and the price for regular Georgetown was 20% off. I asked D* since both models are from the same manufacturer, is it possible for her to give me a better price quote on the regular Georgetown.

The answer was NO. That is the best price she can give and their company has no room for negotiation. She told to just remove the full body paint option for a better price.

She must be kidding. I had seen RV direct giving out much better quote than this. I didn't even bother to ask her again.

Then, I asked around at other dealerships...and even my local dealer beated D*'s quote. The WORST quote I've got is at least in the higher $80's with room for negotiation.

Now, I am not complaining because RV direct wants to make money. I want the dealers to make money so they can stay in business.

What I don't understand is why D* is willing to give much more discount on the value priced models(where they have less margin), and less discount on the higher end models(where they have much more margin.)

I felt D* is trying to push me into making a decision to get more value priced models, or higher end models without full body paint. It is almost as though D* wanted me to buy Georgetown VE because she believed that I should only get a VALUE priced model.

I like Georgetown VE, and I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a VALUE priced model. It's great if someone likes it, but we wanted to get a bigger model that fits our need, and I don't like someone pushing me into getting a "Value priced" model because they think you should get it.

Has anyone has similar experience like this? All the price quotes are on special orders, so she really shouldn't have a preference at selling either. If there's a preference, it should be on whichever model they can earn more, and not whether it's a higher priced or more value priced...

I love RVs, but I just don't like the way many dealership works. They give you price quote judging from your appearance, or the way you talk. I had one dealer who said their quote was in the $90's, and told me, "are you asking for $80's, or do you want me to do $70's?" I can't imagine being the customer who bought at $90K's because I didn't ask and meet someone who buys at $70K's.

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So what is your point? Buy from whomever gives you the best price for the model with options you want. If that is local so much the better.
Ps welcome to the forum

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Actually, I just had a very bad experience with RVdirect's affliated dealership(not their internet department, but their actual dealership). I came to the forum searching for negative feedback and saw your post.

My experience was probably much worse than yours. When I called RVdirect last week asking for a quote on Gerogetown model, they told me they cannot give me any quote unless I have already shopped around and obtain quotes from other dealers.

I called a few dealers and asked for quotes. Most dealers would not give an exact quote unless I would purchase immediately, but they did give me a price range.

I called back today and told him the quotes that I've received(74000-85000). He told me his quote is $100,000+. I told him that the price was too high. He was literally screaming off the other end of the phone when I told him it's easy to buy one on in the $80s-$90s.

His words were," how can you compare my motorhome with that of ebay's?" I don't understand why not. The ones on ebay are brand new and are listed by Forest River dealers.

He was just screaming and saying that you will buy from me because I am offering the best quote.


That means they just steal customers from the other dealerships and give you any price according to the price quote of another dealership. THAT IS HOW THEY DO THEIR BUSINESS. Since I didn't give him an exact price quote but only a price range, he will only give me $100,000+ price.

Forget about their 20%-40% off. It just doesn't work that way. I don't like to get a best quote from another dealer only to find another dealer to beat it. I feel that if I get a good quote from a dealer, and I am satisfied, I don't want to go to another dealer to beat it by $85. Sometimes, to get a best quote that means spending a lot of time with a customer, and it is just not fair to have RV direct steal customer that way.

One thing to note was he kept telling me to take off the full body paint too. Maybe this company just doesn't like to sell motorhomes with full body paint.
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Meowy - The type of behavior you described is disturbing regrdless if its RVD or a local dealer. Did you ask to speak with his manager? I'm curious because this is not the typical behavior (e.g., screaming) described by other customers. I would also be curious to hear if the manager would be unwilling to quote you immediately rather than making you shop around first. Sounds strange.
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Gee whiz.......this all sounds astounding. My new Georgie was purchased with respect and diligence. I got a great deal and we parted friends forever. It was a great experiance.
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Hi! Thanks for everyone's response!

I did call back to ask for the manager. I feel I was so mistreated. The salesperson shouted before I hang up the phone ,"You didn't do your homework. You should go shopping around for quotes. You have to come back to me. Go get the quote! Go get the quote! You have to do your shopping."

I couldn't stop his shouting, so I just told him I won't do business with him and got off the phone.

When I called back to speak to the manager, the manager said he was with the salesperson when he spoke to me, and he didn't find anything wrong with the salesperson's attitude.

I told him about how he makes me to shop for quotes, and I think it is very atypical to ask people to shop for quotes and not give any quote prior to that. The manager told me,

"you find that strange because you don't live here. We have rules and laws here that we must follow."

The manager was calm at his response and didn't scream at me, but his response didn't make sense at all to me.

The manager asked me if I was upset because I didn't get a good price. He said for Georgetown, a full color paint must be a $100,000+ price. He kept emphasizing full color paint option.

I told him, "No, that is not why I am upset. I don't need to buy from you, and we don't need to have a business deal. It doesn't bother me if your price quote is higher than what I want to pay. I can just buy from a person whose price quote I find reasonable and happy to work with. I don't need to call every dealer in order to find the best possible quote, but I will just settle when I find a quote that I am happy with. I don't get upset by anyone's quote. If that's the best quote you are willing to give, then the choice is mine to accept or not. There's no reason to be upset because the quote doesn't match what I am willing to spend. What I cannot accept is the sales attitude of screaming and shouting."

The manager went on saying that they have really good price of 40% off MSRP, but that is on models that are half a million. For a Georgetown rig the best price is definitely in the $100,000s. It's not possible to find a 40% off MSRP at this price range. I am puzzled. By what dolphin1349 posted, RV direct gave around 35% off for Georgetown VE which are priced at a lower price point than Georgetown.

I explained to the manager all that I requested was a quote, if you can't even give me a quote, just let me know.

The story goes on and on. In short, the manager approves of the salesperson's behavior. He tells me it's standard practice to have customers to ask for specific quotes before contacting them. The only reason I don't know this is because I don't live there(dealership?).

What I don't understand is if each dealership needs the other dealership's price quote before they are allowed to quote, how can a customer ever receive any quote? Who's going to be the first one to quote? He said it's against rules to give quotes first without having any quotes.

Furthermore, what puzzles me the most is the only quote that he can give me is it will be more than $100,000. If you shop enough and do your work, then we will match the price. The salesperson said, "You just haven't shopped enough. You should call everyone."

I am not their marketing agent, and I am not responsible for checking other dealerships quote for them. If they say their best quote is definitely over $100,000, and can't match the oral quotes I got from other dealerships, then how is it possible for them to match anyone else's quote by asking for more quotes?

The dealership knows that this is our first motorcoach purchase. Am I being punished because I am a newbie to motorcoach? Are first time purchaser charged a higher price and forced to do marketing research jobs before they can even obtain a price quote? I feel like they want me to be their "Price Spy" of other dealerships when they told me that I haven't called enough dealership. I had already given them some price quotes from other dealerships that were lower than their $100,000+

This is just not a dealership that I will ever do business with. Maybe others have had much better luck, but this is just a horrible experience for me. I just can't trust a dealership who treats me this way from the very beginning when the purchase isn't even paid yet.

In short, I have never been so mistreated as a customer in my life or even heard of anyone being so mistreated as a customer. The practice of needing a price quote from another dealership just sounds really wrong to me. A customer is paying based on the best market research he or she does for them??? And why would anyone go back to them after finding a great quote just so they would offer a $85 off and poor sales attitude.
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Meowy, I think how you were treated is ridiculous for a company that's selling a product that's not a necessity. In this economy you'd think they would be doing everything possible to help out any potential customer. That being said, not sure of your location but you may want to start looking for RV Shows near you for pricing. I just went to the RV Show in Timonium MD and the Georgetown 378 that was $116,000 at the last show is now $104,995 but a 2011 instead of a 2010. It has full body paint. Have you looked at Plenty of RVs to price shop. Even Ebay-Motors has RVs. There may just be something that jumps out at you. Personally if it was me I'd call the little jerk back at RVDirect and give him a couple quotes of my own or someone elses and waste his time just when he thinks he's got a sale. I'd tell him I changed my mind!

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We received a good price quote from RVDirect, then I saked if they would install a Dish on it and install the vent covers for me (Disabled). They said they would get back to me..................never did. I called back, they said they're not sure because they were internet sales. They took my name and number again. I did tell them who I spoke too and ask to talk to them again, they werent in. I also told them they had my number etc.-- Well the botom line is..I never received an answer. Called RVWholesalers, Nice quote, installed everything we asked for suggested a few,with no pressure by the way!----Didnt go with RVdirect even though they were 30miles from my home. Saved alot of money still driving to Ohio to RVW to pick up our unit. I have heard of bad experiences at both dealerships, but alot more from RVDirect. I do know the dealership here in Buffalo(RVDirect) has had alot of complaints from the service dept. after the sale. My experience anyway !! Just go with the lowest price...if they treat you bad...there loss, not yours !!
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I just happen to be one that has to sell my 2007 georgetown SE 325
I've lowered the price to 69900 and not a nibble. it only has 7000 miles and has just about every option.It still smells new.I so dont understand dealers attitude when the market is the way it is.So Really look around you are sure to find what you are looking for in your price range.
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Used RVdirect as a tool to negotiate. Got a quote from RVD with everything we wanted and carried it to our local dealer. He matched RVD on the price of the base model and cleaned RVdirect's clock on prices for all the options we wanted. Example: dealer wanted almost $2000 less for the full paint. I bought local!

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