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Originally Posted by bclemens View Post
I'm not sure we're using the same supplier that we were using 4 years ago. I think we had this issue before which is why we switched.

That and there was a high pitch hum that only dogs and myself could hear. (not sure what that says).
Both the original and the replacement alarms are Safe-T-Alert brand. The original one in our 2011 Sunseeker was stamped August 19, 2010. The RV was delivered September, 2010. I replaced the original one in October, 2012, with one that was date stamped a few months earlier.
If you know of a more reliable one please post it and I will buy that brand.
I would really like to get this false alarm problem resolved.

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I have the same Safe-T-Alert brand CO/Propane combo alarm on our 18' Micro Lite and ours goes off randomly as well. When we opened up the camper to get it ready for Memorial day weekend it went off and was blinking a pattern that did not match anything in the users guide. I am looking for a good replacement and I would be happy to send the old unit in as well.

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I had an appointment with a dealer to have our detecter replaced under warranty when one of the house batteries blow up. Forest River replaced both batteries and I have not had a false alarm since. The also checked the converter and it was not over charging and they decided it was a defective battery.
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Is there an easy way to test the alarm for actual CO or Propane? Also, if I have the propane tank knob turned off at the tank, can it still leak? What items produce the CO if the engine is not running?
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Glad I found this link. Just had mine replaced yesterday. Tech says 3 year old unit on 2013 model Lexington. Will hold old unit for return to supplier.
Again THANK YOU BClemens!!!!!
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Originally Posted by RVFamily5 View Post
Is there an easy way to test the alarm for actual CO or Propane? Also, if I have the propane tank knob turned off at the tank, can it still leak? What items produce the CO if the engine is not running?
1. Yes, there is an easy way test the CO/LP detector. Light a hand-held LP lighter and it will give off some unknown amount of CO. (Most of the combustion products are water and CO2.) Blow out the flame while holding the lighter's gas valve open and it will give off propane. However, this only tells you that the alarm works, probably at very high concentrations. It does NOT tell you that the alarm will work at lower concentrations that may be dangerous. You must have calibrated gases with the correct concentrations to do a real test of the alarm. (PS - I just noticed on my old LP/CO alarm a statement to not use a lighter to test. This may be because the test could wrongly tell you the alarm is good, as I said above.)

2. If you turn off LP at the tank there is still propane in the lines that could leak. You could run a burner on the stove with the tank valve off and burn out most of what's in the lines. It is certainly possible that the tank valve could leak but I don't know the likelihood.

3. The furnace, stovetop and oven produce some CO. The furnace should be vented outside, but it's possible that the heat exchanger could leak, or the exhaust flue could be defective. The refrigerator and water heater also produce CO when running on LP but their burners are walled off from the living space and should be vented outside. A generator produces CO and it could infiltrate your living space. The exhaust from a neighbor's generator or furnace could be drifting into your living space.
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bclemens, it's been a month and nothing more from this thread and what to do with my defective unit. My wife and I have had our last camping trip ruined by this G-- D--- unit going off in the middle of the night. Funny, it goes off when someone is sleeping in the bunk which is a few feet away from it. At any rate it is in my hand and I am either going to throw it away and do without, or send it to someone to replace.
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We had a problem with our combined co/propane detector going off. Replacing the detector solved the problem. If yours continues to go off after replacing it with a new one, then there could be a real problem.
Low voltage could be checked with a voltmeter. Also, does your panel show the batteries are discharged? If 2 or more of the four battery lights on the panel come on it's not likely a low voltage situation.
Blowing a fan on the detector is probably as bad and disconnecting it. This would prevent the detector from sensing a real problem.
I think these detectors, which DO malfunction in many cases, are horribly designed. In a paranoia to prevent lawsuits, they sound continuously when the sensor is activated and would drain the coach batteries in time. They are so loud that the dead would be reawakened after just a few seconds. If one went off when the occupants were away, just what would others do - break into a locked rv to attempt to determine if there was an occupant.
Anyone experiencing these malfunctions is tempted to turn the damn thing off by removing the fuse, which of course defeats the purpose.
They should be designed to sound for only a minute - more than enough time to awaken sleeping occupants.
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After a total restless night in our minilite with the safety alert brand alarm going off i started searching for answers to this problem as well. Im a firefighter an have to deal with gas leaks quit often. Some detectors are more sensitive than others. Some are faulty straight out of the box but most will do what they are design to do. Without getting deep into chemicals and gases there is allot that can trigger the sensor. Lysol triggered ours yesteday after wife sprayed some in camper and last night at 4am it decided to keep us awake. Alarming every 3 min green solid light and red flashing. It reads fault so Im unsure at this point.. Sometimes a sensor can be fouled by being exposed to way to high level of a detectable gas. Breathing into our gas monitor at work can foul the sensor and ours isn't cheap to replace. Every 3 months we calibrate our gas monitors at work. We show it what perfect air is and also hook a small bottle of mixed gases to show it what levels to trigger alarms. LP gas has ethyl mercaptan added to the gas to give a rotten egg smell so it can be detected with your nose. LP is odorless, tasteless and heavier than air and will sink to the lowest places such as your floor or outside would be drainage ditches, culverts, ect. Also humans are not triggered to awake from a smell just by sounds. Either way its deadly and nobody should remove them if LP is being used. However I will get to the bottom of our faulty alarm and will try my best to post back. I plan on getting home and hoping it will alarm again when I'm on shift so I can respond to my own gas leak and use our monitor to see what levels it is detecting and what gases. I feel everyone's pain with faulty alarms at 4am
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Great to have you pursue the problem. I look forward to your findings.

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