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Love My Sunseeker
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Sunseeker: Pluses and Minuses of different models

what have you liked and disliked about different Sunseekers?

My first Sunseeker was a 2860, which I got after having owned a (Ssshhhhh don't tell Forest River) 24 foot very basic Fleetwood Jamboree.

What I liked was having two TV's, one in front, and ONE IN THE BEDROOM, OH MY! I liked the floor plan of the front section. The bathroom was in the center, but it was split: Toilet on one side of the hallway in a separate room, shower on the other side of the hallway. What I didn't like was the GIANT STEP UP into the shower. Ok, I'm short. To me, it was a GIANT STEP! This was in 2006. I also had the arctic pac, and started doing more winter camping when I got that.

The 2860 is set up for a couple the way the bedroom closets and shelves are arranged. There is room for kids as they could sleep in the dinette or the overhead bunk or the couch.

Then, I traded the 2860 for a 3120. Why? Well, it became a Bill Engval joke: "Didja get a new RV?" "Nope, I traded the analog TV for a digital TV, the RV came with it, here's your sign." That was actually the catalyst. Now, why did I take a 3120 as opposed to another 2860? Well, the 3120, to me, is set up for a single person the way the bedroom is arranged. I loved the "hallway," it put a little class in it. Plus, my cat loved to peek through the "long oval hallway windows." And, it had a HUGE bathroom. Ok, huge by RV standards..... I could stand up, put my arms out, and turn around and dance! Also, the 3120 had more storage than the 2860. Ok, I'm a solo, so why did I need the storage? Well, I started camp hosting when I had this RV, and started using the RV for long periods of time. During the time I owned this RV, I was in the RV more than I was home.

The thing I didn't like about the 3120 is that the oven was not vented to the outside. The oven was against an interior wall. Made it even more important to open a vent or window when you cooked. I also had a convection oven in that model. Decided I didn't like the convection, even though it meant I had more storage as opposed to having a separate microwave.

Although this model has a HUGE bathroom with a nice big shower (includes a seat to sit on, which was handy when I broke my foot while on a trip!) I found I missed the bathtub. The shower was about 4 inches deep, so I started putting a rubber sink drain cover on the shower floor just to get some semblance of a bathtub.

A year ago, I traded the 3120 for a 3170 because I got tired of using my computer on the dining room table. I got the computer desk option. LOVE IT! But, I have a smaller bathroom. BUT, I get a bathtub/shower combo, even though I have to sit with my knees to my chest in the bathtub. I love the bathtub. Can't stretch out, but it will do! Plus, I have EVEN MORE storage, I have so much storage I have empty drawers!

Can't think of anything I don't like about the 3170, except I do miss the classy hallways of the 3120.

And, for the first time, I got a DECENT mattress in the 3170! Previous RV's, to include the Fleetwood Jamboree, had HORRIBLE mattresses.

JJ only, my cat went to Rainbow Bridge July 2015

I love my Sunseeker, when I'm on a trip I don't wanna go home!!!"

Total days camping each year: AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
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Only have had one. It's a '13 3100. Which, I understand, is going the way of the dinosaur. Here's the pros and cons of that layout (not features which would be a whole separate list) that I can think of right now.


Only 1 slide so a little lighter so a little more CCC for a nearly 32 footer.

Massive outside storage trunk at the back. Actually put 4 bikes in it once.

Couch is longer than on some of the units (3120 as an example) so a little better for a kid to sleep on.

Old fashioned dinette table. Not the u shape. Seems like our table is bigger. Also seems easier to slide in and out. Trade off is a smaller sleeping space.

Love being able to fully open the bathroom door and seal off the bedroom / bathroom area for showering / changing.


Not a big fan of the vanity above the toilet. I make a point to rush back there when we stop before the kids get back there. Close the toilet lid. Open the vanity. Ensure nothing is going to fall in. Don't ask (my daughter) why I do this. Kind of reminds me of European Vacation. "Would you like that in the can?" "No..."

As a downside to the large exterior storage mentioned above, I don't like how it intrudes on the bed space - especially when trying to make the bed.

Like the barrel chair. But need to get another bunk ladder bracket. I want to move the bunk ladder more toward the driver. Right now, it's more toward the passenger which essentially renders the chair useless. I get why the brackets are where they are - so you can use the ladder while the slide is in. But I want access to the chair when the ladder is in place and the slide is out.

All previous rigs below are sold - waiting until the kids graduate to the buy the next one!
'13 Forest River Sunseeker 3100 Class C
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We have a 2011 3010ds and the floor plan is pretty awesome for us. The things that would make it better would be a better sofa. I am actually thinking about replacing this one because it is so uncomfortable. I may opt for theater type recliner. The table is too high. We could cut the legs to make them shorter but that involves buying a saw and measuring etc. I hate the lights because they are too bright so I have a lamp that we use. Overall it works very well for the two of us and we really like it. We had a hard time deciding between models and I am glad we picked this one.
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We have the 3050S..Love the single long slide..Lot's of room for us.
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No great insight here. We have a 3170DS and LOVE the two slides....I love the rear storage compartment and now that we have the AV system working as designed...we love the TV set-up and switch box.

The double sink is a bonus
fold down counter extender really helps
the couch in the living room and the couch as the lower bunk are great
Love the sky light in the bathroom....One that opened right up would even be better (but subject to leaks today.
Storage space is almost more than you need

Cons (all minor "nice to haves" not "need to haves"

I know this is difficult to design but a more solid door between the bunks and the living area would accomodate evenings when the adults stay up a little later. The folding screen helps with light but not noise.

I would like either a second 12V outlet or a 110 outlet behind the bedroom TV. That way I could easily add a Blueray player to the bedroom for bedtime movie nights.

six more inches on either side of the bed would help with moving around

As you can see the cons are REALLY minor items
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Awesome thread. Helpful to know the (pros) so we make sure we keep them and the (cons) so we know what to work on. We do make a concerted effort to give each floor plan something unique as DXSMac noted. When we originally designed the 3050 it had a tub too and everyone complained. It's a two person unit....the step up was too high with the tub, so we have since gone back to a shower. We still have the tub in the 3170 for I'm glad that worked out for you.

paulmlac: The 3100 will stick around for a while. 2900, 3120 are going...but we've decided to keep the 3100. for now any way.
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We're thrilled in our first camper ever (besides the tent), a 2860. Currently drooling over the 3100.
--2009 Sunseeker 2860DS (Class C)
- one Hotwife, and two boys under 2(with one on the way!)
2013 - 53 days
2012 - 26 days

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We have a 2013 2860, Like the out side kitchen and the extra refrigerator , with out it we would have a over filled one on the inside, and yes I do use the outside grill and cook out quite often. Also have had movie nights with the out side T V.
Miss the storage space in the bedroom that the outside kitchen takes up but as we travel as a couple the over head bed make a great closet and or storage space.
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We love our 3170DS

Family of 5 here. Wife, me & our 3 little kids. My oldest son (7) sleeps in the bed above the cab. Our 5 year old and our youngest (3) sleeps on the bunk beds in the hallway. We have replaced our master bedroom mattress with a memory foam setup (AWESOME)

WE LOVE everything. All the tv's, the finish, everything. Only cons we have are the small water heater so showers or oh so short.
Christopher Brock
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Originally Posted by Chrisbrock View Post
we have are the small water heater so showers or oh so short.
Do you have the electric heat option on your water heater? If so it helps the recovery time of the heater if you turn it on along with the propane burner. Another tip is to switch your shower head to the Oxygenics type. It uses less water but the spray is stronger than the simple shower head that comes standard. This won't help with baths but it does help hot water go further with succession showers.


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