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Originally Posted by MovinSue View Post
SabreSam; I get that. It is not right to characterize everyone with the poor performance of a single person nor is it right to "beat up" on reps who try to help but for whatever reason comes up short in the customer's eyes. I have privately messaged bclemens as he said he would whack my Factory Rep upside the head. There is no need to personalize issues--if a rep is not competent, it will eventually be revealed to management and/or the customer can always escalate the matter. I am glad that you have not been so burned as to not want to help anyone anymore. The damage to the company name, however, cannot be quantified.


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Would it not be better for Forest River & the customer if factory reps were contacted thru an official FR contact? As I posted before very little contact info for the customer. The FR website doesn't even have a "contact" button. When I did contact a rep @ HQ it was a Flagstaff rep, not a Rockwood. I really can't see the need for the different reps when aren't Flagstaff & Rockwood models identical other than graphics?

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Part of the issue is the dealer. If you have a problem with your Ford Truck, you don't call call the dealer. We depend on our dealers for a support system, but I do understand that is not always sufficient. There are not contact names on the website, because we'd like you to contact your local dealer first, who is in a better position for immediate help.

Some of the sales reps and possibly the warranty reps monitor these sites as a courtesy. Myself, I just like to help when you hit a dead end. I learn a lot in doing so.

As an example, I have a dealer that I have never had a single email/text/call from any of their retail customers. The dealership does a phenomenal job of taking care of their own customers and that is how the system is supposed to work. We have limited retail support, our support system is set up for the dealer.
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Yes, the dealer network SHOULD be where we go, but as you have already realized, the dealer's do not have the mentality, that they should be taking care of the owner's. They come up with a ton of excuses not to look after customer's who do not buy from them, and FR, unfortunately supports this approach. The end result is, we need support and as the dealer after dealer fails us, we turn to FR.

I am NOT badmouthing FR or dealers or their approach to customer service. I am just stating what I see as a customer.

Maybe, just maybe, FR might look at the whole RV industry (as they are all doing this) and say, ok, we WILL differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry and set an example of how things should be, and make it possible for us to take our RV's to any authorized FR dealer who sells the same brand, and expect it to get fixed without arguing about how FR only pays a fraction of thew time to fix something and since we did not buy it from them they now can;t look after it etc ?

You guys would be leaps and bounds ahead of competition if your dealer network would welcome any brand for repairs also sold by them regardless of where it has been purchased from ! We all know that FR takes care of their customers, I have been proven that twice at the factory ! I know that is what you guys want too. Why not incorporate your dealers into the same philisophy ? If they do not want to do it, they are probably lousy dealers anyways and you should probably not deal with them ....

Please read this in the positive tone I am writing it ... I am not bashing any dealers or FR ... just an idea that maybe can put FR ahead of everyone else when it comes to service ..... And then maybe we will not "need" factory/warranty representatives in the forums .....
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One other issue is the location of dealers. If I have a problem with my GMC dealer (which I do NOT), there is a Chevy or GMC dealer within 30 minutes in any direction I care to drive.

Not so for RV dealerships. If I have a problem with my local dealer's service department (which I do); I am kinda screwed. That means I need to suddenly have to become an "expert" at RV repair just in self defense. Parts are a real problem and the Internet becomes your friend. Finding a service station that does PA trailer inspections is also problematic.

Flagstaff specific parts mean calls to the factory or to dealers 50 to 100 miles away. This is not a problem for me as I would travel a thousand miles; than give another dollar to my local dealer .

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I would love to see some way to contact the manufacturer directly. To give suggestions and address some issues. One beef that I have over the service policy.

What if/when you move? When you are on the road? Automobile dealers don't care where I bought my vehicle from. It never even comes up. RV Dealers seem to either remember you or ask you quite frequently where you bought it from or if you bought it from them. I'm not going to tow my trailer hundreds of miles or more back to the dealer I bought it from for service. I shouldn't have to. What if I can't tow it back? A continual reoccurring problem that I see and hear about is that most dealers will either give priority to those who bought from them first..understandable and a bit more tolerable...but still feel it should be on a first come first served basis or by appointment. Or you didn't buy from us, so no we won't help you. The problem here is that this practice seems to be supported by the manufacturers. There also seems to be a lack of knowledge maybe due to inadequate training or educational materials. Are RV repair techs required to be certified like many of the automobile mechanics are? If not, maybe they should be? Do the manufactures provide sufficient enough and easily accessible repair manuals, assistance and parts?

I'll get off my soap box now...
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Goomph, herk & scor1pion make valid points.

Yes, take my RV back to the dealer. They don't even have a shop building to work in during inclement weather.

Here's a bit of info from page 7-2 of the Owner's Manual of a 2006 Pontiac Montana:

STEP ONE: Discuss your concern with a member of dealer management. Normally concerns can be quickly resolved at that level. If the matter has already been reviewed with the sales, service or parts manager, contact the owner of the dealership or the general manager.

STEP TWO: If after contacting a membership management, it appears your concern cannot be resolved by the dealership without further help, contact the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-800-XXX-XXXX. In Canada, contact GM of Canada Customer Communication Centre in Oshawa by calling 1-800-XXX-XXXX (English) or 1-800-XXX-XXXX (French). We encourage you to call the toll-free number in order to give your inquiry attention.

STEP THREE: ...However, if you continue to remain unsatisfied after following the procedure outlined in Steps One and Two, you should contact the BBB Auto Line Program to enforce any additional rights you may have. Canadian owners refer to your Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet for information on the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan.

Similiar steps (including phone numbers) are included in the Owner's Manual for my 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. I would think I could find the same in the manual for my 1986 Monte Carlo SS.

W/o any direct contact w/ the manufacturer, people get the opinion that the "factory" is hiding.
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Is there a Georgetown Rep. around?
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I want to weigh in too. I would not take anything to my dealer unless it was a real emergency. Not going into details but, like Lou, I would not want the dealer service department (a separate entity but connected to the dealer) to have access to my vehicle. Also, I moved 200 miles from my dealer, so the dealer is not accessible even if I wanted service. There is a service dealer 15 minutes from my home. The obvious dilemma is that these products are made for travelling and, that is when problems will most likely be identified and need to be diagnosed. We cannot expect dealers in Florida to mind-meld with a distressed motorhome owner in Montana and blindly guess what the problem is! I need warranty service in Montana! In my experience, I found that many dealers in the Western US would not work on motorhomes, even though they were FR dealers! One dealer that was referred to me by FR Denied that he was a dealer! All dealer service departments that I have dealt with in Florida--11 years and 5 rigs--have been one frustrating fiasco after another. I don't believe dealers really care about aftermarket service; they grudgingly give you an appointment 2 months away and then make you wait 2 days after you arrive. They let their "technicians" loose on your vehicle, many of whom are just out of 10 week technician school and were flipping burgers 3 month ago. Gosh, I could go on but I will just give a "second" what Goomph is saying. Unfortunately, the retail customer can't make any difference with the pocketbook, since all the manufacturers are doing business the same way---so it is up to the manufacturer to pull away from the pack.

I would spend more money on an RV from a manufacturer with a reliable, open-access and technically proficient dealer service network.
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I guess I've been fortunate.My dealer"Great Outdoors RV" in Evans,Colorado has been top notch and the two times I have contacted factory for problem's dealer doesn't handle I have had the factory reps go above and beyond each time.

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