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With my old two Vehicle, I had measured from the top of the RV a/c to the ground. Which was 12'4" . Now that I have a new tow truck, I need to hook up and re-measure the height from the top of A/C to the ground.

I made a sticker for the dashboard that read 12'8" to be on the safe side.

My old tow was F-150 and my new is a F-250 2 wheel drive. I will do that this weekend for prep for the trip to Kissimmee, FL>

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I use SmartTruckRoute,com app on my Nexus 7 tablet. Pay $99/ 3yr subscription (tablet/smartphone needs GPS capability) It allows you to enter your height, length and width dimensions and weight then takes them into account in determining roads. I know of a low underpass railroad bridge here in Orlando. So I chose a location north and south and had it determine the route, in each case it provided a route that did not go under the bridge. Even chose two locations on each side of the bridge and chose shortest route and it sent me on a longer route around the bridge. Only problem is that the app needs a data service to determine the route. Also the Nexus 7 battery doesn't recharge as fast as the unit sucks power, so you need to keep it charging all the time, and turn off the app when you don't really need it. Put 6000+ miles and had no issues with low overpasses or weight limitations.

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Bridges are just one keep an eye out for.

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Before we bought this motorhome we had a SOB fifth wheel and diesel 4x4 F250. We were heading out in a cross country trip when my hubby suffered a heart attack. The EMT's stabilized him and transported him to the nearest hospital. I was left with a truck I had driven twice attached to a trailer I had never towed. I pulled out to follow the ambulance and went through the covered ambulance entrance. Never even considered the height factor. We fit but I shudder often wondering by how much. Everything turned out well but not because of my care and attention lol

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Originally Posted by Ford Idaho View Post
Bridges are just one keep an eye out for.

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I was hoping someone would post this!!
SEARCH is your friend!
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In response to Rbertalotto's video, I had a friend who had an interesting experience. In the posted video here, all the trucks lost. My friend had a different experience and so did the overpass/bridge.
Some years ago, my friend (who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons), was trying to sneak into a Bohemia log yard in Cottage Grove, OR. It was near 4:00AM (0400) and he was both grossly overweight and well over height. The scales closed at midnight and so he had waited in the woods, asleep before venturing out.
There was one slightly lower overpass on I-5 just north of Cottage Grove and my friend was heading south at a high rate of speed. He had over 118,000 on his truck (weighted later) and he hit the overpass at about 80 MPH.
The collision planed about an 8 inch slab off the top log, broke all the wrappers on the logs and left a fair amount of concrete debris on the road. My friend, being somewhat conscientious, stopped and cleared away all the debris on the road way. Then, he stealthy slunk into the log yard and hid in the back until the loader arrived for work when he quickly unloaded and headed home. He had to pass under the overpass on the way home and was surprised to see that the entire overpass had been shifted about 4 feet to the south. He said it was as if God put his all powerful hand on the overpass and just pushed it exactly sideways nearly 4 feet.
There was a big investigation but no one ever found out who had done it. My friend, who was young at the time and just getting started with his own truck hauling logs, learned a serious lesson. Never did that again, anyway.
However, he did have one other interesting experience in some 55 plus years of log trucking. He was hauling on Route F, or OR 126 from Florence, OR to Springfield's Weyerhauser mill. There is a tunnel on Route F. My friend was legally, but heavily, loaded and was headed up hill through the tunnel. The tunnel curves a bit so that it is impossible to see all the way through from either end. As he got about to the middle of the tunnel, he met one half of a manufactured home -- all 12 feet wide of it. The tunnel is narrow and there was no room to spare -- or let both pass without colliding. My friend said his Western Star tractor cab hit the front half manufactured house and there was debris scattered for over 2 miles out the other side of the tunnel.
You might ask where was the flagger vehicle. It is a good question but in those days, there was no legal requirement for a flag vehicle on Oregon secondary roads. My friend went immediately to the next State Police station and reported the accident. They already knew but were glad to hear his side of the story.
In any event, as a result of that incident, the Oregon law was changed to require a flag vehicle on all Oregon secondary roads, just like on the federal highways.
The manufactured home was so totally destroyed that my friend decided he was never going to own one of them. He compared it to when a Chinese hand grenade had landed in a box of K-rations in Korea.
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Originally Posted by 5er_tom View Post
Low bridges are not an issue on highways and Interstates. We have a 13' 8" high fiver. Only once in traveling the country have we had an issue. In the TX panhandle there was a well marked 13' bridge. We stopped about 1/4 mile short and watched. Noticed 18 wheelers heading straight towards it. If they can, I can I thought. Turns out just short of the bridge was a road that went around the bridge. I just followed the big guys.
Most low clearances are well marked well in advance.
Be careful in Canada as they mark their clearances in meters, not feet, and I do not understand the metric system.

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If your 13-8 your to high , legal height is only 13-6 in the us anything over 13-6 you need permits
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Originally Posted by bareftn View Post
If your 13-8 your to high , legal height is only 13-6 in the us anything over 13-6 you need permits
Nope. Max height in US is 14'. Bridge standards are at least 14'6". Anything under 14'6" has other marking requirements. DOT guys usually start writing over-height tickets at 14'6". Have to get permits for anything over 14'
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Originally Posted by rmoore0852 View Post
Nope. Max height in US is 14'. Bridge standards are at least 14'6". Anything under 14'6" has other marking requirements. DOT guys usually start writing over-height tickets at 14'6". Have to get permits for anything over 14'
It varys by state on height. And in some states like Missouri it varys by the kind of road, some are 14' and others are 13.5'
Here in Oklahoma, legal is 13.5', texas is 14' and so on. Most are 13.5 feet but 14' is a close second with Nebraska and Colorado being the only ones i saw that were 14.5'.

(And in NC where 5ertom is from, bareftn was right, his states legal height is 13.5')
(Doubt rvs get checked though unless one hits something)
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13.6 is still high for a 5er. Have you raised the 5er for your truck or what. I have had 3 5er's and never had one over 12.8 and these are big 5er's the smallest was a 40 foot toy hauler.

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