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Anyone actually had to use their extended warranty? And if so...

Did that company actually pay? We are having a slide issue with our 2017 2401W. We were able to get it home, but our local dealer told us that we will have to pay up front for repairs and then we will have to deal with our extended warranty company because they have found it's too much trouble to get paid by these outfits IF that is true (not just a few forms, but tough getting paid) then I guess I can see their point.

We called our extended warranty company "Portfolio Protection" and told them that our local dealer wants us to pay them and then we can collect from Portfolio - we asked if this was common and they said "fairly common". My wife asked what kind of time frame we'd be looking at for reimbursement and they told her they don't give a timeline....

She said "well, typically is it within 30 days, 45 days?" The gal said "we don't give a timeline on payment. My wife then asked if the dealer submitted the paperwork they were supposed to (work order info/total $$ amount) could we be waiting like "TWO YEARS?" and the gal again said "we don't give any timelines.

I get that they don't want to lock themselves into a payment time frame in case there is a paperwork snag on the service dealers end, but...

SO, my questions are: A) has anyone used Portfolio Protection extended warranty, B) if so, are you satisfied, C) has anyone else had to pay the dealer and then collected reimbursement from your extended warranty company (any extended warranty company) and do you feel that worked out smoothly, even though coming up with out of pocket money is a pain?


2017 MBS 2401W
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I've always looked upon these third party warranty companies as scams and I've known quite a few people who have been take by them. Yours may be the one that isn't, good luck.

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Don't know about your policy. We had a 5 year XtraRide platinum policy that covered everything except consumables. We definitely got our $$$ worth. We used certified independent service and they always called and got pre-authorization. I'd look for another service source.
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I have made a claim for extended warranty and had no problems.
The most important thing is to follow the procedure they have to the letter. If they need pre-authorization get it and document. Check other dealers or an independent mobile service, they may accept the companies warranty and save you the hassle. The biggest problem I have seen is people rush to get something fixed and did not follow the steps required.
Good Luck
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If your RV is a 2017 year model, why are you having to use your extended warranty. I would think that your unit would still be under the manufactures warranty.
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Extended warranty

We have aCornerstone Extended Warranty on our Birkshire covers it for 75,000 miles or and 7 years when we have used it we go to repair place they call Cornerstone and it gets covered we pay our deductible...hotel and meals are reimbursed within usually within 9-14 business days...not sure anyone else's plans. Good luck
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Last year we purchased a used Class C from a local dealer with less than 30K miles on it. On our first trip in the middle of no where (West Yellowstone, MT) the engine blew. Turns out we bought a lemon - not disclosed to us at the time of purchase was that the vehicle had a used "Junkyard Engine" in it.

Fortunately, we had purchased from the dealer an extended warranty from Eagle Extended Service Protection Corporation. The company was most helpful and easy to work with. The company paid $900 to have the RV towed to the nearest Ford Dealer for engine replacement. They also paid for all of the labor and replacement engine minus our $100.00 deductible. The company quickly paid by credit card for both the tow and the engine replacement directly to the tow and Ford dealer. I made the initial call in both cases and then the company took over and quickly made arrangements for the service I needed.

I used the extended warranty again last fall when the extending steps motor went bad. Again, the local repair shop called them directly with an estimate and received quick payment by credit card.

In just the first year of my 5 year extended warranty, the company has paid out much more than what I paid for the warranty. I can't say enough good things about Eagle Extended Service Protection Corporation. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I bit the bullet and purchased the extended warranty.
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Our extended warranty company "might" be OK, it just felt a little awkward with them not giving us a general idea on reimbursement.

We have now owned our MH for about 13 1/2 months, so the original warranty is done.

Yes, we know that our service dealer has to provide a list of what's wrong and get "pre-authorization" which of course still won't help us with service dealer dealing directly with Portfolio, but hopefully it will speed up the reimbursement.

Thanks for the replies.
2017 MBS 2401W
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Our experience is the same as NMWILDCAT. This is our second RV with year XtraRide Platinum and both have paid for themselves. Be sure to read the fine print on anything you buy--the Devil IS in the details!
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Following along!
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Extended Warranties

Everything about extended warranties circles around your dealer! If your dealer/sales person is reputable, knowledgeable, ethical, and customer service oriented he or she will obtain a couple of different warranties from at least 2 reputable companies and "help" you (not sell you) through the selection process to include the lowest possible price! Keep in mind extended warranties are kind the RV, the dealer makes a commission on selling you one! We have never lost money or customer service on extended warranties, ever! If I read your message accurately, I'd never do business with your dealer again! Dan
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Well reviews of your warranty provider don't look very good more complaints on the automotive end and a couple rv. Then when you look at the side of their business that offers gap insurance it gets even worse.
Is this the dealer that sold you the warranty. If so I would ask them why do they offer a product that they know doesn't pay. If it's not that dealer get in touch with the dealer that sold it to you
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I have Portfolio Protection also. Used it once. I paid the repair shop $100 deductable and they billed the rest to Portfolio. Worked OK.
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Not an RV but.........................I will never use an extended warranty company again paid $2200 for an extended warranty on my truck and when a repair was needed I was out another $4500.


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I can't remember the name of my extended warranty company but yes, I have used it and yes, I have been satisfied. And no, I did not have to pay the dealer up front and wait for reimbursement. My dealer submitted everything, did the work and I paid my deductible and picked my TT up. I have been glad to have the extended warranty thus far.
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Again, thanks for the replies. We purchased our MH from motorhomes2go in Grand Rapids Michigan, then drove it home to Washington State. At the time we purchased our MH, we also bought an extended warranty plan.

I guess we'll find out soon enough just how well, or how bad this is going to work out.....
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When we purchased out 2011 Georgetown, we bought an extended warranty from the dealer. It was used a number of times for minor things and covered almost all of the costs of replacing the sealed unit emergency brake assembly, which disintegrated.

Other repairs were less satisfying. When the microwave half fell out, I was told that if it had completely fallen out and broken it would be replaced but repairing the mounting wasn't covered. When I had a "check engine" issue caused by a failed component in the intake system, they wouldn't cover the diagnostic labor (1 hour) and told the dealer that they would only cover one hour labor to repair the problem. An hour is enough time to fix this problem on a pickup truck where the intake system is accessible but on the rv, it's almost three hours labor to disassemble and resemble everything necessary to reach the part that needed to be replaced.

As an aside, the rv dealer no longer sells service contracts from that company.

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Maybe too late now, but we asked the dealership that does most if our repair work which extended warranty they preferre. They dud nit recommend the one their sakes team tried to sell us. Instead they liked Good Sam so that is what we have. So far so good..
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Extended warranty

I recently had an A/C go out in my 2014 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite. Took it to Camping World. They reminded me I had an extended warranty. They ordered another unit and had it replaced within 3 weeks. Total cost was approx. $1300.00. I had to pay approx. $225.00. I was very pleased.
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As others have said, no problems. We are on our 3rd new trailer, and have used the same EWC from the first new one. Last Sept on our 6 year old 5r, had fridge issues and the independent rv repair shop we deal with took care of everything. It's funny though how some of it works. As I said, our fridge acted up. First they thought it was the control panel, replaced and we paid $100 deductible, that didn't fix it. Then they replaced the cooling unit. That time I didn't even have to pay the deductible. I say funny because it would have been several hundred dollars cheaper to replace the entire fridge. I personally, wouldn't be without it.

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