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Originally Posted by whj77372 View Post
When I got my 2011, diesel, F250, CC, long bed, RWD, XLT, the diesel option listed on the window sticker was $7,850. Good luck, I had been looking for seven months and the used ones were way to much for all of the miles that they had on them, just try ebay and you will see what I am talking about. Almost $30,000 for one with over 100,000 or more miles. I know that the diesel will last for along time and many miles miles but how about the rest of the truck?
After looking for those seven months, I got what I was looking for for $39,125 and that was the very best that I could do anywere. I do love the truck. They are much better than they used to be, no noise, no smell and the DEF is not a problem at about $11 at Walmart for 2.5 gals which I use each 5,000 or more miles. The Chevs also us it now and I am told that the Dodge's will next year. The diesels from Dodge are made in Mexico if that matter to you. Good Luck and Happy Trails
The 6.4L diesels were made in Mexico. So instead of a rat motor, I got a Chihuahua motor Truck is built in Kentucky.

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Originally Posted by recon33alpha View Post
I bought my truck in October of this year, 2010 GMC 1500,
Don't feel too bad, I bought a 2012 pickup three months ago, and traded it in a couple weeks ago for one that would safely pull our new TT I had no idea my wife would want...

I looked at diesels, but went with a new ecoboost F-150 Supercrew with max tow package, 3.73 gears, rated at 11,300 lbs towing. Our TT is a 2012 Grey Wolf 26RL, and I tote my 500lb motorcycle in the bed while towing the TT.

Just got back from a trip to the NC mountains, and the truck is everything is was advertised to be....amazing even. Good luck with whatever you decide on...

2012 F-150 Supercrew, Ecoboost, max tow, 3.73
2013 Grey Wolf 26RL
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We were in a similar boat recently. After looking at RVs, we realized our 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 just wasn't going to pull what we wanted to buy. We owned the truck. So we watched and waited for a turbo Diesel. No, they aren't cheap, but I wasn't ever going to agree on plunking down in excess of $15,000. We had a $3,000 deposit, so we were only financing $12,000, plus we had a trade in that we thought was worth a few grand.

After many weeks, we finally discovered a 2003 F-350 6.0L Powerstroke sitting on a dealer's back lot. Let me say here that that engine needs some mods (stainless head studs and EGR delete) to be bulletproof that, unfortunately, hadn't been done to it, but we were OK with that. Lots of research pays off when purchasing a turbo Diesel.

When I saw the price on the truck, I assumed it had well over 100,000 miles, but it only had 80,000 on it. I asked the dealer why it was priced below book value and he said, "It's been sitting here for months and Diesel trucks just aren't moving well for us for some time." We test drove it, fell in love, and put money down on it on the spot.

They wouldn't take our truck for a trade in, said it was too old, which turned out to be to our advantage. We sold it privately for $3,500 the same day we put a For Sale sign on it, which was over $800 more than the best trade in cash we were offered on it. So, we ended up having $6,500 in cash to pay toward the truck. We will be able to pay this off by *hopefully* May of next year.
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When ..the DW told me she would like to travel to the west coast in the next couple of years. I looked on Autotrader for a slightly used 2012 F250 diesel. I found one at a Ford dealer 70 miles away. Its a black XLT supercab ,6 3/4 box, sync, power options,cruise ,pedals,etc.. it had 3,300 miles on it and was purchased from a Ford Motor Company Auction (for dealers only)..i paid 13k below sticker price.. So..if you start looking ready , when... what you are " looking for" shows up.
2014 Crusader 325 TE....2012.. F 250.. Supercab XLT, 4x2 , diesel....days camped 2011 ... 28.... days camped 2012...115 ... days camped 2013...155...2014...171 and counting
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DH has a GMC Sierra 1500 and I had an Chevy Avalanche 1500. We decided to sell the avalanche and get a Chevy Silverado 3500 DRW. We bought a used 2007 from a dealer. DH said the reason he wanted an 07 or newer was because you can change out the ejector ports individually instead of replacing the whole thing. Supposed to be an expensive thing to change if needed. I don't understand it all, but I do know that the prices of an 07 is lots cheaper than the 08 and oh my goodness it just goes through the roof for anything newer! We went to look at it and fell in love with it. We added the EDGE controller and a CURT hitch and a week later drove to pick up the new RV. It pulls the TH like nothing is back there!
Kenny n Karen
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...I bought my truck in October of this year, 2010 GMC 1500, wanting to get a 2500 preferably a diesel. I have no equity in my truck besides my trade in which wasn't much...
You are ahead of me, I did that twice!!!
Quote: we are wanting to do cross country trips and I would feel more comfortable doing it in a bigger diesel...Ok, go ahead and give it to me.
My first advice to anyone now is to buy a TV big enough to handle your next TV not the current one.

The nice thing about 3/4 tons, according to my mechanics, is that 3/4 ton up are significantly better trucks than 1/2 tons. Everything is built stouter and more expensive. Overall if you pick it right you are going to have that truck for a very long time.

Another thing to consider is your mission. You are going to find more than few 3/4s having 4WD. Unless you are absolutely sure you will not need it I would get 4WD.

When I was showing off my, new to me, 2500 Duramax to a friend with 3500 2WD, he said to me, "I saved $6,000 not getting 4WD and some marginal fuel economy. That was good because it cost me $6,000 for the winch and deadman I had installed to get me out of all the places I got stuck."

Some people have said "naw, I really only camp at private campgrounds." Well when the pardette and I were staying at a nice campground in the Black Hills just south of Rapid City, we would have ad real trouble getting up the gravel road in the exiting the CG without 4WD. It was slipping and sliding in 2WD, and when I switched it 4WD it just walked right up that road.

You are certainly correct about diesels in mountains. My 1/2 ton V6 had trouble pulling 5K trailer up I-10 in New Mexico (or was it I-20?) especially above 6,000 feet. The turbo diesel pulled that 10K pound trailer without a care (though we went under 5 MPG at points) and at altitudes well above 6,000 ft. I never saw the Allison transmission reach temperatures that were a concern either.

Buying used always has pitfalls. However, with Car Fax, etc. you can get much more data on how well maintained any particular diesel was maintained. The basic advice I have is to avoid chipped diesels. Chipped diesels have been run outside manufacturer recommended specs. Most mechanics can tell you if the truck has ever been chipped by plugging into the computer.

The new trucks use DEF and the mileage is lower, but most have a lot more horsepower too. My LBZ does not have all that stuff on it, but the previous model year, the engine was identical but had less horsepower. More horsepower is nice, but in my 2500 it seems to have all I need and then some.

So if you do go the used route, if you do your homework you can end up with a decent vehicle.

Hope this helps....
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Why I got into RVing & More Fun
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X2 on 4x4. I had to put in 4wd to get trailer to pop up onto a cement pad with my truck on gravel and spinning.
The def engines actually get better mpgs than non on the dpf engines. I believe they are now about the same as prior to dpf on mpgs.

My dw wants a kodiac but my fleet guy at work says that it will be 2016-2017 before GM has another 17-19k gvw truck. I will probably add another diesel to my fleet before then....but we can dream!
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Oh forgot 2004.5 and newer GM diesels have external injectors. And I agree that chipping or tunning, causes many,many problems in the long run. But it keeps us techs in a job!

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