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The wife and I have talked about this many times. All things considered especially on longer trips: we usually keep our campers for 10 years, gas vs air fare for two people, renting a car when you get there, not boarding your dog, eating at times at the camper, campsite cost vs a hotel room(even if you stay at a $100 a night hotel, which I rather stay in my camper since it is nicer then most of those hotel rooms), and depreciation of the camper we save approximately $1,000-$1,500 on a week long trip. The more family members that come along the savings go up. Other things to consider besides the cost: we take more trips longer and shorted because it is cheaper then we would if we were staying in a hotel, you know who slept in your bed and walked on your carpet, you get to bring your own stuff including toys and bikes, your not cooped up in a hotel room at night and can step outside or have a fire at night... the camper wins for sure. On shorter trips you do need to consider, as has been mentioned, the deferential of the gas cost compared to not pulling the camper. But still the camper wins for both $ savings, and the joy of being able to be outside then trapped inside a hotel room.

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Speaking of the camper being nice than a (or most) hotel rooms...

Ours most definitely is. And because I can work out of the RV (or a hotel, if I needed to), we like to go and stay for weeks at a time.

Over all, we feel the RV suits us better and even though the cost is less than Motel'ing, it wasn't why we chose to RV. We chose it for the experience, the freedom, the comfort and the sheer enjoyment that RV'ing provides.


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The way DW and I eliminate a lot of the dreaded "packing and un-packing" the RV is leaving as much clothing and food stocks as possible in it. When we got our first RV I went through my closet at home and took stuff that was ready to be thinned out and taken to Good Will and put it in the rig. Not saying I dress like crap when camping, but there is no need of nicer clothes sitting around a campsite or fire. I do keep in the rig a couple of nicer shirts, again thinning the closet, and one pair of slacks and shoes in case we go out from the CG to a nearby town. Beats pulling things out of a suit case at a hotel or such and you wash everything worn or not in it when you get back home. Heading out to Lake George, NY tomorrow for a five day trip, I packed two additional pair of underwear (some in it) one pair of nicer dress slacks, dressier shoes and one better shirt all because we have reservations at a fine restaurant for DW birthday.
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We have a similar approach. We have a full set of "housewares" and clothing and any other "non-perishables" that stay in the RV. Food, toiletries, medicines, laptops etc are either stored in our climate controlled "storeroom" in the house (in 3 tubs) or easily accessible. We pretty much have loading and unloading down to an art.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get off track here...

Tina + Dutch and Bell, Bobo, Harley, Buddy (the dogs)
2011 F350 Lariat 4x4 DRW SuperCrew 6.7L (B&W setup w/Air Lift 5000 Ultimate)
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There is no question that from a strictly economic standpoint, RVing is more expensive than a hotel for the average American who cannot vacation more than 30 nights a year.

Remember. You are only saving the net cost of the nights stay. So if the room is $200 a night and the campground is $70, then you are only saving $130.

The reason the cost is so high is usually due to the need for a much more expensive TV than most people have. Many contractors are lucky as they tend to already own an F250/F350 so it is covered. But for many of us whom have no other need (not a want) for a large V8 vehicle, the cost of one is easily north of $30K. Throw in a 20K camper and your at a cost of 50K. Give both a 10 year useful life and you have a cost of 5K per year just on TV and camper cost. 30 days at $200/night hotel is $6,000.

Now factor in the added gas for the other 330 days of the year your driving around, the higher insurance, higher maintenance cost, etc. and it tips the scales away from the cost of a hotel.

Camping is not about economics. It is about a lifestyle that we all feel enhances our lives. To me it is priceless.

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And motel coffee sucks, that makes RVing better. Not sure about cheaper, but way better. And we all want the best, don't we.

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You can camp just about anywhere. I just returned from the beach on the east coast. One week of camping was just over $500. Surely a lot cheaper than a $2500-$5000 beach house or condo for a week. Yes, I know still have to factor in RV, tow vehicle price too but I still think it is cheaper. Hotels, condos whatever you still have to buy gas, food and whatever attractions you are attending both ways. I don't believe to many people are going to stay at a hotel over the weekend locally just to do it.. If you travel to a large attraction Such as Disney World etc. You have higher costs of accommodations and not the $30-$60 per night. Some of these places charge $180 and higher per night. I would say Fuel is where people have the big hang-up as for towing a camper. But think about the campground atmosphere. Nothing like it. You can also camp somewhere small and quiet or big and busy. We are in it for the long haul. RVing all the way.
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For the people that travel on the road to work. RV is cheaper.

$65 to $100 a night the guys are paying to rent a place and have to have a roommate.

$400 to $500 a month for a spot for RV. Camper payment is about $350/ month on 5 yrs.

We both get to write off living cost on taxes. But I have a extra space for kids sleepover or go somewhere and pay for a weekend vacation.

The big thing is this silverback 29re will still be way over $20K. It will be paid for or I can get the money. Doubt any one wants to buy their old receipts. I will be RVing.

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I never even bothered to do the math. I want, my bed, my kitchen, and my stuff. We're going to own a F-350 regardless due to multiple trailers. It's a no brainer for us. The company I work for will set up and pay for all accomodations (hotel), meals etc for schools and meetings. However, I still bring the RV for these events. Recently, they started reimbursing me for using the RV at schools and such. I hate motels / hotels, regardless of how nice some are.
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No bedbugs, your own food, a campfire at night....priceless.

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