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RV Wholesalers in Lakeview OH

I saw the age of a previous post and thought there might be some interest in buying from these folks.

So, ole penny pinching me (not to mention toyhauling me) is back to FR. The Hyperlite looks pretty good to me, for the money and weight. I appreciate all the activity and good information on this thread by all y'all! I've got money down to hold a Hyperlite 29HFS from these folks; it will probably be a 2015. Robin Knisley has been great, and like a bulldog that wouldn't let me go until I made up my mind *more on that at the bottom. Another lady, Kendra Shoffstall (financing) quit talking to me and has never finalized the details... I left her a message and sent email... nada! I didn't like the price of their 5 year (additional 4 year) warranty (its a flat 10% of the selling price). They make a big deal about their 2500 service providers who honor FR products... not sure about it; but no experience either. I found another wholesale warranty company who has nearly the same warranty for a grand less. The unit should be in around the 10th, so Robin said, so... if it ain't slick with ice or snowing I am going to use the trip there as my first leg in a Niagara Falls, see a bit of Canada and on to New England mini vacation trip... about 2 weeks. I am hoping for a slightly later delivery date, since it doesn't seem like winter is going to end for our northern brothers and sisters... ever! I am not completely comfortable taking a FR product that far without more shake-down time; closer to home, but it is what it is. Price being the bottom line, the 29 is $5K less there than from any FL dealer; and if I change my mind and get one of 30hfs5s they have in stock, they are $10K less than FL (when they were available - 2013 models), this is with the 5500 Onan... and about $4K more than the 29... I also like the Carbon 31s... so, my mind isn't really made up *from above. I hope the 30s aren't gone and the Carbon 31 has been delivered, so I can see them all. The only thing that I am sure of, is I am buying something, cause I don't want to lose my $1K. Happy travels!

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do keep in mind that the only FR dealer who may offer you warranty service is the one you bought it from as there are no franchised dealers so they are not required to do warranty work, selling dealers do it as a courtesy to their customers.

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FR dealers can refuse to service your unit or they may take your unit in and do it as "time" permits pushing customers that have bought from them to the front of the line. Most all independent RV shops are happy to work on your unit and get it fixed asap. If it's a warranty item call FR to get it approved, most bill FR direct after approval. If you are 500 - 1000 miles from home on a trip and you need warranty repair. Call FR, they will find a repair center close to you and get it done.
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We bought our Sabre fiver from RV wholesalers last March. I live in central Nebraska, so it was a couple day trek to pickup the camper. Our rig is in a more local dealers shop right now, getting some warranty things taken care of. Brad, RVW's warranty manager lined it all up and I called to setup the apt with my schedule. We saved over $7k by buying from them vs a local dealer.
Have fun on the adventure!

Sent by me
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Bought Mine----------

Wolfwhistle, I live in Jacksonville near you and I also bought from RVWholesalers in Lake View, OHIO. I was told by the local Flagstaff salesman at Dick Gore's that I would have to go to the end of the line for warranty service if I did not purchase from them which is the way it works anyway. But then when I had some warranty work done at Dick Gore's, I mentioned this to the service mgr about what was told to me by the salesman. The service manger said the sales department does not run the service department and he would work on my Fifth wheel as if I purchased it there. He also stated to me it does not make any difference where you bought it, They get paid the same by Forest River
for warranty work. I have had work done there four times with no problem, always with a fast turn around.

And by the way, I saved 13K by purchasing from RVWholesalers in lew of a local dealer.

Good luck on your venture, RV Wholesalers are good people to do business with.
Purchase the 2nd year warranty from Forest River for $150.00.
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To all, thanks for the input. I've heard the same some mention about what local salesmen do say regarding service. My gut tells me that a local dealer would service it (Dick Gore is close) and if traveling (travel trailer=traveling) they wouldn't do much, if anything for you if you broke down on the road. I haven't had any RV experience with warranty work (first new trailer is coming up), but isn't it too bad manufacturers aren't like the auto makers? I just hope mine isn't made on Monday or Friday... joking of course.
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We just purchased a Puma from RVW a couple of months ago. I had them deliver it to me, and I still saved $4800.00 over the local dealer. The local dealer has refused to work on mine for warranty work. That said, everything that needed done was all simple, so RVW just sent me the parts and I did it myself. The local independent shops would work on the trailer without a problem. If you are going to Ohio to pick it up, I would say stay localish for a day or two, shake it the kinks, and that way they could do any work that needed done. In my case, it was a loose hose fitting for the black tank rinser, a drawer adjustment, a broken snap and a missing door hold.

The RVW financing office is very non-responsive. Especially when you don't want to get the warranty. Really check your paperwork, as I had several corrections that I caught, and they still managed to get it titled wrong (wrong year; working on getting that fixed now...). That said, delivery, funding, sales, and warranty have been pretty good. Would I buy from them again, it would depend on the price difference. At $2000 probably not just due to the paperwork hassles; over $2000, without a doubt.
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Another happy RVW customer here. +1 on fixing the minor stuff yourself. If you can turn a wrench or screwdriver, you can likely fix most minor issues yourself as opposed to taking it to the dealer. Look at it this way- even if you do experience major issues- which you likely won't- and couldn't find any way to get it covered under warranty-which you can- you'd have to spend thousands out of pocket before you match the original price you'd have paid locally. I had no problem with my paperwork, BTW. Very easy transaction.
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DAISY BOYKIN, thanks again and especially for reminding me of the 2nd year FR warranty. Tell me, please if you paid RVW or FR directly for the 2nd year warranty? I am also not entirely clear on the title process. They issue you an OH title, but they collect FL sales tax; plus issue you a temporary tag. Then back in the Shoeshine State, you go to the tag office and pay to transfer to a FL title and pay the tag fees (either reuse or new).
campingwilliamsons, also a big thank you! I do plan to spend as much 'shake-down' days at the park nearby as it takes, so hopefully any major issue might raise its ugly head. I am doing the financing thing to get the additional discount. You do have to keep it financed for a year, but Robin told me, I can pay as much as I want to even in the first month and reduce the interest in that way. I wonder if you financed, if you have any suggestions about that?
Also thanks for the advice, dustman_stx. I can fix nearly anything that could happen, but do hope there is nothing major, as in expensive, problem.
Thanks to all for the help. So, the warranty is with FR and independent repair centers / or mobile guys will fix anything, but their dealers won't... or at least in some instances. Daisy Boykin (is HRH, Her Royal Highness?) points out that we have a local dealer that will honor the FR warranty... Dick Gore.
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If you RV requires warranty work, Forest River will locate someone near you to repair it. If you got it from RVW they will do the same. If you were five states away from were you got your RV and it required warranty work and the local dealer wouldn't repair it Forest River will find someone to repair it. Call and ask then. Many of us will not be near the selling dealer when warranty service is required. I do know that salesmen have told me that and I wouldn't buy from them. They tell you that so that you will pay what they want for the RV.

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