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r-pod's wet bath question

We are not new to camping, but new to possibly owning a R-Pod and had a question about the wet bath. I am sure this has been asked or not, but any water damage issue with r-pod's wet bath with integrated toilet & sink. The walls in the wet bath seem to be the same as in the living area of the unit. My wife and I are considering the 2013 RP-178 floor plan. Also, what are the overall opinions on r-pods like craftsmanship? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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I had an R pod for a month in loan while I was waiting for my mini lite being repaired at the factory. For the shower you have to make sure that the caulking is in good condition where it meets the insert tub. A wipe just after your shower is a must. I can tell you that the R Pod is a charm to tow. You just need a antisway bar and since the tonge is so light no need to try a weight equalizer. The dealer even told me that the frame on the Pod is not strong enaugh to use a equalizer hitch. I just want to tell you that the Pod is very narrow inside and if you are a tall guy like me ( 6 Foot ) you will regret. Your head and feet will touch both walls. Also the price is quite expensive and you will find out that the price is almost the same than the mini lite. The mini lite is a much better trailer with a residential bed and mattress and much bigger inside since it measure a full 96 inches wide. Anyway make your study before getting this trailer. Also the AC is very noisy compared to the unit in the minilite. The look is very nice but it is not for all of us.

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Originally Posted by gpitt21963 View Post
We are not new to camping, but new to possibly owning a R-Pod and had a question about the wet bath. I am sure this has been asked or not, but any water damage issue with r-pod's wet bath with integrated toilet & sink. The walls in the wet bath seem to be the same as in the living area of the unit. My wife and I are considering the 2013 RP-178 floor plan. Also, what are the overall opinions on r-pods like craftsmanship? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
You might also consider a Casita. Molded fiberglass, so water isn't an issue in the wet bath. Biggest one is 17 feet. Kinda pricey, but the quality is excellent. Only 6 feet wide, but there are several floorplans.
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We've never had an r-pod but we did have a Heartland mpg which is very similar to the r-pod in size & design. Very cute & lots of fun for very short outings. Last year we tried it for a 3-week trip & ended up coming home with a Rockwood Mini-Lite. Best move we ever made. Still small enough to easily pull behind our Acura MDX but real big on interior space with a full size queen bed & a real live shower! It also pulls much better because it is tandem axle. We just returned from a 6-week trip to FL and we were so sad that the trip was over. We enjoyed every minute of it. Do yourself a favor & look at a Mini-Lite before you decide. Good Luck either way.
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To answer the original question: We have never had any problem taking showers in our pod. We just wipe down the walls with a sham-wow afterward. It is a tight fit though.

To rebut the responses: We were tent campers before getting our pod, so all the space and features feel like a castle to us. We've had our pod for three years now and have put over 50,000 miles on it. Typically we will take 4 30+ day trips a year, and we never want to go home. For us, camping is about the big front yard, not the amount of space inside.

We've found the pods to be very well constructed. And one of the best things about them is the support we get from the factory. They have been awesome at resolving people's problems.

Another best thing about the pod is the community that goes with it. The podders are always thinking up ways to get together and we have rallies year round all over the country.
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Never had any problems with our Rpod bath. Ours is only a year old, however. We loved our Rpod and it served us well. However, a PP is correct that someone 6' and above might sleep wall-to-wall in the bed (ours is a 182G).
Our Pod was our first purchase of an RV of any type. We were always tent campers before that... so this was a huge step up for us. I then traded in my TV for something bigger... so since we had the extra tow capacity, we figured why not take advantage... we're currently waiting on delivery of our new Mini Lite 2306.
Honestly, if it were just my wife and I, we'd have kept the Pod and never looked back... and i would say that even a family of 3 would have ample space... but with us being a family of 4 (and we're all the big side), we needed something just a little roomier.
And i will also back up what others have said about the Rpod community mentioned earlier. They're all good people... seriously... every question about anything Pod'ing will be answered.

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