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Our camper sets on a seasonal site, in an area of our campground that is fairly secluded, and does not get patrolled on a regular basis through the week. The only time that anything has ever been stolen from us was during a holiday weekend, when a group of younger campers were in the primitive camp area, just down the road from us. They took my cooler that was filled with about two cases of beer, after we went to bed. They did return the empty cooler once they had emptied it though!

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Originally Posted by wolfpack21643 View Post
As a police officer and someone who watches people make themselves a victim all the time I have a question for you seasoned campers out there.

Are there many thefts at the average campground? My DW and I just started RVing last year when we bought our Mini Lite 2306. We went to four diffrent CG's last year and we really enjoyed ridding our bikes around the CG and checking out the diffrent RV's and how they had set thier sites up.

I couldn't help but notice all the grill's, hitches, lawn chairs ect. lying everywhere. We were at the KOA in Williamsburg, VA last summer on a Tuesday at noon and I belive we were the only people in that entire half of the CG. With all that high value stuff lying about, someone could have drove in there spent 15 mintues collecting stuff and made a killing at the local pawn shop.

In the CG's I stayed in campers where coming and going daily and I saw very little staff moving around at any of them. There was no way to tell who was suppose to be there and not suppose to be there.

When in Rome do as the Romans do so I have heard and I left my stuff lying around like everyone else but it just made me a little nervous.

As a cop I can tell you that if your counting on your fellow campers looking out for you I would say to an extent that is true but I pulled up to a crime scene one time where a kid was getting the crap beat out of him by his stepdad in the front yard and 20 adults at a cookout across the street were just standing there watching. That kid ended up with a broken arm from it so you can imagine the butt whipping that was going on in plain view. Alot of people today just dont want to get involved, it's not great but that is just how it is in these times.

I do my best to look out for my fellow campers but even with my professional skills ie. criminal observation, the ablity to profile your common thief ect. It would still be hard for even me to relize a theft is occuring in a CG where I cant tell who owns what and who is where they are suppose to be. I dont see how putting a CG or vistors tag on your rear view mirror is going to help much.

I haven't read anything about CG crime so thats why I'm posting this to find out. Im more curious then anything. I find it hard to belive that someone hasnt gone into a CG and cleaned it out while everybody is at the local Theme park for the day, and I'm sure it has happened. My wife says I need to turn off the cop thing when camping but as most people know, when you spend over 2000 hours a year doing the same thing it's hard not to pay attention even when your off duty.
Hi Wolfpack:

I have been camping over 40 years and I only know of one incident of theft. It was in Maine and believed to be kids. The park rangers came into my campsite asking questions, and explained what was stolen, 2 sleeping bags and a Coleman lantern, and suspected kids as it gets pretty cold at night in Maine and very dark in campgrounds. The rangers suspected that some kids went camping totally unprepared and stole the stuff out of a tent. That was about 35 years ago in a State Park in Camden, Maine. That's the only incident I ever heard of.
My neighborhood has more theft than the campgrounds do.
However, that was a long time ago, when people respected other people's property, but times are much different now, as you well know.
As posted in another post, I wouldn't leave my wallet on the picnic table and walk away. I never locked my camper as I had a pop up, with canvas sides, and I didn't want a thief to cut the canvas to get in, but I do notice the people with the big rigs always lock their campers when they leave the site. I try and not leave anything lying around that is valuable because of the changing times, although I do leave my Coleman stove on my picnic table and some camping equipment lying about, but not expensive stuff.
I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

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Out of sight is my solution

Wolfpack21643, a good subject for discussion. I have been camping for about 30 years. I look at my items (valuables) this way, I have worked very hard for my $$$$ and the items I own. Therefore, I always put my items away or lock the larger items (bicycles, lawn chairs) to the front land gear or a spoke of one of my wheels with a good security cable. I have often wondered about other peoples valuables such as TAILGATER
sat antennas, lanterns, generators ETC. I have only known of three thefts over the years. One was a electronic satellite finder and the another was a small generator that went missing near my camp sight and two bicycles.
Oh, and a pistol from an unlocked TV (the fellow wasn't sure it went missing in the CG when he discovered it missing.)

I have to agree with your question about honesty of campers, overall I trust my fellow campers. But I still put my "STUFF" away or lock big items away, Just to keep my fellow neighbors honest, again I work hard for my
toys and items.
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Been camping for over 30 years and never had anything stolen or bothered. On the other hand, we always lock stuff up just in case. The only items we leave out are the chairs and we fold em and put them under the camper out of sight. I am seeing more "suspicious" or "shady" people camping than I have in the past. Used to be mostly retired folks and families camping that you know you could trust. Now it is people that haven't any respect who fit as many bodies and tents as they can on a site and want to party all nite.
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I am not afraid all the time, but I am not an overly trusting sole either. We normally camp with a group of about 18 other rigs. If we are all at the campground, I do not lock my door to go visiting, as I have a lot of friends nearby. If we are all (or most) going on a site seeing trip for the day, I lock the camper and the truck, I but do not lock up my bicycles and VuQube.

Every year when I install my Generator on the rear of the camper, I have a heavy duty cable lock that I place through the frame of the generator, and I bolt it to it's mounting platform. I cannot stop someone from stealing my generator at a rest area, or restaurant, but I have tried to make if as difficult as possible.

Really my generator is the only thing that concerns me, and then I am not afraid of it going missing at the campground, but along the road somewhere when we stop.
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I know the feeling. I'm a cop in area with lots of National Forest. We have numerous Forest Campgrounds and tons of people who boondock outside the campgrounds. We also have several private RV campgrounds. I know I regularly take theft reports from the boondockers. I have only taken 2 theft reports from Forest Campgrounds and have never taken one from a private campground. Now fights and disturbances tend to come from the Forest campgrounds more than the boondockers but rarely from the private campgrounds. That's in the 11 years I've been with this agency. I hope that provides a little insight.
That all said, I tend to be a little overly cautious myself. Nearly all thefts from homes, cars, RVs that I have seen here have been stuff not locked up or the home, car, RV left unlocked as well. I think that it goes more with the ease and the possibility of being seen.
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We do lock up our valuables in the car/ camper. For something that's not terribly valuable (chair, cooler), we will leave it out. Those things can be replaced.

I've only ever had one thing stolen, just a water cannon from my kayak. I guess it was easy for a kid to grab and walk off with it.
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We have been seasonal camping for eight years, and I can only recall 2 incidences. The first was some teenagers there for the weekend. When the parents went to bed, the kids made the rounds, stealing beer and coolers, but they were caught and the police were called. Although the theft was minor, it's important to let everyone know that theft will not be tolerated.

In the second case, it was a mid-week theft, and one of the trailers was broken into.
In this case, it was located in a more secluded area of the park, and that gave easier access, without being seen. A television was stolen, but more importantly, there was major damage done to the door and frame of the trailer. I think trailer break ins are becoming more common unfortunately, especially in the off season, when many seasonal trailers are left on-site, unattended.

We have found that for the most part, neighbors are always very good about watching out for one another and will get involved if they see something suspicious, as they hope someone else would do for them. We secure our site when leaving; putting chairs, etc. up beside the trailer and not leaving a cooler in the open, but the grill, firewood, but I guess we all take some risk. We just try to use a bit of common sense when leaving things unattended.
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About 40 years ago when we first started camping, we worried about it. We decided that since we were in a tent and there was no way to lock up anything, the only solution was to stay in our campsite all day watching our "stuff". We weren't on vacation to just sit around, and there was nothing that couldn't be replaced. So we just started leaving things where they were. We've never had a problem. As mentioned before, we don't leave our wallets on the table.
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In response to the police officer amongst us; We've been camping for over a year and have yet to hear of a theft. We saw one site where the couple completely unloaded their trade in onto their site, left to get their new bus, all was there upon their return. We think campers in general, tend to watch out for one another. Now, having said that, we never leave home without our Kimber!

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