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Originally Posted by rockfordroo View Post
"Honest confession is good for the soul!"
Heard that phrase before. Just never with the "Honest" put in front of it. Does that mean plausible deniability?

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This not while camping but during the walk through when we bought our 5er. While finishing up some paperwork we had a usual Florida summer afternoon shower. When we went outside to meet with the tech to start the walk through process it was still raining a little. The tech took us inside to start inside while the weather cleared. He was a bit frustrated because he had an order he liked to show everything that was out of order because of the rain. We finished inside and continued to the outside. We were almost done when he says oh I forgot to show you this as he reached up and pulled down bar on the awning that adjusts the pitch or the auto dump feature. Remember it has been raining for a bit before this. As soon as he did it I hear water rushing across the awning. I reach up and push my wife over to get her out of the way as a couple gallons of fresh rain water douse me on the head. Although I was able to keep my wife dry I am not sure her pants were dry as she almost peed her pants laughing at me. Later when we went back in to finish the paperwork the salesman asked us how it went and without missing a beat the wife responds with "very refreshing" and starts laughing all over. When we finished and were outside hooking the truck up the service manager informs us that in his career that was the first time he had one of his techs demonstrate the dump feature on a customer. The tech was probably glad to see he did this to one of the most easy going people.

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Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post
Heard that phrase before. Just never with the "Honest" put in front of it. Does that mean plausible deniability?
...I talked about having to remove someone else's rubberized protection "device" from my sewer line...I was honest that it wasn't mine...judgement free zone with some good stories told by good people with some good laughs...
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Thanks The_Rhino! You refreashed my repressed memories. Just stating for the record we are starting our 4th season so still a little wet behind the ears. We bought our Surveyor when our son was 5 and still in the peanut bladder, no warning stage. As such we have gotten into several very interesting situations. Once in our first year camping our son announced he really had to go bad! We always try to take the next exit so our son can get relief. Well we were just getting into some town and well pulled off and the Sunday afternoon church crowd was out in force. The DW acting as navigator says turn left and head up to what appears to be a turn to the left with a bank up on the hill. I follow the directions and as I get into the entrance we are met with poles blocking. Due to the curve and hill to get in I didn't want to blindly back out into the road. There was a really nice and wide sidewalk (I did not see it as a sidewalk) so I back up a little and start a hard left turn. I get us lined up on the sidewalk, DW takes our son to the camper to use the bathroom and we beat feet out of there with our heads hung low. Lol
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The DW and I had had just moved from a PUP to a 33' bunkhouse as the kids were getting bigger. Our daughter was about 8 or 9 and had invited her cousin who is about 3 years older to go to the ocean with us for the weekend. We were late getting started on the 3 hour drive, I was still getting used to towing a trailer about 3 times larger than I was used to, we hit the rush hour traffic, so we were going to be getting into the state camp ground late, well after dark. And to top it off I had to stop to get gas about 10 - 15 miles from the camp ground. Well, DW is reading in the front, oldest boy (13) is in the way back with little brother (7) playing their game boys. I finish fueling up, jump in the rig, maneuver thru the lot and back into traffic, And our youngest says, "why are we leaving the girls?" DW goes into panic mode, (Her sisters youngest we just abandoned in a strange town with HER daughter) Had to make a big around several blocks to retrieve them, me steaming the whole time that no one told me they went to use the bathroom (I thought that was one of the reasons we bought a trailer was for the bathroom) anyway, when we came back to the gas station they were standing on the sidewalk, Daughter was crying and cousin had a big grin. She said, "I told you they would come back for us."
Daughter is 20 now and there are times I have thought maybe I should .....
Well I will be paying for that when DW see it...
Cant wait for it to warm up, then it is time for around the
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I had my experience with a paper dam a few years back with the grandkids before I taught them less is best. I couldn't get my black tank to dump at all and I knew it was full. I used my flexible tank rinse hose and went at it from the dump side. Needless to say it let loose and I had a heck of a time reconnecting the slinky and the hose was blocking the gate valve from closing. My first shower with poo juice. Yuck! The saving grace was no one saw my attempt to get that cap back on.

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After having pop up for years , we bought FIL's TT. First weekend out I was at cg while DH & DS were gone for the day and I managed to lock myself out. Asked neighboring Campers if I could try their keys on my door knowing there are only a handful of locks they all use. No luck on the door key , but the good old c37 storage hatch key worked. It was the 9" tall x30" wide hatch under the bed . So I emptied out the hatch, hoped nobody was watching or videoing this and squeezed in. Then had to lift the bed from underneath which almost killed me, because it has no assists and we changed out old mattress with new 15" residential mattress so it was heavy.Luckily I am pretty small so I got through the hatch, but as soon as I got it unlocked I went to Walmart and bought magnetic key holder and put the spare keys that I always carry in my purse ( that were locked in TT too) underneath the frame. Just glad it was late fall and not many people around to see that LOL.
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Last year I just pulled into my campground in Malibu late at night and tied my two big dogs outside while I set up inside. The dogs weren't outside for more than 5 min. when they got sprayed in the face by a skunk. This was dry camping in a state Park and hard to get them cleaned up. Boy, did it smell in my RV that night!😝
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Oh, And how I can't forget my recent incident camping SuperBowl Sun. My Winegard interface box for my Dish satellite on my roof broke. It refused to recognize my dish which was up and wouldn't automatically store away. I was supposed to be leaving & picking someone up. I wasn't going to be able to go anywhere until I got the thing collapsed. So, of course the 3/4 socket wrench w/ 6" extension, I didn't have with me. ( lesson to self- carry even more tools!) I had to walk around the park and find someone with the tool, go on roof and manually crank it into travel position. I travel solo as a 57 yr. old female, what a sight up there! I'm becoming handier and learning more than I had ever wanted to before out of necessity!
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After 6 travel trailers over 28 years I have had my share of embarrassing moments but I don't have any to top my next door neighbor's stories:
1. He towed his TT to Lake Tahoe in the winter. "I have 4 wheel drive" he said. What he didn't have was propane. He ran out in the middle of the night and got very cold. He said he thought the furnace only used electricity.
2. He towed his TT to the coast. When he got there he found he had forgotten to plug the electrical cable into his truck and had dragged it 80 miles. Of course, by then there was no plug left, only frayed wires.
3. He unhitched his TT in a campground without chocking the wheels. TT rolled, the tongue jack fell off it's blocks narrowly missing his foot but neatly severing the electrical cable.
4. He set up his TT in a campsite, leveled it, chocked the wheels, put the slide out, jacks down, hooked up water and electric, unhitched etc. only to find the sewer hose didn't reach. So he hitched up, put the jacks up, removed the chocks, but left the water and electric attached because he only needed to move a couple of feet. Then he unhitched and redid the setup only to find the TT was parked on the water hose.
I wonder why he hasn't used his camper in years...

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