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Poo geyser

1) Shades of Robin Williams and "RV".
We puled in to a campground near Charlottesville, VA and got the Sunseeker all set up. Did a walk around to make sure all was well before meeting up with other members of the travel club. Looked across the road and the fellow there was about to pull the valve on his tank. I watched as he pulled the valve and the hose just up and jumped up out of that drain hole like it was a scared rabbit. Poo water went every which way. There he is frantically trying to close the valve while the hose was doing a snake imitation. Whoof, what a smell that was. Bet he never tried that again.

2) Telling on myself now.
We were at Dam Neck Naval Base campground and my son had gotten me one of those black contracting hoses. You know, the ones you connect, turn the water on and it expands to length and all. Well this one had a leak right out of the package. Just my luck. So, I did what I usually do, turned off the spigot and cracked the hose connection at the coach and then disconnected it quickly. Since this was an expand-a-hose it will also contract quickly. It started it's snake imitation, just a flopping around, spraying me and the coach at the same time. By the time it finishes it's antics I'm standing there soaked and laughing. Funny thing, I had connected it to my "Y" connection and didn't crack the opposite valve to release the pressure. Lesson learned and a good laugh.

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A couple of years ago we had all the grandkids in town for a family campout. For this occasion I bought a special jug of "Mom's Homemade Apple Pie a la Mode" moonshine. Well, my wife and I arrived about the same time as my daughter and her family. So my daughter and I decided to have a little toddy before we commenced to set up camp. I was told that after we finished the jug, (I don't remember a thing) I got up, yelled at all the grandkids, called them all by the wrong name, and proceeded to go inside the camper and go to bed. Did I mention it was 4:00PM in the afternoon?!? I also warned everybody to keep it down and not disturb the neighbors. We were there for a week, and I never did get my campsite completely set up. Moral to this story: ALWAYS, ALWAYS finish setting up camp before relaxing and having a little drink. We laugh about it every time we go camping.

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In a former marriage, my ex's parents had a Bluebird Wanderlodge. It was his prize possession, and no one was allowed to drive or use it but he and his wife. He was fastidious about the mechanical part of maintaining it, but had some funny operating rules: One was that we never ran the genset and roof A/C when driving. Windows and vents open only. Another was that he never treated the black tank. EVER. Just dumped it. Of course the level indicator never worked. It wasn't until after I flew up to 'rescue' them out of a campground in Georgia when he hurt his back that he finally let us use it ourselves. One day, we're rolling down the road and my young son decides he has to use the jon, but didn't tell anyone. He walks back, tinkles, and then flushes the toilet, holding the valve open waaaaay too long. You can only imagine the smell the vacuum in the coach pulled out of the black tank! Lesson learned.
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We were in Elk Camp, in Northern Oregon. I felt the trailer start shaking. Sudden jolts. Sideways jars, lurches. Startled out of a sound sleep, I saw that it was early morning, just getting light. Earthquake? Falling pine tree? What could it be?
Both of us rose in a hurry, and made our way to the door, I stuck my head out and was greeted by a herd of cattle.
Two of the bigger heifers were using the corners of the trailer to rub.
What was once a pleasant place to camp, was now filled with flies, cow pies... and cows.
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Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post
rockfordroo, Did you read that book? Awesome. Quoting from the book, "Know thy enemy well. (abridged also)" My older brother made me read that before going into business for my self.

Back on topic:
Please keep sharing. It took a post here to remind me of the basic chores
that I have ignored and that mean everything.

It was a big deal in my company back in the 1980's. Everyone had to read it. My quote is the only one I remember!
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In August,1985, we stole (actually a a 4.5 week including a holiday weekend rental for $850) a Southwind from U-Haul. A cross country tour for us and our two daughters, 8 and 12. From Ohio, we went to the pacific northwest, down the west coast to LA, then took a southern route back to Ohio. One of the highlights was visiting Mt, Saint Helens.

Unfortunately, I didn't understand the AAA when they stated that the road there was a one lane road. This meant a one lane road with two way traffic on it. The only traffic coming down the mountain was logging trucks full of dead trees and they don't stop / move over for anyone. We made lots of use of the pullouts to let the logging trucks by. Worst, after our visit there, I discovered that the bottom 18" of the RV was covered in road tar. I was dreading the removal process until we ended up making a late night stop at a state park/beach along the Pacific coast. I was pleasantly surprised the following morning to discover that there was a very nice line of tar drippings on the ground in line with the sides of the RV. It appears that the damp salt air on the beach dissolved all of the road tar.

More recently, we were at the FR International Rally when I discovered that the water pump backflow valve was shot. After a quick trip to the service barn, I knew that I was going to get a new pump. We were hooked up to city water, with my shutoff valve on the hose at the RV attachment point. When the technician arrived to change the water pump, I shut off the water using my valve then left for a lecture. When the tech finished, the DW went to wash her hands in the bathroom and discovered that there was no water. The tech returned and turned on the valve I'd shut off. The DW then washed her hands in the kitchen sink, forgetting that she left the water turned on in the bathroom.

The stopper wasn't in the sink and eventually the grey tank filled up. Overflow went into the shower pan and eventually ran out the bathroom door, along the linoleum and the edge of the carpet and out the door. When I returned, I first thought that the cat had wet the floor but quickly realized that he didn't have that much fluid in him. The water was shut off, the grey tank dumped, and excess water mopped up from the linoleum floor. A quick trip to one of the vendors yielded a bacterial cleanup product that was used to scrub the wet edge of the carpet. By the time I finished scrubbing the last of the edge of the wet carpet, all smells from the grey water were gone.

The worst damage was to all of the stuff we had sitting in the shower pan. Most of it was thrown away.

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We stopped at a beautiful campground in the woods in Vermont. While checking in I heard the owner tell his wife he was going down to put the tractor in the barn. That was an insignificant fact at the time. They told me to drive down through the woods and pick out a site we liked, park and come back to let them know which one we took.

The dirt road ran along side a small creek with campsites located on the opposite side of the road. I spotted a nicely shaded site. I usually get out and look it over before making a commitment. I was convinced this was the one I wanted. My wife got out and looked things over and told me we had better pick another site as I would have to make a difficult turn to avoid the creek and some trees. Convinced she was dramatizing and knowing my expert capabilities in backing a trailer I proceeded while she protested. Then I felt the rear of my truck drop down quite abruptly. I tried to pull ahead while my wife is telling me my wheel dropped over the creek bank. No go. Then the conversation at the office came to mind. Other campers had heard the commotion and came out along the road to see what was going on. I had to walk past all of them on my way to the office. That was a bit humiliating. The campground owner very graciously got his tractor and pulled me out. He suggested a site with fewer hazards. Now I know how all those other people felt when I was entertained by their misfortune. My wife calls me by my Native American name now "Chief Drives In Creeks".
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In the Fall of 2014, my wife and our three teenage kids drove from Ohio for a long trip to the northwest. We stopped at Glacier National Park then pressed on to our friends house in northern Idaho. I called the guy to tell him we were on the way and would arrive in about an hour or two. Got his wife on the phone instead. She told me to be sure to take the second turn off of Rte 12 and not the first one. (As you can guess, this is where it started to go bad.) Since the GPS said to take the first exit, I figured she must not have known which way we were coming from and gave us wrong directions. Besides, I had my trusty GPS. So we turned off the highway and headed down the two lane road, which turned into one lane pavement, which turned into broken pavement, which turned into gravel. My pride got the best of me, so I pressed on. The gravel road soon turned into dirt which then turned into dirt with grass growing between the furrows. To add to the situation, my DW says, "honey I don't think this is the right road". By now, we were 2 or 3 miles off the main highway and backing up was out of the question. My DW then points out a 100' drop-off at the edge of the road, which was as soft as a pile of soggy coffee grounds. It was time to "man-up" so I pressed on. Soon, we came across a tree in the road. No problem! My son and I got out, hoisted it on our shoulders and swung it out of the way. Then there was another one about a hundred feet further down the road. Things were starting to look bad for the home team. After slowly rounding the next corner, there it was...a huge 75' pine tree laying right across the road! The obvious now sunk in. I had made a big mistake and admitted that I should have listen to the guy's wife. So, I told my wife and the two girls to stay with the camper and my son and I would walk for help. After some time, we came to our friend's ranch house. They all came out to greet the two of us and rolled with humiliating laughter after we told them of our plight. Thankfully, they had a group of boys there who viewed it as a "rescue operation". So, off we headed with four-wheelers, chain saws and axes. Needless to say, we finally reached their house where I choked down a large slice of humble pie. Lesson learned: never fully trust a GPS, check it against a paper map and listen to the locals who probably know a lot better...even if it's someone else's DW!
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I don't totally trust GPS

If there is ANYTHING I learned from my last job, as a mapper, is to NOT trust a GPS. GPS maps are fed by the locality up through the chains. Some of those local maps have not been updated in over 30 years or longer. We were sent out in 2 person teams to verify roads for driver delivery routes, and some went just as recently stated. Pavement, then gravel, then dirt, then creek bed, and worse. Made for some exciting times. Here are some photos.
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WOW...those are great and interesting pictures. I know we will be getting lost in our travels this year...I just hope it is nothing like a few of these stories...I am sure if this threat is still kicking around...I will be sharing what not to do...thanks to all that have shared!!

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