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Camping Bloopers or Funny Stories

After reading several posts over the last month I though this would be kinda of fun. Share some funny stories about the adventures we have all had...I will start with 2 (1 longer 1 shorter)...

1) About 10 years ago I was in my early/mid 20s. I bought my first camper a 28ft TT with no slides. We (GF at the time) bought it used from a local dealer. Now I have camped for years with family prior so I wasn't really "new." A few weeks later we took it for our shake down trip...4 day long holiday weekend local park it was great...everything worked as it should.

Packed up the last morning and headed to the dump station(BW/GW)...did what I had to without issue I thought...after I closed the valve I noticed fluid still dripping out...took a closer look and noticed...(Family Site Remember)...I rubber device used for protection had became caught not allowing the valve to close all the way...what do I do this point people were starting to back up behind me...well I knew I was mostly empty so I opened the valve back up some fluid came out but not much...but the "device" was still stuck...grabbed a trusty long flat head screwdriver...worked at it for some time before an old timer approached...

He asked if I needed any help......I said well that is a good question...I explained the situation and what he said next still makes me laugh..."Well at least you young kids are being safe" ...I looked at him with a smile on my face and said..."um yea this is not ours we just bought the camper and this is our first trip" His face looked like......He said good luck fella and walked away...

Few minutes later I was able to free the "device" wash it down the station and throw my screwdriver away...

2) Camping with family and friends a few years back at a state park. Family friends were there with us...they were finishing a week long trip and a few days drive to meet us all...

As they were backing into their site...apparently DW was not paying enough attention...the camper hit a root...however you could not see it so I am guessing nobody noticed it...well with a little more gas pedal the camper jumped backwards...ripping the plumbing out from underneath it...

...Well the last 2 days they stayed at pull off areas so the tanks were far from empty...well until this happened...

Boy was it hot that week...and boy did it smell and make a mess...thankfully after lots of clean up and a few days they were able to repair the plumbing...

These stories are best told while and ...but it's winter so...

PS sorry they are so long...I hope you find these funny and share some of your own...always

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Always plenty of action to be found in campers and in campgrounds! Last October we were camping on lake Superior and it was only in the low 20's. A Chevy van camper was camped near us. A nice fellow and his daughter. He had set a propane tank outside to run his furnace. The next morning he started to drive away and as my wife and I watched in horror he began to drive right over his tank. He was right in front of our camper and I had visions of us and our campers going up in flames! Fortunately I was able stop him before it exploded. Close call and a good reminder to always to a walk-around before you leave.


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When we first bought our TT, we had to store it at the dealer because our HOA didn't allow them in our neighborhood. Anyways, when you wanted to use it, you could call and tell them and they'd move it over to their campground so you could pick it up even after they'd closed.

Our very first trip, we made the drive to the dealer to pick up our TT (about 2 hours). By the time we got there it was dark and this was to be our first time hitching up by ourselves. So we find out trailer and hitch up- which was quite the process even involving youtube

Right before we get in the truck to leave, I said let me make sure the back stabilizers are up. I walk to the back and the next thing out of my mouth is "I don't think this one is ours." Of course my husband says "why" and I respond "Well, it has a paper license plate still and a slide" (neither of which ours had)

We unhitched from it as soon as we could and tried to find our actual trailer. Before we hitched a second time, I checked that the tag on the trailer matched the tag number on our insurance card
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I've got lots of stories to tell in this thread. Be back after lunch...
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Our last camping trip last year, Thanksgiving camping trip. We met our friends from Arkansas at a campground that is almost half way between their house and ours. We are starting our 4th year of camping this year so we are still think of our selves as newbies. Our friends get there before us and are set up by the time we get there. He reports the pads are level so we get there pull in backwards so our doors face each other and get set up. The next morning we notice that we are not as level as we would like and figure 1 Lego block would do it. Friends head into town so DW and decide to level the trailer. Since we are going forward we didn't disconnect water, cable, power or sewer. Raised the stabilizer jacks and hook up. I really had to give it gas to move. Who knew chocks actually worked. Lol
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Ok, here's a couple of good ones. Both happened at the same CG, on separate trips.

#1: We had a 10 ft pop-up and had just recently bought a Suburban to pull it (which it turned out, we were lucky to have). It was Memorial Day weekend and we were camping with another couple that also had a pop-up. Well it started raining and pretty much didn't stop.

We realized we might be in some trouble when the carpet we had laying in front of our steps started floating away.

So we shoved the bed that was over the hitch in, hooked it up to the suburban, and moved it (while the roof was still up) to a different site that wasn't underwater. When we pulled out that Sunday, we nearly didn't make it because the ground was so soft. I spun my tires, splattered mud all over the trailer and left ruts a few inches deep but we finally got out.

#2: No rain this time around but the CG had recently cut down a few trees. They left the stumps though. I was turning a corner, didn't see the stump and ran directly over it with my front drivers side tire. Ended up with the frame landing directly on top of the stump and two wheels off the ground.

With the help of a few boards and some leveling blocks, we were able to get it back down again. The only damage was from the food that was in the crock pot in the back. It spilled all over.
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Ah... Yes, I have flattened a few of those cheap yellow camco chocks!

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Many years ago at a state park, a better spot opened up one day. It was first come, first served at this park and I wanted it. I hooked up and started moving the TT still with the slide out. But I made sure everything outside was unhooked. Everything went well until we started setting back up at the new spot. The television that just sits on a high shelf in the bedroom was never taken down. It was down now. Oops
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Last fall I removed my X-chocks right before we were ready to leave. To my dismay, the camper started rolling! Luckily it stopped as soon as it was off the camco blocks and didn't hit anything.....I had used the plastic chocks to stop it from rolling forward (downhill) before I unhooked it from the truck upon arrival. Unfortunately, that was before I leveled the camper, so there was nothing BEHIND the tires to prevent it from rolling the other way off the blocks! Really glad it stopped, and really glad I didn't take a hit on the head from the slide dropping 2" on top of me!

I've also been in a hurry while unhooking the older camper, and pulled the truck forward WITHOUT unhooking the safety chains! Pulled the jack off its block but did no damage!

Lessons learned from these....Don't be in a hurry...and think about EVERYTHING you're doing!
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Some great stories here...keep them coming and thanks for those who have shared already...

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