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Screaming laughter

Had one of these on my last trip. Some lady was laughing loud enough to be heard over the whole campground, and not just once. I like a good laugh myself, but sometimes its a little much.

Originally Posted by SKnight View Post
So someone went to leave to enjoy their day, they started their blankety blank diesel, let it warm up, you don't say how long this took, five minutes? An hour? And it got you to a state of needing to calm down?

You've never done something that was bothersome to anyone?

Know what gets my dander up? Besides other people wandering through sites and other mentioned things.

When the campfire conversation gets cranked up and there's that one screaming laugher. You know, laughing at the top of their lungs, I guess to get attention. Usually while I'm trying to either quietly read or get to bed so early the next morning I can fire up my blankety blank diesel and go enjoy my day.

I'm sorry you got woke up, but why worry about it so much? Must be like blade of grass, sway with the breeze, not like stiff twig, easily broken.

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Originally Posted by ependydad View Post
Well said, SKnight. The problem with these "etiquette" threads is that they turn into a complaint-fest and everyone sounds like a bunch of curmudgeons. You then start to get little factions - diesel vs. anti-diesel; movie vs. anti-movie; lights vs. pure darkness; outside music vs. quiet; dogs vs. monkeys; kids vs. well, they are monkeys.

Everyone is going to have a pet peeve and everyone is going to offend someone some way.

I just don't see these threads as being productive.
Exactly. We all have things that bother us, there's genuinely rude and inconsiderate, there's things that bother us on a particular day for no good reason.

There's things that can't be helped, I'm a photographer, I've left camp early to get good morning light. I fire the truck, let it idle for a couple of minutes while I finish getting situated and then leave quickly and quietly as possible. There are neighbors up and around, there are neighbors sleeping in. In my own way I'm disturbing all of them. What time is good though? 6AM? 7AM? 8AM?

Sadly, people thrive on getting upset over their personal niggles. My little sister gets genuinely pissed off if she's not the first one to read the paper. She likes a nice, clean, crisp newspaper. I mean ruin her day upset if you so much as slip the comics out.

Perception is the most misunderstood aspect of humanity, I can't see the world through your eyes thus can't understand why this, that or the other makes you mad.

The people howling by the campfire at 3AM don't perceive themselves as a bother, they're just having a good time. Meanwhile I'm walking over with a pair of wire cutters to start interrupting electrical flow or a bucket of water to help them put their fire out. I don't perceive my actions as extreme, while some would.

I try to remind myself, I'll do me, you do you. We're all camping, together. We all need to do the best we can to remember that.

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If one can't accept some normal incidental noise in the camp this probably isn't the right lifestyle for you.

Engines must be started at some point. Newer diesels don't require a warm up like the old ones but sometimes it IS necessary to idle the engine, sometimes for a lengthy period. If there is 1/2 inch ice on my windshield my engine will idle for a bit and you'll just have to put on your big boy pants and just accept it. It simply can't be helped. Idling diesels don't put out much heat so the windows aren't going to defrost/de-ice quickly. I see no reason why anyone would complain about that as others will also have to idle their engines as well whether they be diesel or gassers. I can assure you my diesel isn't any louder than your gasser; in fact, is probably quieter.

There is a distinction though between normal incidental noise and deliberate not-so-neighborly behavior. Revving your boat motor @ 0430 or using your air compressor in the middle of the night are just down right rude and obnoxious. Check you boat motor at the lake and wait for daylight to air up your tires. If you know your activity will create a lot of noise and it isn't absolutely necessary at that time it would be neighborly of you to delay until a more appropriate time.

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I have found that where ever you camp there is always one of those loud neighbors, weather it is a diesel, a Harley, a barking dog, someone does it to us. Especially in our home park, The golf carts riding around are loud enough and then they must always play their music loud enough to hear it from across the lake. You can try, but you will never get away from this kind of crap!!
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It's Ok BuckeyeChuck, my IDOL is my Idle .... time!
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Owners who leave their barking dogs in the camper all day while they sight-see, really gets me. I've had it twice... And complained to the campground both times... To no avail either time.
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Originally Posted by KDHfan View Post
Owners who leave their barking dogs in the camper all day while they sight-see, really gets me. I've had it twice... And complained to the campground both times... To no avail either time.
Reminded me of a story about travelling with our very large dog. We were in a hotel room. Dog is always crated in a hotel room -- don't want someone opening the door in an emergency and being startled by her. She is not a barker, never has been. You could bang on our door, ring the bell ... nothing. Just doesn't bark. She's been travelling since she was 12 weeks old.

We crated her and pulled the shades closed in the room, turned on the radio for some music, and left for some shopping.
About 30 minutes later the hotel called us telling us they had a complaint about her barking in our room. We were on the same hall as the front desk, so we thought something awful must have happened. We were only 10 minutes away, so we fly back to the hotel and run to our room.

We woke the dog up, who was sound asleep and drooling. HOWEVER, outside our room on a patio was a little dog yapping like crazy. Yap Yap Yap.

We put Bella on her leash and took her down to the front desk to meet everyone there. We explained the situation, and they went out to quiet down the yapper. Fortunately, the hotel staff thought it was funny that people assumed it was our dog. The manager said "Yeah, if a dog this size barked from that room? We would have heard her out here!"

We now have a small dog that barks at everything. Frequently. Especially if you ring our bell or knock on our door. He's yappy and annoying when he gets riled up.

He does well if he's in his crate in a darkened room with some background sound like a radio playing. We try not to leave our pets alone much when camping. They deserve to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.
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Originally Posted by Sistahazel View Post
so I went camping this weekend to get away from the day 2 day humdrum, hoping I could sleep in a little later than the normal 5am.. I'll be danged if a neighbor camper didn't crank up his big loud blankety blank diesel to let it warm up to start heading out. I felt like.... we'll I better calm down.....
I feel your pain

I understand getting a move on for the next campground too

I am not sure what the answer is - it sux regardless and I am sorry you had your weekend sleeping ruined
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Originally Posted by OldCoot View Post
I try to be very quiet if I leave early, do all hookups, breakdowns, retract all stab jacks, pull test, etc the afternoon before, morning we leave, it is a matter of stowing shoreline, water hose, etc. We don't even better oors and use just enough accelerator to move slowly out of the park. Just trying to be considerate of others and would like to be treated the same.
p.s. Been doing it since we got married in 1960, so we've experienced the gamut of inconsiderate neighbors and it hasn't deterred us from camping. The world has a lot of inconsiderate folks, so we just tolerate them.
You have manners, Old Coot. You also know proper campground etiquette. I do the same as you. Heck I can remember when people would slowly drive with parking lights after dark to avoid shining their lights in the eyes of fellow campers. Now many drive with brights on and then park with their lights pointed into another campsite and get out of their truck and walk away while the delay keeps the lights on for another 30 seconds. They just don't care or just don't know any better.

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X2 OC & Chuck!!

Chuck, what you said really hits a nerve!

This past weekend, we were camping in Little Tallapoosa Park, GA. We got back to the camp after dark so, out of habit, I turned off the head lights (no problem - 1/2 moon & clear...besides the camp had low key lights that adequately lit the roads - visibility was easliy 100+ ft)

So I park our rig, and this woman (oddly enough with a yapping dog - had a roll of duct tape in the truck that would fix THAT noise problem ...but I digress)

So she comes up to me and tells me how reckless I am driving without headlights blah blah blah...sigh. I let her finish and politely pointed out the moon and the fact that you could see with the road lighting...that got her started on round 2 so I gave up

But I REALLY wanted to point out to her that my total sum driving had been all of 500 ft! -- from the camp entrance to my slot (yes, I was in slot #2! )

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