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Weezer, the campground host didn't do his job. As the host it was his duty to notify the park rangers/police. I hope you wrote a letter to the appropriate state agency that oversees the state park system. I'll put up with a lot while camping but no way would I put up with what you experienced.


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Originally Posted by Oakman View Post
Weezer, the campground host didn't do his job. As the host it was his duty to notify the park rangers/police. I hope you wrote a letter to the appropriate state agency that oversees the state park system. I'll put up with a lot while camping but no way would I put up with what you experienced.
In Louisiana, the hierarchy or organizational structure for state parks is as follows:

Lt. Governor; Department of Culture, Recreation, & Tourism; Louisiana State Parks

Here is the contact info:

Office of Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne
Capitol Annex Building
1051 North Third Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
PO Box 44243
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4243
Phone: (225) 342-7009
Fax: (225) 342-1949

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Originally Posted by OldCoot View Post
Don't think anyone has said they quit camping because of what irritated them. I think the thread is good that it brings to light what bothers them and maybe it might open someone's eyes that they just might be guilty of bothering fellow campers without even being aware that something they are doing is an irritant to someone else. Other's have more or less stated that they would continue to do it regardless. That's what makes the world go around. Different strokes for different folks.
Very good post. I agree again.

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Originally Posted by Weezer View Post
There's one state park that DH and I really don't care much about returning to. Last year we made the newb mistake of going there for July 4th. There's a group (or herd as some of you describe it) of five RVers/families that frequent that park. They tend to camp 3 RVs on one side of the road and 2 on the other side.

When we arrived (at dusk) there were children, children's bicycles, trikes, skate boards, you name it, all out in the road between them. This (older) park has narrow roads with an approximate 4-6" drop off the blacktop with no shoulder. It appeared the herd considered it a great sport to watch and see if DH could maneuver through all that without dropping off the blacktop. Adults just stood there, arms crossed, grinning while DH traversed that MESS with our former V-Lite. OK, so we survived that.

Then come dark thirty the rock and rap music started blaring and the booze started flowing. At 3 AM they were still going, 3 spaces between us and the herd and it was like they were in our RV with us, not kidding. Some of them were *literally* holding each other up as they staggered back and forth between the various RVs, from one side of the road to the other, one actually pausing to upchuck.

I walked down to the camp host's RV the next morning and explained the situation. Just got a shrug and "yes, we have had several complaints". Next night? Same scene. Back to the camp host and got "we talked to them and there's really nothing more we can do".

One child (about 3 years old) on a plastic big wheel trike thought it was great fun to run his trike at Fred (our dog). Once he ran at my heels with that blasted thing. Grandmother stood and laughed. Then once while I was taking Fred on to one of the hiking trails that child decided HE was going with us, come hell or high water. No matter how many times I stopped and told him to go back, with granny standing outside, he kept following me. I did NOT want to walk into the woods with that child following me. Finally a friend of the family (or so he said) came to the edge of the woods where I stood, refusing to go further, and took him back kicking and screaming.

Seriously? granny was going to let that child chase a total stranger into the woods? (evidently they brought the grandparents along in their RV to baby sit the small ones while they got crap-faced)

We've been back a few times, and on at least 2 more occasions we've seen that same "herd" there, but thankfully we've been on the other side of the park from them.

I choose not to be confrontational. We just exercise our freedom of choice. WAY too many GREAT local parks around here to put up with that mess. And there's way too many *expensive* things a mad/drunk person can DO to your RV if they can catch you away from it.

That's been our only bad experience so far and we learned quickly to avoid camping on holidays. Go the weekend before, or the weekend after....ahhhh bliss!
We had a similar experience at a Corps park once. Pulled in at mid afternoon and the area we had reserved a site in was pretty crowded- lot's of drinking already going on. Our site was being used as the travel route for the entire loop to go to the beach (lake beach). People were washing their feet at our water hydrant, etc. Figured when we got pulled in and setup they'd start going around. Figured wrong. Had people actually walking under our awning to go down to the water!!! Had 2 guys standing at the corner of my camper on the entry side drinking carrying on a conversation with a lady coming up from the beach that involved words that my 2 and 4 YO daughters didn't need to hear. We hopped back in the truck and went to the front and changed sites. Had to leave a day earlier, but no way were we staying there. By that night (I rode my bike through later to check it out) it was a full blown party- no way you could've pulled a camper down the road it was so packed with vehicles. The thing is, I actually engaged in casual conversation (NOT about their behavior) with a few of the people and they weren't mean or trying to be offensive. They just honestly seemed to have never been taught anything about etiquette. It just didn't register to them that you shouldn't walk through or hang out in someones campsite that you don't know. Or to watch your mouth when children and ladies are present (thought the "ladies" they were with didn't seem to mind). Or to not stand RIGHT next to (actually leaning on at one point) someone's camper that you don't even know. I learned my lesson then and there to always book the most expensive sites available, as far away from any type of congregating area such as a beach and in the most remote, isolated area as those types tend to wanna be in the thick of what's happening and don't want to pay extra for full hookups and concrete pads.
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Originally Posted by davel1971 View Post
this is why there are so many different types of campgrounds. From peaceful state parks to busy crowded family parks with pools, waterparks, activities, etc. Don't go to the latter of the two and complain of the noise.
Some state parks are no better when it comes to noise. Budgets have been cut so much that at the smaller state parks around here, there is no full-time ranger (and often no ranger at all during slow periods) policing anything. And good luck finding a camp host. One particular park we used to frequent turned into a party zone for all the local weekend warriors to come set up and see how many cases of beer they could kill in one weekend, complete with "pub crawls" from site to site. Those of us that are non-drinkers find that loud, drunken revelry all afternoon and evening a lot more annoying than an idling diesel...
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Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
I think I'm going to pick up one if these for my kids to cruise the campground with the dogs in back.


That is wild!...I can see that trolling the campground circle as fellow RV'ers drop their beverages and mouths held wide open
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I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by IllinoisCheesehead View Post
complete with "pub crawls"

good idea.. I'll put this down for an idea on an upcoming get together. I think we've got all the sites in one loop between all of us now.
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I think every story told on here, people have gone through if you been camping awhile. So far I have read nothing new or surprising to me. I have been called CHEAP because I like to camp at Fam Camps on Military bases. Some are really as much as private. You really do not fine this kinda of behavior at them. You would be thrown out on you duff. Just seems to be different. I have just read that they have built 16 new Fam Camps at new bases. I have camped at all different places. From private to State, federal to GS and Koa's. After I get settled in I usually go an introduce myself to my neighbors, sometimes that helps I have learned. I have camped in almost every State. I let my neighbors know that I have scare lights all around my unit. I also say if you have a problem or if it shines in your unit, PLEASE let me know I will turn them off. No one has ever asked me to turn them off in fact the guy next to me came home one night after 10:00PM. The next day he came to me and said where did you get that. He said it picked up his truck as he was backing in and it gave him light and safety to walk and open his door. That CG the spaces where pretty close together. He said is that why you have a blinking green light I said yes. I said Is it bothering you I will turn it off. He said no. If people will treat others as you would like to treated alot of this would be under more control. Then you also have that one stupid guy at any CG no matter where that is above all rules and common sense. I feel sorry for them more then anything. Most of these things will also happen in Goshen, There is a time and place for everything. But wouldn't miss it for anything. You finally be able to put a face to a name that you see all the times. I hope this year they hand out list with people's space on it, so if you always wanted to meet a person you could fine them. I know that there are over 300 already and still processing them. This should be a good one.

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