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Originally Posted by Mojojojo View Post
That's funny in our area they actually put stop lights at the bottom of the on ramps and two lanes. Good luck getting a big rig or heavier load up to hwy speed before merging.
It's interesting how different areas do different things, we all need to keep that in mind while traveling.

Never seen stop lights or signs on entrance ramps to interstates. Traveled mostly east of the Mississippi River though. Last time I was on the West coast was 1975. That would be interesting pulling out in front of someone going 70mph..........



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From my Driver Ed days, I was instructed to use the entry ramp to get to highway speed in order to join the flow of traffic. If it's 65 ... achieve that speed before entering traffic. Of course looking back for an opening to merge into.
If you see traffic coming down the ram to enter the flow, move from your travel lane or slow down to allow a save entry.
My pet peeve is the 'unqualified' driver that want to merge into 65-70 mph traffic at 50 mph. Another would be the the driver that has to slow down for an exit ramp, a mile before exiting.

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highway patrol

Dose not matter how much training or signs are on the road if the highway patrol dose not enforce them. as for allowing them to merge you have to if you don't and you have an accident they will hold you at fault saying you could have prevented contact. Seen this many times 2nd gen law enforcement.
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Seams sad that to many want to quote highway speeds to that of which is the maximum posted speed (under ideal conditions). Yea I know 9 your fine 10 your mine. To bad we won't mention the range is 40-70. Only to state it's a bad thing to enter onto the highway at "speeders/violation" pace. I'm not condoning or promoting to save the brakes, extend engine life, be safe/considerate, nor save gas. I personally just don't like white knuckles...
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Amen to all of the comments. Living in the north suburbs of CRAZY Atlanta drivers, I "almost" have an accident each time I depart or enter the city. People simply drive normal, that be described as DUMB, and expect a truck or RV can stop on a dime or swerve to avoid their stupid actions. I also am an avid motorcyclist and I use the HOT LANES because at least you have a chance to survive! Before retirement, I traveled weekly from Atlanta via air. On trips to and from the airport it was incredible to see people talking, texting, driving with their knees, 70mph in a 55 mph zone oblivious outside of their own world. Having sald that, we as RV people have to wear that extra set of eyes and adjust to the conditions. I AM going to put a louder horn on my tow vehicle. They may not "see" me but I am going to do my best to ensure that they do.
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There is no amount of testing that will clear up the idiot factor, the particular maneuver that the OP is describing is just the same as changing lanes, the vehicle making the maneuver should indicate their intent and make the maneuver when it is safe to do so, the main problem I found when I started driving in North America was that drivers moved over to allow the oncoming traffic to enter and this created a feeling of entitlement.
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Oaklevel has the right take on this one. (His first post on this thread) Drive defensively and courteously and merging becomes much less of a problem. Unfortunately in today's hectic traffic there are way too many aggressive drivers and not enough courteous ones. My take on it is not about retaking the drivers exam, but to require everyone to take a defensive driving course of some type as many of us do for reduced insurance rates. This gives a much better understanding of what it takes to keep yourself out of bad situations and not relying on others to do "what they are supposed to do". The most important point of the whole course is "no one has the right of way until someone yields it to you".

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Arizona use to do it right. they had stationary and mobile traffic cam's with radar and would catch you on film and send a ticket. this works great every time I went to Arizona the drivers drove the speed limit. until the state decide it was no longer making enough money anymore. They cancelled the program and now it like driving in LA now. everyong is speding and swerving from lane to lane. It a shame they had it right
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After 58 years of motorcycling including present HD dresser, I fully endorse safety training. Several advanced safety courses have saved me and passenger from serious injury or death. Training and reenforcement allows you to react by trained instinct rather than act. An actual example: a blowout at 50+ mph riding 2 up on a 1,000 pound motorcycle. Training taught me stay straight, do not brake quickly and allow bike to slow to around 5mph before steering off the road. Any breaking of the tire bead from the rim can throw you off and into traffic. I ALWAYS presume a merge from the right or left does not see me. I would rather yield if I can to avoid a serious situation. I rode all over Germany Autobahns in the 1960's at over 100 mph and lived.
Towing is no different. Knowledge, awareness, instinct and assuming others are not seeing you or understanding your length are key to avoiding a collision, if possible.
Those not owning an RV are mesmerized and are distracted.
A safety course is recommended but it will never happen universally.
Be safe, understand your vehicles capabilities and it make your travels more relaxed. I see dumbos all the time towing and passing at 80 mph. Really, on RV China tires rated for much lesser speed. Now that's plain crazy!! Be safe.
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Wouldn't it be great if everyone left 4 car lengths between them and other cars? Then there would always be piece and harmony on the road. As they fly by me at 80-90 I always tell my passengers that they should have left an hour earlier, and on occasion get to laugh at them as we drive past them on the shoulder getting a citation.

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