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last year a gentleman decided to take his boat to the launch pad which consisted of going up a hill and then down to the launch pad. on his way up the hill the boat trailer came off the ball because he didn't collapse the ball or put the safety chains on and rolled half way down the hill and flipped on its side. Needless to say, gas was gushing all over the place so there were police cars, fireman, hazmat at the scene. took 5 hours to get a crane to sit the boat upright on the trailer again to be towed away. Was severe damage to the fiberglass and some bent parts on the trailer. Owner was embarrassed because of the scene created but was a lesson everyone learned. Take the time to properly lock the ball and install safety chains.

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I mentioned this before I think. I was in the far left lane I81 near Harrisburg, PA when I was following a boat that seperated from an F250. We were doing at least 70 when a large nut came out from under the boat trailer - I assumed the TV had kicked up some road junk, thought nothing of it, figured out what it was a little later.

About a mile after that the boat (24' bass type boat I think) started going left then right. After 4 oscillations, away it went on its own. It scared both right lanes of traffic, then into the left break-down lane, back to the right, and finally off to the left again, just missed a guard rail for an underpass. If went down the bank of the road below and I saw the spare tire fly another hundred feet. Heck of a crash, no injuries at least.
I was surprised the chains failed, so I believe the driver may had done more things wrong that just leave the ball nut loose.

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also, not a "loose trailer" sort of thing, but I witnessed the awesome sight once of a brand new pontoon boat leaving its trailer, gaining about 10-12 feet of altitude, levelling off and then pancaking down perfectly flat on I-55. After first time out, the owner never put any kind of tie-down on the boat.
Quite the mess.

In addition, I have seen 3 dry-launch incidents at the boat ramp. All 3 have been roller bunks and the guy cut loose the bow line before backing up.
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This is a mobile link but a sad story.
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was on my way to work a few years ago when I saw a concrete trailer separate from a truck and slam the concrete median. 6 lane belt expressway. It looked like a bomb went off when it hit the median, threw dust and smoke about 50-60 feet in the air. damaged a couple dozen vehicles (debris hit some cars head on.)

IIRC the truck was for a small construction company and the trailer was a rental. The driver was an illegal with no licence and the construction company insurance refused to pay.

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Many years ago when we were moving to the house we live in today, we bought some furniture at a warehouse place and rented a big U-Haul from the store to tote the furniture to our new house, as well as pack up the old place. Day of the move, the U-Haul place didn't have the truck we rented, so they gave us the next size down along with the biggest trailer they rent instead. Wasn't thrilled about it, but as we had deadlines we decided to go with it.

Guy at the furniture place/U-Haul rental hooked up the trailer - I was clueless. He had some trouble, but eventually said we were good to go.

I was driving the truck (with the new furniture in it) with the empty trailer behind, and hubby was following in our vehicle. We made it about 15 miles from the store and to the bridge across the Uhwarrie river (anyone from Stanly or Montgomery Co, NC knows what bridge I'm talking about). The bridge was the west bound side, which is the older and more narrow bridge.

As I came over the bump to get on the bridge @ 55 mph, the coupler came loose on the trailer. I felt the thing start swaying like crazy as the chains caught, and immediately took the foot off the gas, but didn't want to slam on the brakes as I was scared it would be a worse wreck. About that time the chains gave way and that trailer went sailing into the air. My husband said it was quite spectacular - it caught several feet of air, bounced off the guard rail and ALMOST went over the rail into the river 100+ of feet below.

Thankfully because the bridge was so narrow, I had taken the middle of the bridge (2 lanes going in same direction) to keep anyone from trying to pass me on the bridge, so nobody was hurt, but we did find out how far an empty U-Haul trailer will go. Left a gouge in the asphalt at least 75 feet long where the tongue hit the pavement.

Looking back from today I can appreciate the humor, in that nobody got hurt and my furniture was in the truck so it was OK. Sure wasn't funny at the time. I think it took a year off my life. The trailer was a total loss - axle broken, etc. We waited over an hour for law enforcement to come - the trailer was 1/2 way down the bridge, blocking both lanes of traffic and since the county line ran down the middle of the river, the two counties spent 45 minutes arguing back and forth about which sheriff's office should respond. All the time traffic backing up on a pretty major state highway, and the trailer too heavy for us to try to move it with the axle toasted. Finally we did get a couple of burly trucker guys who came over to help and we were able to move it into one lane so the traffic could sneak by in the other lane.

In the end, U-Haul comp'd us the entire rental fee to 'accommodate' our inconvenience. Apparently the deciding factor between holding us responsible was the fact that we didn't hook up the trailer - the rental guy did.

And we did get moved OK using the smaller truck - just made two trips instead of one - I told them flat out I would not EVER tow a trailer from them again.
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Originally Posted by Cowracer View Post
In addition, I have seen 3 dry-launch incidents at the boat ramp. All 3 have been roller bunks and the guy cut loose the bow line before backing up.
A boat ramp is honestly some of the best free entertainment a person can have.
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My son had a twin jetski trailer come off the hitch when he turned a corner and the trailer came off, snapped the chains and proceeded downhill into the woods. When the trailer hit a ditch, the jetskis came off and proceeded to take out a couple of pretty good size trees. The trailer was a bit hosed up, but the jetski's were fine, except for a bit of a gelcoat crack on the bow of one when it took out a 3-4 inch tree.

Yamaha jetski's are pretty tough...
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This past weekend I saw a 5er come unhitched as it was leaving the campground. The guys wife was nagging him hard to hurry up so they could go home and he apparently didn't get his full walk around done. They pulled out of the camp site, rounded a corner, then start up a hill, about half way up the 5er slide out of the hitch, hit the bed rails and was stopped by the tailgate. By some miracle, the tailgate held the big 5er, 35-36ft with 3 slides but looked like a big U, the middle was bent back a good 5-6 inches. The camper wasn't damaged that bad but the truck need a new bed and tailgate. We help him get hitched up and made sure it locked and he went on his way.

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Not a crash and burn type story, but funny to say the least. I grew up on a popular recreational lake and saw many entertaining moves on shore and in the water, but my family may have been a part of the best one.

My father and I had headed out for an afternoon fishing trip. The boat ramp we used was a very steep concrete ramp which was only accessible when the lake was very high. As usual, I was backing the boat off and my dad was set to pull up the truck and trailer to park. There was a lot of moss built up on the ramp, which caused the truck to spin out. There was what looked to be an 18-20 year old kid waiting in a boat by the dock, so my father asked if he could drive a standard shift. With acknowledgement, he hopped in the drivers seat as my dad took the position to bounce on the rear bumper to try and gain traction. Apparently, the kid wasn't skilled with a standard shift be cause as I looped around, the next thing I saw was what looked like my dad walking on water. I sped up to him and found that he was actually standing on the top of the cab, truck was sunk. The kid got out OK. A dive team and a few hours later, we were able to have a good laugh.

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