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Small thing:
While at a local state park there was a young family across from us in a pop-up. At least five young children...all boys...Mom had her hands full. She got up before anyone else each morning and cooked a full breakfast. Then cooked a full meal at lunch and dinner.

DH had to work that Friday (we went up on Thursday) and I was there alone at the RV. I decided to go to the local WalMart, and knowing that feeding that many required lots of groceries I walked over and asked if she needed any food items. She was hesitant but finally asked if I minded picking up some flour tortillas.

Long story short, I wouldn't let her repay me, and got the recipe for fantastic breakfast burritos!

Big thing:

I've already shared our scare with the first fire-up on the furnace, RV filling with smoke and the smoke alarm rudely waking us up.

Across the park was a young couple...the husband owns an A/C and heating business. He came over and eased my mind by taking off panels and checking out our furnace, confirming the advice we got here about first fire-up and oil burn off. Saved our trip, he did.

I hope some day soon I can pay that forward.


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What a great thread!

We were camping at Red Cliff in Gallatin Nat Forest which is close to Big Sky, MT. We'd run up to Big Sky for some reason and I was walking into a store when I heard someone staying "STAY" and "NO". I glanced over and saw a woman helping an elderly lady into a doctor's office and she had left her big SUV sitting in the road with the door open and her 2 labs inside. I asked if I could help and she gave me her keys! I moved her vehicle, kept the dogs inside and saved her sandwich from being munched. I met her with her keys at the door. It turns out the elderly lady was her mom who was visiting and suffering from altitude sickness or that's what she thought. I wish I knew what happened with her mom.

It was at the same campground I'd seen an older guy walking an older husky mix dog. She was walking slowly and was stiff but they made it around the loop and I saw them on the trail a couple of times. I was in the MH when I heard my dogs scrambling around. I looked out and there was the dog coming up to my 2 boxers. I don't think they would have intentionally hurt her but I didn't want to take a chance on them knocking her over so I raced out to intercept her. About that time, I hear her human yelling for her. I could tell by his voice he was in a panic. I yelled that I had her and she was fine but he came running down the road to get her. I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack! He said he'd thought he'd snapped her cable on but must have missed the D ring and when he turned to get her, she was gone.

I know I'd be in a panic if one or both of my pups disappeared. I hope if that ever happens that someone will help them instead of chase them off.


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Great thread. Great to read good things for a change...

Just last night, camped in our local town Park, I was able to do a small thing for an elderly couple. My dw, myself, and a few friends were enjoying our campfire on a cool night when we all noticed a guy walking towards us. We assumed the worst, thinking it was another camper that had enjoyed a bit too much....once he got closer, I could tell he was elderly, and then he said he needed an electrician. I stayed at a holiday inn express one time, so thought what the heck.
They had no power. No heat, and his wife was sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. He didn't know what a breaker or fuse panel even was, let alone where it was in his fifth wheel. I offered to look, and he graciously accepted. Found a blown fuse. Quick trip back to my camper for my small parts box, and changed that for him. Still no heat. I asked about propane, and could tell he really wasn't sure what I meant. Turned out one bottle was empty, and he just needed to turn the valve to the other tank. Heat on, happy wife for him. She tried to give me $20 for my 10 minutes of help, but that's against camper code! it's the greatest feeling to help others.
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On several occasions I have jumped in the cab and parked others' RVs. Most of the time it is an Asian, or European visitor who just rented the RV and are just starting their North American vacation. Seems some rental companies don't educate their customers in a lot of ways. There has even been few American owner/operators who I have assisted with parking chores too. I have fixed numerous RV problems for others, especially stuck slide outs, and hydraulic stabilizers. I have even been know to fix a flat tire on a youngster's bike a few times. Insect bites are common problem also. At a campground we sometimes host at, there is an Africanized Honey Bee problem. Numerous times I have unhooked water services with a ball of bees on the connection, getting water from leaky connections. Personal best is 9 bee stings in a 6 month period. I have even removed a two western diamond back rattlesnakes from campers' What ever it takes.
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I've been meaning to come back to this thread to report a handful of times that I've been helped. I had a few well timed gentle suggestions for something that might work a little better (one old guy walking past the first time I parked my fifth wheel- "if it were me, I'd pull forward a little more" or "it's OK to pull into that grass over there"). Each time saved me much time and frustration.

Today was quite the event. We went over to the camper to drain the water from the tanks, since the it'll be sitting empty for another few weeks. While I have it 100% empty of our stuff, I was curious about the truth in Sabre's advertising and my wife, I and the kids took it to a scale to get weighed. While we parked in front of the "no dropping trailers" sign (after getting permission inside), the security guy rolls up and tells me that I'm *also* in a fire lane. He gave me permission to be there for the 5 minutes it would take to unhook and come back. I appreciated that- it was a heck of a lot easier to park there than any other option.

Anyway, on our way home- we were sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green. We were 3 or 4 vehicles from the stop light when the driver one lane over just started to pull into oncoming traffic. She stopped but then lurched forward again and was t-boned. The other driver hit the small SUV hard enough that it knocked it onto onto it's side (my wife says it almost went over- leaned and fell back). I told her to call 911 and headed up. I'm first aid certified but still wasn't sure what I could do.

It turns out, there were no major injuries. Both drivers walked away just fine- but the thing that made me happy in humanity, I was one of 15-20 people who came up to help. In the crowd, I noticed a nurse talking to the driver who got hit. A couple of off-duty firefighters. Everyone made sure the dog who was in the car that got hit was attended to and more than one person ensured that 911 was called (and I saw multiple people call).

I never did find out what made the person go. I assume they were distracted with something and got caught off-guard. She started to go, stopped and then couldn't decide what to do next, so did the worst possible thing (kept going- I guess trying to make it).

But kudos to my neighbors who got out to help.
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My most memorable event like this occurred many years ago when my late wife and I were camping in a National Park in Utah. One evening around suppertime, we heard a commotion at a nearby campsite. It sounded like someone in a panic. Being Registered Nurses, my wife and I ran over to see if there was anything we could do. An elderly man – probably in his late 70s or early 80s, had fallen unconscious on the couch in the couple’s Airstream. His wife’s reaction was to step outside and start screaming (under the circumstances, the best thing she could have done).

After determining that the man was not breathing and had no pulse, I started CPR. My wife tried to calm the elderly woman down and had other campers go to the ranger station to alert first responders (this was long before cell phones and other modern technologies). The nearest EMS personnel were about Ĺ hour away, so CPR was prolonged. When EMS arrived, they took over CPR and had me get an IV established for meds. They then loaded up and transported the patient to the nearest hospital (at least 30 – 45 minutes away).

Nearby campers secured the couple’s trailer and campsite for the night. Unfortunately, the gentleman did not survive, so the next morning park rangers and fellow campers helped the woman arrange for family or friends to travel to Utah to take care of her and get the rig home (I don’t remember where they were from). It was a very sad situation, but heartwarming to see the camping community and park staff gather around this unfortunate older woman in her darkest hour and time of need.
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I can't count the number of kids I've bandaged up and walked/carried home while camping.
This past 4th of July, my friends son came with us for the week. He had just learned how to ride a bike 3 days before our departure and was excited to have a buddy to ride with. As fate would have it, there was an accident. Not due to his lack of riding experience however.

He had stopped on one of the side of a wooded trail near the beach to look at a plant he had never seen. As he tried to get back on his bike, he tipped over the opposite way and fell into the well traveled path approximately 2.5 feet below. He landed squarely on his knee dislocating his kneecap.

The folks camping just behind the trails called 911 and kept watch over him until my son could come get me.

A friend of mine stayed at camp with my son while we headed to the hospital. While there a minimum of 15 kids with assorted family members stopped by checking on our guests condition. Once his parents got up there and the knee was set, we headed back to camp and were greeted by the mob waiting. All of the kids signed the cast and wished him well.

You never know, the person you selflessly help may just be the person you will rely on later.

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Originally Posted by jtstromsburg View Post
I stayed at a holiday inn express one time, so thought what the heck.
That's funny.

Originally Posted by jtstromsburg View Post
She tried to give me $20 for my 10 minutes of help, but that's against camper code!
I like that saying about the camper code. I plan to use that one.
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If you have never gone back through the threads you started, it's kind of a fun exercise. All sorts of good times brought back good memories. Anyway, I liked this thread and am sad it didn't catch on.

Back in August, we were coming back from the beach (truck only, not camping). Once stopped at a rest area, an older lady approached me and asked me if I could help her. Turns out, she pulled off of the highway to take a nap because traffic was bad and she needed to rest a bit. Unfortunately, she didn't turn off her lights and ran her battery dead. She asked if I could give a jump. I did and we chatted a bit more- turns out she and her late-husband used to have a seasonal campsite near Atlantic City and she missed it (and him). She reminded me of my grandmother and I was glad to give back.

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Not while camping, but last month, DH and I were on our way home and just as we entered Fwy from ramp, traffic ahead slowed while 5 cars tried to share 2 lanes. The pickup in front of us rear-ended a motorcycle. The pickup stopped, and we pulled over to see if we could help to help. The cars that caused the problem stopped long enough to see the motorcycle rider walk out of the ditch he'd been thrown into. We are also riders, so stayed to help pick up the bike and move it to the shoulder, provided the rider with some water and discovered that our first aid kit is inadequate for roadside accidents, but of 4 cars to stop, it was the only one available. Gave our statements and got out of the way for EMT and tow truck to do their thing.

We were helped out on our first outing in old toy hauler. Being stupid NOOBs, we hadn't tested anything in our driveway. Hot water heater was broken, it was dusty, and I wasn't in a good mood when we decided to open the awning. After about 15 minutes of muttering under my breath, a kind camper walked over to see if he could help. He walked us through opening and closing the awning, making sure we didn't feel too stupid, saying we all have to learn when faced with new things. I keep his kindness in mind, and will offer help to anyone if needed.

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