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I use the internet to research the area, find the campground and make reservations. If I am going on a cross country trip with multiple campgrounds I use the map on the Mac to determine my legs and schedule them on the calendar. We are taking a Route 66 trip in August from Chicago to Santa Monica. For that trip I purchased several books to research the trip. One has directions to follow the route and I put those directions on a mapping application called Garmin Basecamp. With Basecamp you can drag the routes to follow a specific route then load them into the Garmin GPS. The GPS will take you on your route that you created. This way the DW doesn't have to be studying maps and we can both enjoy the drive more. Any roads that look questionable in Basecamp I take a look at Google satellite view and Google street view and check them out. One more trick I have learned is to put my reservation confirmations and address from each campground in the notes section of the event in the calendar app. That way I have the info on my Mac computer, iPhone and iPad. This system is working great for me.

So my tools are:
Purchased books
Apple maps
Apple calendar
Google satellite and street view
Internet research
Garmin Basecamp
Garmin GPS

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The mailman lives just down the road from us, he holds the mail for us for thirty days. Then he places the mail in a box in a outside room at our house. It’s mostly junk, light bill, water bill, insurance, we pay everything online. About the only time we make reservations is it’s a holiday at the destination. We mainly just pull out of the driveway. We use rvparksandcampgrounds to find campgrounds, sometimes we use rvparky. We also carry the GoodSam campground directory. I drive between 300 miles a day and 500 miles, it doesn’t brother me, I like to drive. We usually start calling for campground reservations at lunch. We are always in a campground before dark. I have a 100 gallon auxiliary tank, we never use Pilot/Flying J, to expensive. We never stop at Walmart for the night, we don’t mind paying for a campsite for the night. It works for us

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Originally Posted by Carpercb View Post
I am currently camped in the National forest outside Flagstaff Arizona. Yes some small portions of the forest are closed because of fire Danger but the majority of it is open. Temperatures peak out in the low nineties during the day And drop to the high sixties at night. No air conditioning required.

When it gets 74 degrees the air conditioner comes on and stays on until the temperature inside the goes below 74 degrees. At night it’s usually set to 65. DW is going to be cool in the summer and warm in winter, we stay in campgrounds that mostly have full hookups. Sometimes in the spring or fall the temperature is different and we can camp without full hookups
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Backwards Planning

Sounds strange but we also plan our trip working backwards from our final destination. Typically plan for 200-250 miles per day of travel. Always try to stay. 3-4 nights in places to see the sights and get out to the local places. I typically plan all the routes and make reservations at camp sites and my co- pilot researches things to do at the places we are staying using travel advisor. We find local eats through Yelp and Diners Drive Inand Dives app. We use Gas Buddy to plan for gas stops. We put all the trip information into a Power Point Table that lists destination point, name of RV/Camp Site with Address and phone contact info, site number, reservation number and number of miles traveled. All info goes into notebook with Trip Name and dates. We plan our trips about 60 days out from departure date to secure reservations.
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First thing is don't travel during 4th of July. We made that mistake this year. Also travel after Labor Day if possible. Other than that just go.
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So many good ideas on this thread!

What we do is figure out the ultimate destination... then we figure out the states on the way there that we'd like to travel through on the way there. And we figure out different ones for the way home. Then we write to EACH states tourist board (web site) and ask for the current state tourist brochure. The we both go through it independently and circle the things we'd like to do and see on the way through. We plot those o a map and allocate time for each...then we use the planning tools others have discussed above. We figure there are no guarantees and we may never pass this way again so we try to pack as many things as we can in on the trip...not just the destination.
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Originally Posted by Ronjon50 View Post
What is a COE campground? I’ve seen this mentioned before, but never asked

Core Of Engineers Every one I've ever visited has been kept in excellent condition.
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Originally Posted by sherman12 View Post
Next Friday, yeah the 13th, my DW and I will be heading out for our longest by miles and days trip. Leaving WNY State for three weeks and 1500 miles each way, heading to South Dakota to travel the Great 8 as South Dakota likes to call it. As we get ready for this adventure, with great ideas provided by the Forum, my DW asked "How Does All of Your Blog Friends (that is her term for the Forum) Plan For Their Trips?" So, here I ask; How do "You" plan for extended time and distance trips?
Weeks before we leave, I plan the whole route and stays meticulously. Then once we leave the driveway we realise that it was all a waste of time. So, after perusing the plan, we usually point in the (original) chosen direction and go.

From then it all comes down to where we stop for lunch, for an overnight or for a few days. It always comes down to how far the entire journey is supposed to be, how far we intend to travel and how long we have to do it (if there is a time limit, being retired this is rare). We time our day trips to arrive at the next site somewhere between 2-4pm, it depends on what is there that we want to see before we bed down for the night. If it is a o/n layover with little local interest, we arrive around 4 to setup.

We recently did somewhere around 2500km in a half-loop of Australia, picking most stops according to distance. A lot of the bigger towns were planned destinations but anything/everything in between was a surprise. Some place were supposed to be o/n but ended up being days. It is a great way to travel.
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Trip planning

Originally Posted by AudiDudi View Post
I used the trip planner on the Good Sam website for the first time and I really liked it. Not only does it show Good Sam member parks near your route, it will also show private campgrounds and COE campgrounds. It will also let you know of things to do/see in the area.

I use Google Maps to check out the RV Parks. I also use RVPark Reviews to read reviews. I use gasbuddy to find fuel and I then check out the station on Google Maps to make sure it is an easy In/Out.
Yep, that is what we do.
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My first trip with my TT was 16,000 miles from Myrtle Beach to Alaska and back. I'm retired, left in the middle of April and returned in the middle of October. It was a fantastic trip.

I used a copy of MS Streets and Trips. While outdated, the main roads were still there. I planned on 250 to 300 mile jumps. I would use ST and RV Park Reviews to find my next campground and would call ahead to make a reservation. This gave me a destination and save time looking for a CG. More so around holidays, etc.

I took my credit cards, a Visa and Master Card. MC was next to useless in Canada. My Visa charged a conversion charge, Canadian to US dollars. I've since gotten another Visa card that doesn't charge the fee.

While in Canada, I was notified by Visa that someone had fraudulently used my card and they would replace the card and asked for an address to "overnight" a replacement. I picked the next CG in Dawson City that I would arrive at in a couple of days and would be spending 7 nights at. I had Visa call the CG to get the Canadian address 100% correct. Visa reassured me the replacement card would be delivered via UPS in three days. When I arrived at the Dawson CG I asked if they had received a package from UPS for me. The lady just laughed and said UPS didn't deliver to Dawson. (I got a phone call 7 1/2 weeks later saying that they had JUST gotten the UPS package and what I'd like to do. My first choice, while appropriate, wasn't polite and suggested that it be returned to Visa.)

After numerous phone calls, I had another card sent to a CG in Anchorage. It finally arrived! I had to used my ATM card that was also another Visa card, that drew immediately from my checking account and charged a conversion fee. This went on for two weeks until the replacement card arrived. I prefer using the bank's money for 30 days, interest free, and pay the monthly bill in full.

Another useful app was Gas Buddy. With it I had a better idea how far the next station(s) would be, particularly in Canada.

My prescriptions were with Walgreens and available everywhere on my trip except in Canada. I was able to plan ahead with 90 day refills and accounting for my Canadian crossings.

I made arrangements with my neighbor to take my mail in. The US Postal Service wouldn't hold my mail for 6 months. This worked out fine. I had a LOT of mail, mostly junk mail, to go through when I got home.

My SSN checks were automatically direct deposited and with the Internet I was able to check my Visa bills to verify charges, etc.

Finally, and probably most important, all of my monthly bills are paid automatically and didn't need to get a bill in the mail.

Most important is to relax and have a good tme.

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