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What: dimpled the back corner of our 1972 Winnebago Indian with the boat
When: 31 years ago...and we still laugh about it.

My sons (then 3 and 7) and I reached the campground before my wife. We pulled the boat up behind the camper. I was going to back the boat into a spot adjacent to our sight, unhook the boat and then set up the camper. I stood the boys over to the side at a safe distance and told my oldest son to warn me if the boat got close to the camper. I kept backing and backing with no warning from the boys. So I got out and walked around and sure enough the bow of the boat had contacted the back corner of the Winnie and put a dimple in it. When I looked angrily at my oldest son...he just shrugged his shoulders and said oops. Then to add insult to injury, my 3 year old put his hands up to his mouth, giggled really big and said "daddy bent the camper". How could you be mad after that. So, we all had a good laugh, unhooked the boat and set up the camper. And of course the first thing the 3 year did when my wife arrived was run across the campsite yelling "daddy bent the camper". We made good memories in that old Winnie for over 10 years and it still had the dimple in it when we sold it. And we still tell the story around the campfire today...the boys are now 34 and 38.

Moral of the story: Don't trust kid's judgement when backing a boat with and RV...BAHWAHHHHHH

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Last post reminded me - the grab bar by the door does have a dent - I went to retract the awning and discovered DW had flipped the Stromberg Carlson handle away from the door onto the awning bracket. The Awning has a surprising amount of power considering it dented the handle.
I now have two labels by the retraction switches, one for the slide one for the awning.

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Ok, here you go, no damage, just bruised ego. I'm being pulled out of my fields by a neighbor. ...the story, well, my wife wanted me to set up in a different spot than we normally set up, which is graveled. I argued but lost. She was warned about the pending rain but wouldn't budge. Anyway, after a few days of rain, I had to head back home. Hooked up, rolled off the dry area and promptly sunk to the frame/axles. My neighbor saw it coming. When I walked down to get help, he asked why I parked there. All I said was " I'm married" nothing else needed to be said.

I had to dig under the truck to hook up a pull chain to the frame. He used A spreader bar and 4wd to pull my truck and camper to solid ground.

BTW, my wife has never since argued with me about where to set the over.
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After one particular camping season, searched high and low for my favorite flashlight - could not find it anywhere. The following camping season, opened up our pop-up, there is my flashlight suspended from the ceiling - we had left it on a counter when we closed it up for the winter and it punched through the ceiling tile and stuck there.
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And then there was that other time...

When I camped in southern Colorado and watched the one TV station that I could get, and went to bed. The next morning I looked at my checklist (I actually have one), saw "TV Antenna", and actually remember saying to myself, "I didn't watch anything last nite because I'm too far out in the boonies." And didn't lower the antenna because I was sure I had never put it up.

Headed up the road to Denver, and went through some huge rain squalls. Got to the campground, rolled out the slide, and there was a raggedy 6" hole in the roof where the antenna base used to be. Ripped a chunk of roof with it as it went off in the wind going up I-25.

Still living and learning.

Rich Phillips
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Not a my oops...but still informative

Sitting at the campsite enjoying my morning coffee and the guy (about mid 40s and his spouse) two sites down was getting ready to leave. (no one between us, great view of the scenery).

He did his once over, disconnected all the hoses, electrical ect and jumps into his truck and begins to line up to his fiver. He has a nice TV, all set up, diamond plate tool box, tinted windows and one of those tail gates that has the cutout so the gate remains up. Anyway he jumps out when he gets close, raises the 5r eyeballing the height and jumps back in to the truck and backs up....BAM..trailers too high and the pin hits the top of the hitch. so he pulls forward lowers trailer a little, backs up again..BAM.. Spins the tires, gravel flying......still too high it seems, so he pulls forward lowers trailer little more, jumps back into truck hits the spin, gravel flying again....So he pulls forward hits the gas hard. BAM..CRASH...SMASH OF GLASS... Everyone in the CG comes over too see what all the noise is about....The pin jumped the hitch and his trailer pushed the tool box into the rear of his cab crumpling the cab, busted out the rear glass including side windows and the front of the 5r is smashed...
I couldn't believe what I just saw...holy hell!!! I didn't think that much damage could happen so quick.

I don't like to tell about other peoples business, but this guy gets a pass...he made it everyone business when he started berating his wife, blaming her, telling her it was all her fault this happened, screaming at her. It took myself and two fellow campers to get him to calm down and to stop being an ASS.

We later found out he didn't open the jaws on the hitch.

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I was backing into a site at Oleno SP when a oak tree jumped out a took out a scare light and a side marker. This SP is about 10 miles from my house I was by myself and the DW was coming out after work. I saw two oak trees but missed the third one in my blind spot. Good thing was it was with my old 5 year old Rockwood and not the new Crusader.
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In forty years of camping (tents, trailers, fifth wheels, and m/h),I thought I had done every stupid thing possible. Not true, their are still opportunities. On the way back rom Goshen, I tail-wagged a gas pump. On to the body shop.
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Like rapiniii must, I seem to have a depressingly long list of screwups.

I had just brought home a new Jayco fiver, and had it in the driveway installing my solar panels on the roof. The installation went very smoothly, and I was bubbling over with pleasure with myself. This resulted in a shortage of attention to certain other details.

I pulled out of the drive gently, rolled a hundred feet or so down the street, and gave it a tap on the pedal. Huge Thunk!!, and a jarring feeling from the back.

Yes, in my exuberance about finishing the solar panel project, I'd forgotten to lock in the jaws on the hitch, and the brand new trailer dropped on the pickup bed. Caved in both sides, and of course hammered down the tailgate as well. Amazingly, the trailer itself showed only a couple of dents in the molding, and no panel damage.

What I'm worried about now -- looking back on all these incidents -- is why I'm feeling compelled to tell anyone else about them...

FWIW, hopefully with some instructive value to others.

Rich Phillips
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Tickled pick that we scored a great deal on a new TT... our '14 Flagstaff. Told DW if we left early enough on the first Friday afternoon, we could get one of the 3 full hook-up spots in one of our favorite SP. Got there, picked out the desired site and decided I needed to come up the road the wrong way to back into the site. Got to the bottom of the loop to turn around.... Maryland has a nasty habit of placing 4x4 posts in the most inappropriate places! Yep, cut a corner too close (still used to the '08 Roo 23SS we sold to purchase the Flagstaff 27BESS) and pretty well mangled the rear supports of the power awning, raked the 4x4 down the side of the trailer scuffing the fridge vent, decal, siding....

Tore out the top pivot point of the awning....

Had to wrap some strapping around the supports to transport the trailer home. $3700 total damage.


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