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Like "How do I save money? At the end of the month we are broke?"

PAY YOURSELF FIRST; then spend the rest.

Budget your time as well as your money.
Nothing "decompresses" like a weekend at the lake.


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Originally Posted by Labzy View Post
LOL sorry that was a typo


We have booked 16 days camping so far but am hoping for more!!!!!
Ideally I would love to go every other weekend for 2 nights (Fri/Sat).
I am self-employed and have a very flexible schedule, my husband however does not at the moment.
I am the one who maintains the house inside and out anyways so no worries there, and I intend on having everything packed up and ready to go so that all my hubby will have to do when he comes home is change his clothes and then get in the truck and drive=]
We have family who will check in on the cat daily and we are taking the dog with us. As for my daughters violin, skating etc..lessons, she can miss a week here and there no problem.
We also live very close to many campgrounds that are 1-2 hours away so that helps alot!!!
As for the to-do never ends you know that, so just forget about the peeling paint for a week or 2....and go camping, it will still be there for you when you get back xD

2010 Dodge Ram 1500
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DH (Alan), DD (Madison) and Zoey the lab,
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Managing to get in 10 camping days a year seems like a pretty decent amount for a busy family. As for us...we don't have kids, & this past year I just worked my way up to 3 vacation weeks a year. So my husband (who has more paid time off than me) can count on at least three 4 or 5-day long camping trips every year. We take at least one of our weeks off during the off season when campgrounds are nice & quiet (that's how I like it!) -- the only inhabitants being a few of those 60-day a yr. retirees. Enjoy your new trailer, however many days you get to try it out!
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Before I retired, I would make one or two/yr that I would make a 500-1000 mile loop over a 14 day span. 4 or 5 times/yr I would make 3 or 4day trips within 100 mi. Kids were up and gone when I started rving. Grass would still b there when I got back. Longer trips were usually in spring or fall.
Now that I'm retired, I'm lucky to get out 4 times/yr. Or I'm working on something.
When I worked, I worked shift and would have 7 days off every 28. (I had 2 to 3 days off each week as well).
Grand kids and ageing parents take the time now.
I was better organized and made better use of my time before I retired.
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we also have our camper at a seasonal site 17 miles fron our home the wife and i do our inside remodling through the winter we spent the last 25 years making our house exteiror self suicent with only spring cleanup and fall prep work i mow on my day off and we do our athome work a day or so during the week otherwise we live at our camper from may through oct 5 to 7 days aweek
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I work shift and my wife stays at home. I only work 14 days a month so it affords a lot of time off. My daughters sport is camping. I take all my vacation in july and august. We camp on my days off which could be in the middle of the week and we have many provincial parks close by. It is a priority for us because we love it so much. I can camp for a season for the price of a cruise. I get all my sites booked this time of year and have them paid for then its just gas. Food is the same except maybe beer consumption!! 63 nights in 2010 and I currently have 32 nights booked for this year and another 30 to book!! Thats to the end of august not including anything in september. The rest can wait until I get home. Like someone else pointed out (same situation for me too) life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Live the moments to the fullest! Do what is important to you!
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I am a single full time dad with a 4 year old and just picked up my 2306 March 9th and have camped in it twice now with many more nights to come even if the camp outs are for only one night we are still out in the camping doing our thing as a family.

I also live in a Condo so I dont have to worry about the yard or outside but I am the President and Treasurer so that keeps me busy.

I also do alot of side work - so here is the kicker - you have to figue out what you really want to get done and blow the rest of it off - if you have kids - this is the time to spend with them and not doing the chores all the time or you do them after you get home from work and not sit on the couch and watch tv.

When I was a kid it seemed like my father was working all the time but he also made time for us - juggling his schedule as we call it.

I could be doing side work or many other things but I choose to make time for my daughter and get the camper out when I am not on call.

I guess the point I am making here which I think got lost - is you have to manage your time and make time for what you really want to do and if it is camping then doing a night here and there or a full weekend here and there - I told myself that I wanted to do atleast one weekend a month to unwind myself
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Originally Posted by prof_fate View Post
I see folks listing their days camped on their signatures. Are you all retired? Live in condos?

We're lucky if we get out 10 days a year and that's if we spend a week of our vacation camping. We're determined with what we've spent on a new TT an TV to camp more but where to find the time?

So how do you do it? Don't you have a house that needs things, cut the grass and work in the yard, etc? Kids that play sports? Jobs? Add in a rainy weekend here and there and when do you have time camp 30, 40, 60 or more days a year?

Help me camp more this year!

One of my favorite campground is located in the city I live in. This helps me to get out more often for the weekend without taking time off work.

Like a previous poster suggested - don't sweat the small stuff. Think shorter trips (time & location). Take a look at your committments and see what can be changed or skipped here or there. Planning can be helpful with family members so they know what to expect.

Not everyone will be able to camp 30, 40, 50 or more days per year. I work for a school district and I have many holidays through the school year along with one week off at Thankgiving, three weeks off for winter break, two weeks off for spring break and about 7 weeks off for summer break. That said - I won't be able to camp for 40 or 50 days per year. Time wise I should be able but not comittment wise. I'm taking it one step at a time and starting to get out more often.

Sometimes its hard to get reservations during peak periods. I keep checking for cancellations and usually I will get lucky. If necessary I will check with fewers days requested to see what is available and go from there.
Great choice for "Living within my means" and camping for one...

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Well, here is my situation:

1) We live in Phoenix AZ, so we are not restricted by winter. We can camp year round and work on home projects throughout the year, so they do not pile up like they tend to do in colder climates.

2) We home school, so we are more flexible in scheduling for trips and our trips usually include educational opportunities.

3) I work a 9/80 schedule, so every other weekend I have 3 days off. Additionally when a holiday falls in conjunction with my 3-day weekend I have 4 days and if I burn just one day of vacation, I can have 5 days off for the price of 1 vacation day.

4) As other have said, we try to get as much done during the week as we can so it is not waiting for us on the weekend. This is not easy and requires commitment and dedication.

5) We have made camping a priority as quality family time, relaxation from stressful lives and educational opportunities for our children and ourselves. As a result we don't commit to a lot of other things people get tied up in. One simple thing is that we watch very little television. It allows us to get the things done during the week which we need to.

Even with all of that, we don't camp as much as I would like to, but it all helps. We usually only get one long vacation of 1 to 2 weeks in length a year, two on a good year. The rest are just weekends, whether regular or extended.



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