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Originally Posted by TheWolfPaq82 View Post
Drop in sink ? the only way for the sink to fall out is if the hole was cut too big. I installed 3 drop in sinks this summer. There's no way for the sink to fall thru if the hole is correct.

It's a drop in sink that was installed as an undermount.

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My sink fell on one side also(I was elbowing it as I was putting in fake vinyl back-splash). My sink is plastic and "held" with silicone and -- FOUR-- clips(like a real sink) except it was screwed to junky wood that was glued to the top. One would have to be the Thin Man to slide in and re-attach the top(or remove the counter top".... so I engineered a patch till the 3M 5200 marine sealant and siliconed the inside. It is working for now.

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Originally Posted by dustman_stx View Post
It's a drop in sink that was installed as an undermount.

Thanks dustman, I guess I didn't explain my observation very well.

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Originally Posted by hreimers View Post
Your description is my sink exactly. I am new to this forum and trying to figure out how to attach a picture of my fix. I used two straps. One under each side.
You may be able to retrofit clips designed for holding an undermount stainless sink. This is a Google search return with many options. One might work for you. Bear in mind that the thickness of the RV countertop may not be the same as that of a home installation, so pick carefully. Watch the length of screws. The good news is that it appears you have plywood to work with. But some of these options are likely to be suited to undermount to granite, so some may rely on strong adhesives...a potentially good choice.

As for the sink's design for top mount...the same sink is likely to be suitable for either application. It depends on the design of the "flange" around the edge of the sink.

It also appears you might use wood supports under each side of the sink glued and screwed to the plywood. You should not need supports under the front and back (the long edges) of the sink. You'd have to t on the edge of your supports to allow a clean joint with the underside of the counter and a step under the sink...leaving room for caulk/adhesive between the sink and counter top.

Good luck.
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Lots of good info here. Just an additional clarification as I was in the natural stone installation business for 25 years. Vanities with porcelain or stone sinks are quite commonly glued without support, and rarely drop. But they do occasionally fall, and should have mechanical fasteners (we always did). No kitchen sink will last with glue only without unparalleled luck.

Many sinks are designed for self-rim or under mount and are equipped for both, so not uncommon to see the threaded holes under the sink on economy models. Note the OP pic has the threaded holes, but lacks the faucet hole area needed on a topmount install- the mfg likely shares tooling between the different models.

Stone and quartz counters can be easily slotted to allow bolts to be attached that hold clips, but lesser equipped shops can use bridge bracing or other methods to satisfactorily hold the sink in place. The OP’s sink lacked any such support but while his fix is unorthodox, it should be somewhat effective. I would expect the straps to stretch over time and require a bit of attention, and may eventually dry rot as well.
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Geez , the photo you post seems to show the lip of the sink which is supposed to "drop in" to a cutout in the counter instead below the counter !! So tell me what glue would hold a double sink when both were actually full of water ??? Maybe I'm not seeing it right. Yes your eye bolts and straps are an improvement but seriously two or four eye bolts now are responsible for how many.pounds of water ?? Now u really got me worried. We usually do state parks where we don't have a sewer hook up so my 29hfs has never had a full sink of water but hell next month I'm checking this out. If your sink is below the counter ter and it's rim unsupported it needs to be reinstalled from above. Mine is off warranty but if it's like yours , I do t care how much it's gonna cost it's getting redone.
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The straps are rated at 300 pounds each. A gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds. This little sink might hold 4 gallons of water when full. So really the load on each eye bolt and strap is not that much. My back of the envelope engineering. Prior to reinstalling I cleaned the surfaces with acetone. I used GE iron grip silicon adhesive to bond the sink to the underside of the counter top.
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I’m sure above pictured repair will hold up just fine. Might not be what a professional installer might do, but obviously effective :-)

If anyone else finds their sink unsupported, you can easily brace by attaching 2 wood blocks on either side of the sink cabinet supporting 2 wood strip supports underneath the sink. The best wood for the braces would be 2” wide strips of three-quarter inch plywood placed on end (with the glued layers vertical).
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Thumbs down poor designed sink

Our sink just fell out 2 weeks ago. There is no way possible to get under the cabinet to try to put any kind of braces or straps to support it. Our trailer is a 2019 Flagstaff Microlight that is only 3 months old. We are really wishing we had not bought it now. The first week the front electric tongue jack broke, then the micro wave oven doesn't work right, now our sink fell out and today my wife tried to use the oven for the first time and it will not work. Have been trying to get everything fixed but not having much luck. Repair man blames it all on selling dealer, dealer blames it on the factory and the factory will not respond to calls or emails. Really getting disgusted with everything. If lemon laws would cover it we would give it back. Repairman can't fix it because he says the factory said to use shims and epoxy but does not tell him how. Our selling dealer is over 900 miles away and the dealers we have contacted where we are that sell this brand said since we did not buy it there they will not fix it because they only support their customers. 2 dealers have told us this. We don't know what to do now.
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If you look at the pic I posted at the beginning of this thread it was an easy fix for the sink. I used a couple small cargo straps and eye hooks to hold the sink in place. I also added adhesive for extra measure. We have the same trailer as yours and have not had serious problems other than the sink. Lots of little things that make me question the pride of work and the overall quality of a Forest River product. My sink fell out on my second camp out. I repaired it because I didn't want to lose the trailer for who knows how long at a dealer.

The oven is tricky lighting the pilot light. I assume you have the documentation that explains it. With multiple problems it might be something at the main breaker switch box.

Hope your luck changes soon.

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21ds, sink

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