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and if LE sees an open bottle of Rum or beer on the MH table?.....


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For the most part, this thread has continued to move along OK after my earlier warning to play nice. We have had to delete several controversial posts, and we will decide if a warning is warranted for those.

Again, play nice.


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Originally Posted by MarsMan View Post
and if LE sees an open bottle of Rum or beer on the MH table?.....
Would that be attempting to bribe an officer?
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Originally Posted by doc73 View Post
EXACTLY! This is why they allow this violation (for all intensive purposes) of the 4th amendment. The court feels us just looking and releasing if nothing found is better than a car in impound costing money...We would pay your bill if I found nothing, but we are NOT everyone!

Our DA (district attorney) prefers a seizing of the car and get a warrant. Which, I have had good luck with when done this way because, again, I am not a jack booted thug. If I am going through this trouble it is for a reason, not a hunch to ruin your day.

That said our common practice is to tell the person what is going to happen at that point, car seizure and such. Depending on circumstance I will just search OR more likely... Not to scare them but the truth in the matter... Then allow then the option to consent to the search to give them the choice to avoid the impounding... Again, NOT to force the search because if I had no reason to search then the asking consent would be thrown at me to suppress the evidence because I can not coerce someone into allowing a consent with threat of violence or worse treatment.. It is solely done to save then from loosing the car.

EDIT: most things we search for and find will only be a summons (not arrested on the spot) so they will be IDed and sent on their way pending charges being filed. So taking their car would really mess them up because it is not like theyd be in jail..
I see, so you tell them in essence if you do not let me search now I will take it and search it when I am good and ready.
Could be today or next week or next month, I totally see where this is not a threat or intimidation.
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Originally Posted by doc73 View Post
Here is PA you do jot need to inform and officer you are carrying. Depending on the interaction or context of the contact it may be advisable for your safety.. Do not need to get hurt if it gets spotted un expectedly...
Not sure you're correct here. I was told that, if I'm pulled over here in PA, that I need to inform the officer first and foremost that I'm legally carrying and present him/her with my CCP along with the DL and registration. To do otherwise would land me in immediate trouble--or so I was told upon applying for the CCP.

As far as searching the RV--I would also politely refuse until a warrant was produced. Also, interdiction was mentioned a few threads back--please be careful (and avoid) carrying large amounts of cash out on the highways. If police find a large amount of cash, they can (correctly or incorrectly) surmise that its being involved in the commission (or result of) a crime, and they can seize it. It's a real headache to try and recover it, too. So no friendly searches for me. The cops are out there to protect and serve, but they are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. I like the sugggestion of controlling the conversation with meaningless questions--good call...
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Originally Posted by wpgman19 View Post
If you cross into Canada, and wish to bring guns, you MUST apply for permits prior to your trip, and have the permits with you, and DECLARE fully that you have them when you meet the customs officer. Also, expect them to inspect your vehicles before they let you go. if you refuse inspection, you will be required to turn around and go back to the USA. Best option is to leave your firearms at home. Very few CDNS carry guns anyway, so you really shouldn't need to protect yourselves from us!

I am fully aware. Wouldn't even consider crossing the borders with a gun unless to hunt. I like to bow hunt or a guided service will provide the fireman from what I have been told.

Remember this OP asked about getting a gun across the border and the thread was removed.

Sounds like he should worry about leaving the country of Texas. He has not stated any info of CCW.

I don't care. I was never rude to the police and have not been treated rude by them either.

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I think if I get stopped by LEO the first thing I'm going to do is turn my camera on and that way I have a witness. Then if he asks to search truck I can take a video of me asking why and telling him in a nice way no. He does has to have probability cause. I have no gun and no drugs or alcohol in my truck where you can see. Beer, wine and Mr Jack will be in frig. I would not dare to drink and drive, not even a beer. I will be nice but I believe it's my constitution right not to submit to unlawful search. But it's also good to try to be nice, I just don't want any trouble.

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CARROLL VS. US , Federal case law decided by the Supreme Court. Clearly states that if an officer has established "articulate suspicion " he/ she may search a vehicle that is mobile ( ie : can be moved ) without a search warrant. The best is to always get a search warrant, however in remote locations it may not easily obtained. Courts across the nation have been upholding this law for years. Being in law enforcement for almost 40 years, I agree its subject for debate, however the Supreme Court case still remains in effect. ( I don't have a pat answer, I would ask LOTS of questions of the officer and probably ask that another officer be present , other than that you should comply.) The officer is limited to search areas that can conceal whatever contraband he is looking for.If he is looking for a stolen TV, he cannot look in you glove box. because a TV cannot be concealed in the glove box. However if he says he smells pot, that could be concealed any number of small places. I am sure this will cause a lot of "what if " questions,but that is the law.
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I will no longer allow a search. When I was younger, every time I would get pulled over for some minor issue I got searched along with my car. I did give permission each time and just thought that was the way things were. I was always polite and respectful, I figured that if I am doing wrong and they catch me it's not their fault. I also lived in a small town, less than 6000 people, so I knew some of the officers personally.

Later in life, after talking to people who do not look like bikers, I realized that none of them got searched when pulled over. My conclusion was that I was searched because of the way I looked. Now I still look that way but since I got married to a woman that looks like a schoolmarm they never even ask to search me. I guess I get some credibility from her.

Just as a an aside, nothing illegal was ever found on me or in my vehicle. Also, the reason for my "biker" look is that my hair is so curly that I get ingrown hairs into my neck that then get infected. I had two choices in my mind, shave every day or don't shave at all. Not shaving got the vote.
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If your not doing anything wrong, why worry about it. Police can search my trailer and truck anytime they want to.

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