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I'm fine with a quick conversation but I would never bring over a beer, soda, pull a chair up, share a campfire, or invade another's vacation or time away. Just not me.

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Originally Posted by asquared View Post
So believe it or not, I'm actually quite shy and socially awkward in person (until you get to know me). Yes I'm very different on the forums behind a computer screen. I don't mind someone starting up.a conversation with us. I usually wave, give a smile and say hi. Beyond that I wait for others to make the first move. DH is a little more extroverted and easily sparks up conversations.
Same here. My wife is a social butterfly and has no problem carrying on a conversation with just about anyone. I'm the complete opposite. I have no problem with people coming up to me but very rarely will I initiate the conversation.

I don't even like talking on the phone unless I absolutely have to.

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Originally Posted by Black View Post
Personally I'm not a very social person.
I prefer staying alone on my site...I don't interact with others very often.
And prefer when others do the same.
Happy camping and no offence to anyone !
You and I could be very friendly neighbors, both being of the same mind. But then I'm the type of person that as soon as I get seated on the airplanne I pull out earplugs or an iPod to get the point across to my seat neighbor that I don't want to chat.
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my wife is a good judge to talk to someone or not but she is southern so she talks to everyone me the yankee kinda stick to myself
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Originally Posted by TxLightkeeper View Post
I tend to try and be sociable to an extent. If I see someone look over my way, I will wave and say good morning, afternoon or evening, which ever works. Then I leave it up to them if they want to start a conversation. If I see someone having difficulty during set up, I will call over and ask if they could use a hand.

But there are times I wish people would stay on their own site. Last trip out, campground was all but empty during the week. On the weekend it filled as expected. A group of campers behind me had to cross thru to go to the restrooms. They started out the first day going along the backside of my camper between me and an empty site. The next day, for what ever reason, they started coming right thru my site, between my picnic table and my front door of my camper. Now that was slightly intrusive in my thinking. And never spoke as they traipsed thru.
I'm not shy. I tell them to go around. After all, why is the arse here?
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I don't even like talking on the phone unless I absolutely have to. [/QUOTE]

X2. I talk on the phone all day at work. I generally do some bitching when the phone rings...usually someone wants something....occasionally it's the GS and he doesn't talk long. Lol. He says "I'll call you back!" He is 3
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Oh dear. My insecurity is showing.

I spent many years answering the phone for a huge customer........and if they wanted a phone delivered tomorrow that was blue and hovered over their desk 9 inches, defying gravity, and wanted it in 11 minutes, they got it. If they got it and it didn't work, I got called. I didn't fix it, but I told the guys that did to get with it!!

I hate all phones. A ringing phone will send me through the roof. It's an irrational phobia and I can't help it. Text me if you want to talk to me. I normally turn the phone ringer off.

OK.......Where were we?
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Originally Posted by Teamfour View Post
One of the great things about RVing is the opportunity to meet our neighbors at campgrounds. However, lately we have resisted just walking over to the camper next door for fear of intruding. If I see someone next door I will wave hello, but if they don't look receptive to a conversation I tend to leave them alone for the rest of the camping period. Maybe I just catch them at a bad time.

What are some of your tips for striking up a conversation with your neighbors?
I am a big coffee drinker and often have a fresh pot handy. I won't hesitate to offer you a cup. You want it fine, you don't, fine.

Another way I find helps is to have my dog tied to the picnic table. Many times I have been asked is she friendly? Then we can talk for a few minutes while she gets her head scratched. I have found most pet owners are good people.

As for the beer, won't do a thing for me. I am not a big beer drinker. Nothing personal, just not my thing. Now Gentleman Jack or a good scotch and that's a different story. To each their own.

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I usually am camping with a group of friends, so we are pretty social and open to everyone walking by or stopping in to introduce themselves. We sometimes even publicize our camping get togethers on a hobby website we are members of, just to invite non-campers to stop by for a visit.

I can understand the phone thing. I too, spend so much time on the phone at work, it takes an act of Congress to get me to converse on either my cell or home phone. My close friends and family pick on me all the time about how useless it is to call me since I never answer.
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Wearing anything relating to St. Louis (Especially a Blues shirt or hat) is taken as an immediate invitation that you want to be my new temporary best friend.

Honestly though, I look at what they are doing. If people are just sitting out, cold-chilling, I might wander up to say hi. If they are actually engaged in doing something... Cooking, setting up, basket weaving, etc. then I will just let a nod and a wave suffice.


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