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The side panels of the Coach were suppose to be held in place by these.
Of the 15 screws that were there, only the front one was actually in the panel. The rest were either missing or missed the mark of going into the panel.

It's a wonder the whole thing didn't fall off.

Originally Posted by B and B View Post

What were the rivets suppose to hold together?

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You stated and I quote "
I got 21QB for full-time. Time to take to the curb.

I got 21QB for full-time.

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Living full time in a small motorhome?

Originally Posted by davel1971 View Post
Of course it's their choice, but it seems like maybe it wasn't the best choice, or they wouldn't have made some of the comments. Any unit designed for full time living will be rated as such by the manufacturer. Most will have insulation values in the R30-45 range in ceiling and floors. Not a layer of foam or foil bubble wrap like cheaper units. If your going to live in it, you will want to be able to heat and cool it not only comfortable, but efficiently.
Can you give me some examples of affordable Class A or Class C motorhomes that would be more suitable for living in full time? Many of us cannot afford more than $100,000. I am serious because we bought our first motorhome and found it lacking in some areas and wish our salesman tried to fit us with what we really needed. He was a nice guy but when I expressed my feelings about slides etc. he didn't try to show me why my ideas might be wrong. Why I would likely be happier in a larger unit etc. and never discussed the fact we would not be able to use it in the winter etc. After less than a month we told the owner of the dealership we wished we had bought a bigger unit. He said bring it back and he would see what he could do. Imagine how we felt when we found they would only give us $38K trade on a unit we had just purchased for $52. Needless to say we still own the unit. So seriously, what motorhomes could we purchase, say for $89K or less that we could live in more than a weekend and would have better setups for insulation, tank heaters etc? There are only the two of us and a couple small dogs and we don't care about company sleeping over.
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Sure they knew we were full timers ... they charged for it

When we got it we were asked if we were going to be full-timers. The sales person knew that. And the finance person knew that. It was a bone of contention that we had to over come with finance because they didn't like the idea of us full-time and not knowing where we would be should we default on the loan.

It was the sales guy who greased the skids past finance to get us the coach. So sure he knew. He was instrumental in making it happen.

Originally Posted by mike.t View Post
Did the OP remind the salesman "remember we will be using it full time"? I guess they could have gotten the same piece of ? even if they got a "full timer". Unfortunate. The DVD player not playing while the wife is busy still chaps me raw. Could have phrased it better.
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Originally Posted by jkot View Post
The side panels of the Coach were suppose to be held in place by these.
Of the 15 screws that were there, only the front one was actually in the panel. The rest were either missing or missed the mark of going into the panel.

It's a wonder the whole thing didn't fall off.
Thank you for answering this. I had a issue with a panel on my Super Slide which was similar, was fixed by dealer with no issues after some new fasteners.
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Originally Posted by Bob Montgomery View Post
So seriously, what motorhomes could we purchase, say for $89K or less that we could live in more than a weekend and would have better setups for insulation, tank heaters etc?
New? Absolutely nothing. But for that price, you can find quality used diesel pushers. 10-15 years old are still very good reliable units, from the top makers.
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Another ...

As the old commercial said "this isn't your father's old's mobile". The times have changed. Just because it's been done that way for a long-time doesn't necessarily make sense today.

A long time ago might have been you need 1/4 tank of gas. Trucks didn't get the kind of mileage back then. Maybe the fact is that people got about 5-6 miles and so now that we are hitting 10 - 11, the need for 1/4 tank is gone. 1/8 of tank is good enough.

This reminds me of the old joke. "Mother, why do we cut the legs of the turkey off before we bake it? I don't know. We've always done it that way. Let's ask Grandma.

Gradman, why do we cut the legs off the turkey before we bake it. I don't know that's the we've always done it. Let's ask great grand ma.

Great Grandma, why do we cut the legs of the turkey before we bake it?
Because the pan I had was too small and that's the only way I could get it to fit".

That's the problem with thinking we've always done it that way. People in the past had a reason. We need to understand the reasoning and adapt.

In the words of Emerson: "A foolish consistency is the hob gobline of little minds."

Maybe, as I said, if you only got 5 - 6 mpg then 1/4 tank with about 14 gallons is good. That gets you 60 miles. But now to 1/4 gets you 120 miles. So maybe the objective was just to get you 60 miles and we need to adapt to 1/8 tank?

The times, they are a changing. Keep up or die with the dinosaurs. DVDs were not in coaches of days of old. So things need to be done differently to take advantage of the new technology and to implement it right.

And if we as customers continue to accept shoddy workmanship and service then that's what we're going to get.

Change or die with the dinasoures

Originally Posted by wahoonc View Post
With the exception of the rivets and screws? Everything else is pretty much industry standard. Forest River doesn't make the thermostats and converters or the DVD players. The 1/4 tank of fuel has been around for many years. If keeping that much gas in the tank is a problem, maybe you shouldn't own an RV?

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My Ford trucks~~ same thing with the DVD. There is an aftermarket wire harness ($250) that takes care of that and more. I've been tempted to change but as I trade every 18 - 24 months and believe there would be liability,,, never have done it,
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On the DVD not playing unless emergency brake on. I have an aftermarket in dash DVD player in my truck. It was set up same way. I just cut the wire going to the brake and grounded it. DVD player works anytime now. For what it's worth.
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I believe the 1/4 has been researched for quite some time, and though it may not fit your particular need, the next guy may be coming to the forum complaining that his coach ran out of gas because he ran his generator and couldn't get to a gas station with the fuel left. You say you get 10-11 mpg, but what if you're not on or near a highway? What if you're in a mountainous region of back roads and/or stop and go traffic? What if you're pulling a toad? You're argument on this matter doesn't hold up for everyone.

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