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Originally Posted by RickRed52 View Post
I was hoping others would share their own experiences with neighbors from hell. The above thread is what these folks do. They have no boundaries. Their barking dogs, screaming kid's or your property or peace is of no concern to them. They do take over and have zero concern or respect for their neighbors. Calling it a fools errand to reason with these folks is accurate especially if alcohol is involved
Rick, not sure where your coming from. There have been several suggestions here including mine that is based on 35 years of camping all around the U.S.
What else are you looking for?? There are no silver bullets here!!!!

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Call the Campground manager and request REFUND DUE TO THEM ALLOWING CAMPERS TO SKIRT THE RULES. That will do the trick

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I posted for two reasons:
1. Wanting to hear if anyone had any experiences that worked.
2. Wanted to have a thread where people could share their experiences and frustrations with neighbors from hell. Mine left today and there is peace and quiet. I love it!

Though I must confess I was hoping there was a silver bullet other than reporting them.
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Just had this type of nightmare occur during my vacation. During check-in noticed two intoxicated guys in late 20's early 30's trying to rent a tent site. The lady taking care of me told me my site number and happened to overhear the guys saying they would take my site number as the person hadn't checked in yet. They obviously didn't know what check-in time meant. I asked the lady helping me where they next to me and she said unfortunately yes. They had been in the office for 30 mins. trying to get a site. They were extremely rude and aggressive towards the staff. Needless to say once we arrived at our site they were indeed next to us (two guys and two girls) all highly intoxicated and had rented a golf cart. As we were setting up one of the girls jumps on the golf cart and floors it in reverse stopping 6 inches from my camper, but only after I yelled to STOP. She asks me what and I tell her she is 6 inches from hitting my camper. She then tells me Yeah I have F'n 6 inches don't I. By this point my wife and daughter come around and she is telling the guys they have a-hole neighbors, etc. You know, it's never their fault. I bite my tongue and go to the office and ask when their leaving and they tell me tomorrow. O.K., I can deal with one night. They end up drinking so much they pass out early. The next morning we are eating breakfast and notice they are drinking hard liquor. I tell my wife they are not leaving today. My wife ends up staying at the camp site for the day and upon my arrival back around 5 p.m. she shows me pics of the neighbors. The girls were peeing behind the tent, one of the guys was passed out on the ground with a chair over his head for shade and the site looked like the dumpster threw up. She then goes to the office to complain and show them the pictures. They tell her they are leaving tomorrow. Well needless to say they did leave the next day, but no one from the office ever came down to say a word to them the whole time. What really ticked me off (besides the belligerent campers) was the way the campground handled the situation. I understand people can over indulge and thats out of the control of the campground, but not only did they know these people were already intoxicated during check-in, they rented them a golf cart. Once they received their money the pawned the headache off to the people around them. We do not plan on staying there again.

This is a very popular campground that was booked solid, so moving was not an option.
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We just had a neighbor from well, but it was the opposite situation. She complained about everything we did. We had music playing during the day and NOT loud at all, in fact barely audible outside the site let alone across a road. She complained that our generator was too loud ( its a Yamaha inverter) and only on first thing in the 9 am, to make coffee, and it was on the far side of the camper at idle but her built in generator wasn't a bother any time day or evening. We talked too loud during the day, but her grandkid was yelling across multiple sites at the same time. Another of her complaints was our dogs bothered the wildlife...huh? Our dogs don't bark and just lay around all day...while leashed at all times. She was chronically nagging us.

The park hosts would drive by and wave. In fact they would stop and comment on how well behaved the dogs were. Even mentioned on how nice we kept the sites (we had two) We went overboard to make her happy but she just wasn't satisfied.
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Smile Bad neighbours

Start playing opera loud they hate it if they complain now is your chance to give them both barrels
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Originally Posted by Still Kickin View Post
So, just let them "cousin Eddy it" rather than stopping the rude behaviour, by; calling the park police (if a gov't camp site),
Calling a forest or BLM ranger is not always an option. Many of those have no cell service; at least out here in the west. Not sure about the east.
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Originally Posted by cdangel0 View Post
I've had a few run ins with neighbors like this:

First - if they're out all day they probably don't know the dog is howling, and by letting them know "for the pooches well being" it may enlighten them and keep them from leaving the dog behind. I know I've gone out and left my dogs in the camper for a few hours, if they barked or howled I'd have no way of knowing it if the neighbor didn't tell me.

Secondly - there is a chance (a very good one) they don't realize how rude they're being or how loud their music is. I generally ask nicely if they'd mind turning it down a notch as I'm having trouble getting the kids to sleep/hearing my TV over their radio.

Kids are often left unsupervised, allowed to run free, and are not monitored by their parents at all when they go camping. I'm a firm believer in "it takes a village" and will reprimand anyone's kid if it's going to keep them safe, or keep my property safe.

Of course there is always the chance they're just inconsiderate and don't care, in those cases I'm glad that I'm rather intimidating and usually get immediate compliance. Sometimes though it does require a call to the campground or local authorities for a disturbance of the peace.

I don't agree with "dealing with it" or burying my head in the sand - if someone is infringing on my ability to relax, I'll address it. If more people did, there would be less irritating people in the world.

Of course I've never said there was a problem with re-routing a stinky slinky in the middle of the night and dumping a black tank under someone's camper either
I agree with the points you are trying to make, just be careful trying to repremand someone else's children. That is a good way to make a bad situation worse. Even if the kids are out of hand address the parents first.
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I have no problem attempting to deal with people like this at first, me to them. If that doesn't work then I get the campground people involved and let them know sternly that they better deal with it quickly and appropriately. If that doesn't work, well, then I pull out my badge and deal with it as I would if I was working, which is usually what I'm trying to get a break from. But, it doesn't always work out that way. I know most folks don't have that option but sometimes it just comes down to that with certain ignorant disrespectful people. I'm not the type to let crap like that slide. There are laws in most states about leaving pets unattended like that in campers. That can be used as a "tool" for some leverage to get your campground managers to do something too. Noise issues can generally fall back on some kind of local noise ordinances as well to get the campground managers to do something. If they just won't then call the law yourself. Why keep letting people like that make you and your time off miserable? If you are the type of person who just can't bring yourself to do that (and I am NOT faulting you for it) then you have two options. Put up with it or leave.
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Originally Posted by AquaMan View Post
Not all people who drink all day and night are completely inconsiderate of others. Some of you say, "I know how people like that are". Don't put everyone into the same group. I've been on both sides of this story, and if anyone had come to me and told us we were being too loud after quiet time, I would have apologized profusely and made sure we kept it down. I also like to be talked to in a polite manner and a request be asked, at least the first time. You're more likely to get cooperation, than being demanding and gruff right off the bat.
I've got to agree with this as my stance too. I always wonder if I or my friends are "those people". We play music from our outdoor speakers if we are at the trailer. We mountain bike and get back to the site and crack a beer at noon post ride then continue all night. In a group may get a little loud before quiet time . No dogs, no kids, and I won't walk through your site. I'll gladly talk to anyone walking by. I walk away from the site at night and monitor sound level both from people and the radio to make sure we aren't too loud.

But if you come over to me and tell me I'm out of line I'll tone it down. Guess I'm not one of the troublemakers..................

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