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Angry very unhappy with my rockwood

just a hail mary, I'm quite fed up

I wish they had a lemon law. I'm sooo unhappy with my purchase of the 8329ss, I took delivery of a new 2015 in late July 2015 after a windstorm and trees destroyed my Jayco 27FB, this was supposed to be an upgrade for me as I am a full time RVr.

Problems thus far,
-Waste lines into gray tank not sealed and the gray tank leaked
-Irv 66 has been replaced for many reasons, the new one works better except you have to ensure you turn off the outside speakers, they come on by default each time you turn it on.
-currently have 3 LED ceiling lights out, Forest River sent replacements to the dealer but they were the wrong model, its been a long time now and we (the dealer and I) are still waiting for the matching lights
-in the last 24 hours my Dometic fridge has failed, all food spoiled (very angry)
-some plastic piece that belongs to the awning arm started sliding out as I was towing down the freeway (to the dealer for service ironically)
-Outside lights (ds flood & ods flood) have both already burned out
-Outside molding is peeling away
-Fireplace made awful noises, I took it apart myself and fixed (bent rod in back that contains foil pieces that create fake flame)
-still chasing electrical ghosts, I have tried two new coffee makers but when they start and the fireplace is running, breaker pops, (no space heaters are running)
-breakers pop in this trailer for almost no reason at all...

As I have had to dig into this trailer multiple times the one thing that has struck me is the lack of quality control, the mess I found behind the radio when replaced (cut wires left laying, extra wire nuts laying in the space), Behind the fireplace, the amount of sawdust and garbage (plastic lunch bags??) and once again behind the panel under the kitchen sink where the sub woofer is? it is obvious the trailer is thrown together quickly without regard to cleanliness. Very disappointed in the amount of garbage that was found, it made my new trailer feel very dirty...

I will add that the few times I have called Forest River it has taken a long time to get to a speaking person and those persons, as cordial as I am, never sound happy and never seem pleasant on the phone. I have called not to complain but to ask very general questions (like what kind of insulation is in the undercarriage as I have had a nice gray tank leak), I am complaining now though, enough is enough.

I know that some people are very happy with the Rockwood purchase and I'm happy for them, I can't help however, feeling like I received a lemon

I cannot in good conscious recommend Forest River.

My hope is that someone at forest river will read this and address the issues, I have however lost confidence that they will after the experience I have had thus far.

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WOW, sorry about your problems, yes we have had some very minor problems but nothing compared to you. after two years we still have saw dust migrating out of the walls and cabinets and still finding left overs from construction. hope that you can get things fixed with some satisfaction. good luck.

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I know your mad and venting now, but FR will make good. Not quite sure I would have a picked a Rockwood for full timing myself. I had some of the same problems that you have had. I really wouldn't call it insulation in the underbelly. If your lucky it might be that silver lined stuff not much of an R value at all. FR really needs to have better QC I agree. I found the same stuff laying all around to, I'm still cleaning saw dust up 4 years later. To be honest I really haven't heard of to many problems with the Rockwood/Flagstaff line and I have been a member for almost 4 years. I know this is easy for me to say I'm not in your shoes, but hang in there they will take care of your problems....Good Luck
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Sorry to here of your issues. We toured the plant back in Aug and lot of checks ad processes are followed to insure minimal problems. Maybe your slipped throgh the crack. A lady that was on part of our Rockwood tour worked for customer service for Flag Staff, her name is Deb Rimsa you might try to get in contact with her as she said she will work with folks to solve issues. Lter RJD
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Aside from your waste tank leak, most of problems are very minor, (burnt out bulbs, etc). I'm not making light of your situation, but these problems are easily fixed. The plastic piece on your awning arm, sounds like possibly a channel cover, which is more cosmetic than anything. A dab of silicone at the end should hold it in place. My understanding is, that some of the new LED lights don't have replaceable bulbs. I'm assuming this is what you have. Could have been a bad batch was installed in yours. The fireplace should have it's own circuit, but unfortunately that's usually not the case and is tied into the rest of the AC outlets. Your coffee pot and fireplace, are the same as a microwave and hair dryer. Just not going to get along. You may be able to add a new circuit breaker to run just the fireplace, depending on location. Also you can check the back of your circuit breakers to make sure all connections are tight, these can loosen up and cause breakers to trip. Hang in there and don't get too discouraged.
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Originally Posted by Northwest_RVr View Post

-still chasing electrical ghosts, I have tried two new coffee makers but when they start and the fireplace is running, breaker pops, (no space heaters are running)

My hope is that someone at forest river will read this and address the issues, I have however lost confidence that they will after the experience I have had thus far.
I hate to hear of these problems, and hope the factory can solve it all for you.

We are a forum of DIY people, and maybe can help with some things that the factory doesn't.

Do you know how many amps the fireplace and coffee maker together use. Anything that makes heat, usually requires higher amps. Is the fireplace on the same circuit (usually a 15 amp breaker) as the outlets the coffee makers are plugged into........ or are you referring to the main trailer breaker tripping (30 amp or possibly 50 amp)? It's possible that if they are on the same circuit, it's just overloading the 15 amps. here is a simple reminder how to check this. Watts= amps X volts or the reverse is amps = watts/volts.

Ex: 1200 watt space heater or perhaps fireplace heater = 10 amps X 120 volts

Estimated 750 watt coffee maker = 6.25 amps X 120 volts.

So you can see these two items would need 16.25 amps if on the same circuit, which may be controlled by a single 15 amp breaker.

On a side note, as per the disclaimer at the bottom of EVERY page here on the forums, this site is not owned nor controlled by Forest River Inc. We are for the most part an owners group of Forest River products, who share our collective wisdom and experiences to help each other out. Although there are some Forest River inc. employees who are also members, they usually do so on their own accord, and not as part of their official job.... as they want to help too.

Hoping they are going to either see or answer your posts here, is not a reasonable expectation. You may have members who will have contact info though for you.
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I didn't expect that many replies so fast...Thanks too all and yes..I'm venting,

AquaMan, I would have been fine with the replacement they sent except, the lights they sent were not as large as the hole drilled into the ceiling for the originals which BTW, I was actually very impressed with when I took them out, It was housed in a solid can with really strong springs to hold it into the hole. The replacements were snap together on a piece of plastic that screws into the ceiling, although cheesy, they would have worked just fine..they just don't cover the hole.

I think the fireplace is tied to a safety circuit of some sort. If operating and you start the microwave it immediately kicks off without popping a breaker, so you know you cant operate at the same time. Totally get that, I would think however, that when there is no load on your electrical system (lights only) and the fireplace is running, a coffee pot shouldn't be enough to pop the breaker.

and yes most are minor, the fridge has been my tipping point though.


Not a rockwood for full time?? You may be right, I thought I had done quite a bit of research, I love the floor-plan, the insulation is better than my original Jayco so this is a definite step up, I can say that so far (temps are in the teens and twenties) I'm spending less on propane in this 34 foot than I did in my 27' jayco (no pop outs) and it had a winter package. I would love to hear recommendations though, I seriously considered Arctic Fox but couldn't find a floor plan that suited me. I also had very little time to decide as my Jayco was destroyed and I had no place to stay while working and the decision was made quickly...i was really living online researching and really really want to like this RV...I didn't plan on living in an RV full time, its a work situation and it just is...I'm actually Monday-Thursday in the trailer and home on the weekend..but that takes place all year...


I could check the total amp load, I will this afternoon actually and yup I get the disclaimer stuff. I have tripped both. the breaker in the trailer and at other times the 30 amp breaker on the meter. Interestingly enough, the park I am in had problems with the power on the line of RVs in my row. My spot had a specific full timer in it for years who finally moved on but as a favor to him due to the problems he had his own power installed coming off a caretaker mobile home. The 30 service is on a separate line from the other RVs. I have popped that 30 amp breaker with the fireplace running, lights and TV on, and when the furnace kicked on it popped that breaker..

All, I sincerely appreciate the feedback Thank You. as I get this resolved I will update. My venting may also be due to the nearest dealer being a ways away and having to tow the trailer again to get something serviced (like the fridge) I don't mind performing some of the small things but I don't really want to tackle the fridge in my new trailer...
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You have a great support group here, and as stated we can try to help where we can.

Since you had a jayco previously, then you are certainly no newbie ..but there may be some electrical differences between the two RV's.

Did your previous jayco have a dual source (propane and electric) Suburban brand water heater as many of the Rockwood/Flagstaffs do? Your Rockwood most likely does, and do you know how to operate it correctly? The reason I ask that, is when the electric heating element comes on due to it's thermostat calling for heat (which you must have the electric element switch for it turned on first), then it has a 1440 watt heating element which uses 12 amps by itself.

This electric heating element can cause breakers to trip, either due to over load or the element itself being burned up. It's explained in the link below.

This thread may help:

Suburban's electric switch and much more

We are just trying to help with suggestions on things that you may or may not be familiar with.
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We purchased our 2016 Rockwood MiniLite in July. During the walk-through at the dealer all of the overhead LED lights worked fine. When we arrived home, 4 of the lights stopped working. I took one of them apart and immediately found the problem. One of the wires had become disconnected from the light. We purchased a soldering gun and solder. My husband was able to fix all 4 of the lights. The repairs are still working fine after a trip of over 2000 miles.
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What type of Dometic refrigerator do you have? I have the rm2652. I have a 2015 Puma 32DBKS . My refrigerator is on the slide just like yours. And also like urs my refrigerator failed it burned out the cooling unit. Your refrigerator located on the slide is supposed to have a fan kit included for circulation. My rm2652 did not have a fan kit installed. It did not even have a circuit to run a fan kit off of. In installation instructions from Dometic, it states that it has to have a fan kit installed. Look on your wiring diagram for your refrigerator and if you don't see a circuit for a fan or thermostat that has to be installed. On the slide the circulation is very weak and overheats the cooling unit. And good luck getting your dealer and Forest River to admit to that, I had to have Forest River and Dometic talk to each other before Dometic would send out the fan kit.

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